The Lord Is On Our Side

At the times when we feel God is far away and distant it is good to know He is ever near and is on our side(Psalm 118:5-7). 5 I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me, and set… Read More ›

A new name,only God knows

God has made a covenant with His people, beginning with Abram who He later at the age of ninety nine named Abraham and was the one who would become the father of many nation’s(Genesis 17:1-7).A father through whom we as… Read More ›

Defense Attorney In New Mexico Says “Its not illegal to teach your children to shoot”

I’m shaking my head on this one. Yesterday I wrote about the compound in New Mexico that was teaching children to kill and how to do school shootings.  New details have emerged showing clear prejudice.  Prejudice in favor of the Muslim… Read More ›

Children Allegedly Taught To Carry Out Terroristic Activity Labeled As Child Abuse

A New Mexico Muslim compound was found to be teaching children how to carry out school shootings.  This is in America, not the Middle East. Apparently several extremists were arrested and charged with child abuse and 1 child died. As… Read More ›

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