HE+ Opened Their Eyes …

Resurrection Season Day 13  of the 40 Days The LORD JESUS CHRIST spent with His+ Disciples, in His+ Glorified Body,  AFTER HIS+ RESURRECTION !  +  +  +  Knowing that CHRIST being raised from the dead dieth no more; Death hath… Read More ›


When we read in Isaiah many believe it is of the end of Christs life, But it is written on who the person of Christ really was as he lived among a world that needed his Fathers message that many… Read More ›

Two White Horses / The Difference

All the horses of revelation are important in God’s plan, but we need to be sure and know what white horse has Christ and which one has satan. The great deception is in satan loves to carbon copy himself to… Read More ›

A World On The Brink

It’s been 100 days since the leader of the Free World took office.  The previous leader left the world unstable with  deadly wars raging in the Middle East.  As His policies de-stabilized and further emboldened terrorist states like Iran.  Details… Read More ›

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