Destruction of the Wicked

That GOD will destroy the wicked is common knowledge. HE brings the FINAL “final solution” to evil in this world.   But before GOD’S destruction of the wicked occurs, there is another one who brings destruction to us human beings,… Read More ›


” The Weapons Of Our Warfare “

The sword of the word   Jesus was a very kind and gentle person ,but not even the Son of God would allow being taken by any wickedness even though satan tried his best to test him.(Luke 4:1-13).We too must… Read More ›


Using the Weapons of CHRISTIAN Warfare

All Scriptures used Courtesy of Bible Gateway.   No military, carnal, earth-bound, or fleshly weapons are found in the hands of a true Follower of JESUS.   We have the SAME weapons, however, as The LORD JESUS had when HE+… Read More ›


Enduring To The End

Why does God allow sufferring? Why does God allow the wicked to prosper?  Why, why why, we hear it alot.  From believers and non-believers.  Jesus fulfilled prophecy throughout the Bible.  Yet, His message was lost.  Lost in generations that would… Read More ›

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