“Get Rid Of All Bitternes, Hatred And Rage”

Disturbing as it is, disasters, slaughter, mental illness and hatred exists. It’s satans world. Its the greatest tool satan has. Sending his demons into the world to cause chaos, pain, and death.  So what are we to do? How are… Read More ›

Honoring A Man Of God-Rev. Billy Graham

Today we honor a great man of God.  Billy Graham.  He passed this morning into Glory.  Today he is laying his crowns at the feet of our Lord!   Rev.  Graham was such a part of not only America, and… Read More ›

The “Song of Moses”…..an eternal song

God who knows what’s going to happen long before it does spoke to Moses of a time that would come to pass after his death. He told Moses how the people would turn from Him and go after other gods… Read More ›

Christian’s Mocking God

I am greatly disturbed by a facebook post from a lead Pastor of a Baptist church.  If you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, doctrines taught by false shepards or doctrines of demons strike you as if it pierces… Read More ›

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