The Phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of it's predecessor

Beware Of The Demons Manifesting In America, Coming In The Name Of Peace, Bringing Chaos & Confusion

What is most troubling about the anarchy unfolding in America as the left becomes unhinged and unleashes loathsome spirits is that while they are doing this, what is happening in the world? By effectively diverting everyone’s attention the Copts in… Read More ›


HIS Plan

The following is a bookmark I have had for many years, but its message holds true how God knows what we need even when we do not understand.  


Remembering The Persecuted In Iran

​ (Plight of the Persecuted) As you know the Regime in Iran is heating up its,rhetoric against the United States and Israel.  Recently during a speech the Ayatollah encouraged all to fight Israel and free Palestine.  This has been their goal… Read More ›

Open Bible, with textured granite background.

Commandment’s of God, commandments of men

The commandment’s of men are far different from the commandment’s of God,in fact Jesus said how following mans tradition and commandment’s causes people to serve Him in vain therein making Gods commandment’s non effective!(Matthew 15:1-9).  Then came to Jesus scribes… Read More ›

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