The Fight Over Freedom Of Speech

Recently locally and nationally there has been much crying about Freedom of Speech violations. From what I understand,  freedom of speech means just  that, that we are free to speak our emotions our political views, and our religious views in… Read More ›

Rediculous Headlines: Prophetic?

I have been shaking my head for days over the headlines in MSM lately.   One headline this morning really caught my attention.  “Marco Rubio Is Tweeting The Most Republican Part of the Bible.” Hello!  The politically correct, vile itchy… Read More ›

Self Serving Attitudes Of Today

​A search for thinking only of one’s self turned this definition up: “A person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish. Self-absorbed comes to mind. It is defined as: Excessively self-involved. Self-serving is another word that roughly means… Read More ›