Witchcraft and magic…..Don’t get taken by it

The Lord has a controversy with anyone who chooses to serve other gods or standing images(statues),also to follow witchcraft,soothsayers and the like! The time will come when the Lord will execute His vengeance upon all who looked for other avenues… Read More ›

$52.80 A Life Worth More

We cannot put a price on any life, yet Judas Iscariot made the grave mistake of setting the price of our Lord of thirty pieces of silver a mere $52.80 in its time! From the moment the price was made… Read More ›

Humanist Teachings–Replacing God With Man And Science

As a Christian it always Grieves us when someone dies with atheistic or agnostic views, because as we’re told you will die in your sin there’s only one way to heaven.   John 8:24 I said therefore unto you, that… Read More ›

The Lamb of God

Jesus was sent to a world that was in dire need of a saviour,He was to be the sacrificial lamb who God has sent to take away the sin of the world by the shedding of His precious blood!(John 1:29-34),… Read More ›

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