The Democratic Gospel According to Schumer & Company: Lying, Treachery, Vilification, Violence, and Anti-Americanism

By Greg Holt (The Olive) It’s simply amazing to this writer at times (only for a minute or so) how low the Democrats will sink into the filth and mire to enforce the Democratic playbook.  Actually, it rather disgusts and… Read More ›

Is Christ Emblazoned On Your Heart?

Mondays with  Julia & CJ A local news station had for their word for the day, “Emblazon”. Which started us thinking. An online dictionary gave this for emblazon: “celebrate or extol publicly.” “their success was emblazoned” As Christians we all… Read More ›

The Vastness Of God’s Love

The love of God is shown to us by His holy spirit. It is a spirit that allows us not to be fearful when tragedy comes our way. As Christians we are called according to the purpose God has for… Read More ›

The Obstructionist Lying Democrats Have Just Destroyed Themselves

By Greg Holt (The Olive) It has been said that the more the Democrats shoot their mouths off, the better off the Republicans will be. This certainly seems to be the case quite often. The ultimate bastion 0f truth and… Read More ›

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