Evil Emboldened 

For those who may be riding the fence or think satan is a myth, think again.  I can’t remember a time in my life that satan’s presence in life has ever been more prevalent. It’s easy to see for those… Read More ›

Eye On America

Will newly elected officials uphold America’s values, like In God We Trust? I want to state from the start, my concerns are not this elected official’s religion as our country gives freedom.  My concern is the symbolism, will she uphold… Read More ›

Dear Facebook, Why Do You Hate Us?

Dear Facebook, I truly request, humbly, that you review your harrassment, hatred and bias, of Christian Conservatives.  As Christians/conservatives we follow the golden rule to treat others as we want to be treated. We seek truth, not sensationalism.  We research… Read More ›

Terrorist Attack In Giza

Reports are beginning to surface about a terrorist attack in Giza, Egypt, near the pyramids.   A bus carrying Vietnamese tourists was hit by a bomb.  One report said the bomb was hidden behind a wall.   No claims of responsibility were… Read More ›