The What If World

Gone are the days of innocence! The time of purity that once was a gauge to show the world the Love of God was still present in the world where women wore clothes that left everything to the imagination of… Read More ›

Rock of offence

Jesus is the spiritual rock that many take offence to,and for anyone who believes on Him is not ashamed in serving Him!We learn in the book of Romans of the importance of faith applied to our life and not by… Read More ›

TYING our Hands during SPIRITUAL WARFARE, Part 2

TYING OUR HANDS during SPIRITUAL WARFARE   ( This is Part 2 of the previous post concerning the women pastors who are promoting abortion as “Health Care.” )    The real issue is NOT about male nor female pastors.  … Read More ›

Words you do not want to hear

How many in the name of religion continue to do opposite of what is right,but sadly such a one will hear words from the Lord they never thought they would, such as get away from me I never knew you… Read More ›

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