Prophetic Wickedness—Lies And More Lies—When Government Turns From God

When lies, deceit,and wickedness are in full attack mode who are you going to call? Psalm 14 God is present in the company of the righteous. 6 You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor,but the Lord is their refuge. According… Read More ›

DSA Unveiling And Coming Out In Force-But Do They Have America’s Best Interest At Heart? Facts Say No

  Things are transpiring that are critically important. As the shutdown of our Government continues into the 4th week, it appears that Democrats are more determined than ever to bring our Country to it’s knees. By denying those who defend… Read More ›

Is Legalism Hurting The Church?

During a conservation with a Deacon of a Baptist church recently, the topic of legalism came up. He said legalism was hurting the church and I agree. That’s a simple observation of a major problem among Christians and major denominations…. Read More ›

Can America Survive The Tidal Waves Of Hate Created By The Left?

This is the question that begs to be answered as the vitriolic leftist progressives take their throne. Are you watching? Every day brings new warning signs and more head shaking news, which spreads propaganda like a crop dusting plane. Progressive… Read More ›

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