” When Was Jesus Born ? “

This post teaches the truth of how man has taken December 25th as the birth of Christ, but by searching the scriptures we learn this date is the conception of Christ and not His birth date. Whether after reading this… Read More ›

asteroid in space


Watch and Pray. Beware of the Strong Delusion. Live in CHRIST+ / MESSIAH+ HE+ is your Life   ++++++++++++   The HAMMER+ of GOD The Hammer of YHWH against Mystery Babylon.     Is not MY WORD+ like a FIRE… Read More ›


God’s Hand Of Deliverance In Disaster

  When disaster strikes it’s devastating, it’s cataclysmic effects can be so debilitating that your mind actually goes into a shock/sleep mode.  Protecting mode if you will.  Your body functions with a sense of disconnection.  This is so hard to… Read More ›


“May we never forget God”

With God all things are possible! Sure we could live our life without acknowledging His way and follow our own, but why would we want to give up all the benefits of knowing and serving Him? (Psalm 103:1-6).  Bless the… Read More ›

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