What Happened In Tuesday’s Election? What Does It Mean For Us?

There are both encouraging and disturbing results from yesterday’s election. First the encouraging, states like Tennessee went conservative breaking records, while Alabama and West Virginia voters put anti-abortion rhetoric into their Constitution stating that there’s no right to kill unborn babies in the constitution. For that we rejoice. It’s very encouraging to see the voices of Americans speaking for life. Many pro-life candidates won. Americans are tired of the vile hatred that the Left has spread. Americans are tired of watching senseless vile attacks,both physical and emotional. Some liberal media said the results whether for Republicans or Democrats were for or against Trump. Which for us is far from the truth. Our votes were for God,based on Biblical principles. I’m so encouraged by the results not necessarily because we can actually get back everything we lost, but because Conservative Christians sent a powerful message. A message that said we are awake and we are shining our light.

After the election President Trump announced that he would allow for the obama care mandate for employers to provide abortion and birth control to be rolled back. A clear message that those of faith can speak out. Like the Little Sisters for the poor and others who refuse to provide abortion coverage based on their faith.

According to the Washington Standard: “Democrat Senators in red and reddish states, Donnelly, Heitkamp, McCaskill, and Nelson, who joined the lynch mob against Kavanaugh lost their seats. Senator Manchin who voted for Kavanaugh kept his.”
This also show’s that people were appalled by the circus put on by democrats in this.
Lindsey Graham tweeted that certain members of the press cannot stand the fact that Republicans defied expectations actually growing our Senate Majority. This proved true in yesterday’s press conference where CNN’s reporter verbally battered the President and physically attacked the woman controlling the mic. Of course CNN denies this, but I watched this exchange and he certainly did shove her arm away. Lindsey Graham also tweeted that his opinion was that the press wasn’t the enemy but rather activists of the Democratic party. That rings very true. Even CBS has joined the bias train.
The Drudge report this morning had headlines like “113 million voted, 33 flips, 110 female winners, $5.2 Billion spent. And that a Senior Dem indicates impeachment looming. So the press is on fire. Maybe they should stick to reporting instead of opinion and activism, like they used to. If we want opinion we can watch the talking heads on cable news.
It’s being reported by Fox news and others that a mob of Antifa style protestors appeared at Tucker Carlson’s house last night chanting, “we will fight and we know where you sleep.”
This satanic root of hatred will only continue to grow and attempt to silence any other voice. But as I said in another report we are not timid, we have been given a spirit of boldness and will speak out.

Now for the disturbing:
(CNN) “A pair of districts in the Midwest will add Muslim women to the ranks of the US Congress for the first time. Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s nominee, will secure their seats…..”

Omar is a former Somali refugee, filling Keith Ellison’s seat. Tlaib is backed by the Democratic Socialism party, she was arrested 2 years ago for disrupting a Trump rally. She is Palestinian and is a vocal critic of Israel. She will fill John Conyers seat in Michigan.
I am not Islamaphobic but will be labeled as one for pointing this out. It’s very disturbing on so many levels.

Another woman Cortez was elected in New York, who is also a member of the Democratic Socialist Party.

So as you can see we have so much work ahead of us. And how critical it is for us to speak out. If we go back into silence or let them lull us back to sleep America will crumble from within. Already religious leaders are falling into compliance, many are now blessing abortion clinics!

Plant your feet, take a stand and speak out. Speak with boldness. For the first time we can take their words and send them back-When they go low, we will go higher-straight to the throne of God.

Acts 4:29
And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness.

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  1. Few things drive me crazier than how the Left frames the argument by inventing words and phrases.
    You even got caught up in it just now as I read your article calling something “antiabortion” instead of pro-life. We should start calling them pro-death instead of pro-choice. The baby she doesn’t have a choice.
    And, One of their most useful weapons in controlling the conversation is adding phobic to a word. Homosexuality is clearly called an abomination by God. They can’t argue that so they invent a word that didn’t used to exist – homophobic. Huh?
    Or a false religion like Islam that is clearly demonic (you will know them by their fruits)… they deny that God has a Son, it’s one of the pillars of their religion but the Bible clearly states that that is the spirit of antichrist who denies the Messiah. The left doesn’t like this and to try and shut us up they throw out a word – Islamaphobic.
    Phobia used to mean a fear but now it just means hatred. There was no warning of this change in meaning all of a sudden it was just foisted on us. The mainstream media is the point of the spear in all this. Without them none of this would work for the left. But then we are told that the Adversary is called the prince of the power of the air, especially the airWAVES.
    Which is more loving: ignoring someone standing on the train tracks or screaming at them, possibly even pushing them off just before the train crushes them? My two examples above (worshipers of Mohammed and the LGBTQ) are both standing on the tracks of God’s judgment. The Adversary doesn’t want us to talk to them and he’s been quite effective controlling the conversation. Political correctness is serious business and we cannot kowtow to it. Or else we will have to answer for it.

    Blessings fellow believers!


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