Anti-Christ Manifests In The Body Of Christ

It has been reported by several major Christian publications that a Church in England has designated a worship service this Christmas to recognize both Jesus’ and Mohammad’s birthday.  You read that right.   Chrislam is again on the rise.  This… Read More ›

In Gods eyes,there is not one person above the other

There will always always be those set on all this world offers by obtaining titles and status,but sadly titles do not impress God and we too are instructed not to think one person is above the other.It is the poor… Read More ›

“Jerusalem Will Be A Trembling Cup”

By Julia and CJ Last week we commended our President for recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. Since then other countries like the Czech Republic have come out in support. But many Western Nations have condemned this. Arab Nations… Read More ›

Historic–America Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capitol 

We strongly commend our Presidents actions today in recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. For decades Israel has fought for her very existance. When all of her neighbors refuse to recognize that Israel has a right to its soveriegnty,… Read More ›

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