” Are We Seen As A Christian? “

Does our behavior before others show that we are a Christian, or with the slightest reproach or difference in belief turn and fall away as in the teaching of the parable of the sower?(Matthew 13:18-23).  Hear ye therefore the parable… Read More ›


“You Shall Be Hated By All For MY+ Name’s Sake”

  Can we see this taking shape? Can we see the barrage of LIES being built up against the True Followers of JESUS / YESHUA the MESSIAH+?   Can we see the “Judas Church” turning its back on The Truth+… Read More ›


” The Ministry We Are Called To “

Man may ordain another in the teaching of religion, but there is a ministry the people are called into and ordained by God through His holy spirit! Paul firmly stood for such a ministry, and tells us if any man… Read More ›


” Yes, God Gets Angry “

We could live our lives going by God is love and this is so true, but to think God never gets angry makes no sense since He too has emotions like us. In the person of Christ God became flesh… Read More ›

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