The Importance Of Knowing God’s Holy Name

Why does the name of God matter?  Lets find the answer to that question.  Im not a scholar or theologian or pastor, but I will attempt to write truth as I glean from scholars and theologians led by the Holy… Read More ›

Mystery Of The Haftarah

I found this to be both inspiring and miraculous.  As the Holy Spirit guides us to learn how Israel and the Torah fulfills Gods prophecy.

Division and Unity

Just as nimrod thought to rise above to Heaven with the tower of babel of which the Lord came down and divided the languages. “And the Lord said,Behold,the people is one,and they have all one language;and this they begin to… Read More ›

Modern Day Disciples

By Jesus sending his Holy Spirit we now walk the earth to spread the Good News throughout the earth,we are the modern day disciples! It is written the sign of a true disciple is that they Love one another. “A… Read More ›

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