We Have The Victory!

As I remember those who have given their lives for Country, I remember my own father.  He didnt die on the battlefield of war, although he did serve our country.  But he died a warrior for Christ.  As his health… Read More ›

Congress Needs to Get a Backbone, Jeff Sessions Needs to be Fired, and the Democrats Need to be Seen for What They Really are: Treasonous Self-Serving Criminals

By Greg Holt (The Olive) Someone please help me to understand. Why is Jeff Sessions still the Attorney General? Why does Congress allow the constant stonewalling on requests for information from the FBI and the DOJ? Congress does remember it… Read More ›

The clock of life

Life is precious and may we not forget our life is as a flower which blooms for a short time! The following words come from a bookmark with author unknown from many years ago……                               LIFE’S CLOCK The clock… Read More ›

Hidden Treasures

There are many ways to gain knowledge in this life and we must remember that it is only the knowledge of God we retain in this life and for all eternity. The only way we are able to find this… Read More ›

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