Omar Shames A Moderator For Asking Her About FGM

Recently Ilhan Omar spoke at a Muslim held conference and went completely off the rails at a moderator for asking her about Female Genital Mutilation. A practice that is prevalent in Somalia where Omar is from. Screaming that they singled her out because she is Muslim and even stating that the issue raised was a waste of time. Really a waste of time. Well the girls who die every year from this might just hold a different opinion. I am both shocked and appalled that she would not make a statement condemning it and at least list her accomplishments (if any) on putting a stop to this. Why would she not join in the international voices of condemnation? She is more rooted in shaming the reporter suggesting it was a racist attack on her. There is at least one voice from a Sheik in Somalia attempting to distance religion from this practice and condemning it. Why won’t she discuss it?

She is so adept at gaslighting and manipulating and twisting. Watch this:

I attempted to research for her name as author or co-author of current bills in Congress about this. And none were found. I did find this from Feb. of this year by a representative from Pennsylvania. (Read here). Another that was referred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee but her name was absent from that too.

The Resolution from Perry from Pennsylvania states this from a Judge denouncing it:

“Judge Bernard Freidman of the Eastern District Court of Michigan wrote, “Congress overstepped its bounds by legislating to prohibit [female genital mutilation]…local criminal activity for the states to regulate, not Congress.”

So MS. Omar it appears non-Muslim politicians care more about these young girls than you and they are answering the questions and calls for condemnation.

Imagine that and still she refuses to elaborate or give her opinion. And Michigan is Tlaib territory. Again shame on them.

Her statement might have carried weight if she had said something like…we raise our voices in unity with those who condemn this and are working diligently to raise awareness and educate…. But sadly she raged against the person asking the question attempting to demean them instead.

The stats from Somalia alone are staggering and only angry rants at those who wish to expose it here in America. She should be ashamed of herself. When you google FGM this is among the many reports found:

The UN and many advocates against this barbaric practice denounce it with the many adverse medical conditions this causes.

UNICEF: If the efforts of the international and national community can continue and increase, the future for the young and unborn Somali girl will be incrementally better with each passing day.

And yes this should concern Americans who advocate for children, young girls and women. It happens right here and because it is touted as a religious practice (sharia law)our Judicial system won’t touch it. So where is the outrage from Omar,Tlaib and Cortez?? They truly must not care about the real torture and mutilation of women and young girls. They are showboating and gaslighting America and it’s not only shameful but dangerous.

In my opinion it appears by actions that she is only in our House to showboat and gas light her critics. Not to fight for her constituents and the constitution of the United States.

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