Hidden Treasures

There are many ways to gain knowledge in this life and we must remember that it is only the knowledge of God we retain in this life and for all eternity. The only way we are able to find this… Read More ›

Why Are We To Support Israel?

By Julia and CJ Recent events with Israel have brought many questions into view.  Why are we as Christians supposed to support Israel? The answer is simple really. Several years ago, I bounced between replacement theology, dual covenant theology, and… Read More ›

Prayers For Hawaii

One news commentator said the scene was like something from the underworld.  I can’t imagine what this is like for thousands of people there.  Our hearts and prayers are with them.

And When The Day Of Pentecost Fully Come

while we celebrate Pentecost, we must also marvel at Gods plan, each part of Christs life and ministry was to fulfill prophecy fortold in the Old Testament and Pentecost is no different.  Even Christ spoke of Moses’ prophecy of Christ… Read More ›

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