Rep. Jerrold Nadler – a Duplicitous and Lying Politicrat Who Poses a Grave Danger to America

By Greg Holt (True Conservative Pundit) Rep. Jerrold Nadler joins the list of Washington power brokers who are out to get Trump, no matter what it takes, and regardless of the cost to We the People.  By the Way, the… Read More ›

Exposing The Truth: Socialism and Islamism Coming Together In Real Time

This is something that we all need to understand and have serious discussion. Socialist and Islamic values have been thrust into our government here with a ferocious power. While most are confused and shaking their head in disbelief. While we… Read More ›

Hell Is Unleashing Hatred Across The Globe

Yesterday hell unleashed even more hatred and chaos across the world. A labeled white supremist killed 49 Muslims worshipping their god in 2 Mosques in New Zealand. White Supremists Are Not patriots, they are not expressive of America’s or Western… Read More ›

Proof Positive Of The True Christ “Let No Man Deceive You”

While tolerance is preached from every pulpit in America, and politically correct crowds are changing narratives of the Gospel, saying things like there are many pathways to Heaven and Muslims and Christians worship the same God, we must be ready… Read More ›

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