extreme weather

Twin Tornadoes

  My Comment: It’s as though God is saying, well if there is no fear of God with a tornado then maybe a double one will cause my children to look up and notice I AM in existence, REPENTANCE is… Read More ›

“Extreme Weather

  There are many massive storms crossing over the land, and in the loss of lives and sentimental treasures we have to ask where is God in all this devastation? Is this really his plan for mankind? How can a… Read More ›

Powerful cyclone lashes Tonga

My Comment:  We are seeing extreme weather across the globe, as we are witnessing artic temperatures and extreme weather in the US, Australia is experiencing the most extreme heat, and fires.   Thousands of bats have died, Kangaroos are collapsing… Read More ›

Worst Typhoon Ever!!!

****Warning Graphic Photos******** By CNN ‘Worse than hell’ in typhoon-ravaged Philippines’ (Photo)  People walk around debris left by Typhoon Haiyan in Palo, Philippines, on Sunday, November 10. The most powerful cyclone in three decades battered the Philippines, killing hundreds of… Read More ›