A shadow of things to come

In this life there are so many things that can take our minds off of Christ,but as a christian this temporary life does not hold our attention like learning of the eternal life that awaits the believer!Many commandments and doctrines… Read More ›

We Cannot Blame God

  Many throughout all generations have asked why does God allow suffering? Yet with technology today man has even more ways of helping his fellow man but does he? Jesus said we will always have the poor among us, and… Read More ›

Avoid vain babblings

There are days that pass without any occurrence of contention,but on those days when we are faced with a gossip before us or one who loves to argue its important you keep your peace as Timothy was instructed to avoid… Read More ›

The search

It is written if we search for God with our whole heart He will be found of us,but did you ever consider that God also is in search of those who are seeking Him and understand His ways?(Psalm 53:2), 2 God… Read More ›

God And God Alone

To the Christian there is only one God, and many of us learn from going to different buildings (churches) that after searching for God he is found as he enters our life when we have no more a part of… Read More ›

Born From Above

If we travel to a land we were not born in whose language is different than ours, it is not easy to be understood. This is what it is like when we are born into this world and then born again… Read More ›

Who Christ is…..

Redeemer…   Luke 1:68-75, Titus 2:11-15 Sanctification…   1 Corinthians 1:30, 2 Thessalonians 2:13, John 17:17 Righteousness…   Romans 6:6-18 Salvation…   Psalm 62:2&6, 2 Timothy 2:10, 1 Peter 1:9, Romans 1:16, 10:10 Eternal Life Giver…   John 17:1-3, Galatians 6:8 Wisdom…   1 Corinthians 1:26-31… Read More ›


God has the ability to take those known to the world as broken and restores them, as well as is they are of low estate to raise them up and be counted for his kingdom. Paul spoke how he was the… Read More ›

O Emmanuel

This is an old time hymn ! We can hear through the words of this song the redemption God feels for His people Israel .    

Woe unto my People

Guest post by The Traveller Woe unto my People   For a time such as this where there is much celebration, there is so much want, death, sickness and lack of knowledge amongst my people. Into the snares that the… Read More ›

When Was Jesus Born

  This post teaches the truth of how man has taken December 25th as the birth of Christ, but by searching the scriptures we learn this date is the conception of Christ and not His birth date. Whether after reading… Read More ›

Thank God For Our Farmers

God did not create the world without having a purpose!He intended to have interaction with man from the very beginning.”The heaven,even the heavens,are the Lords:but the earth hath He given to the children of men”.(Psalm 115:16).   By God giving… Read More ›

God,the faithful one

The bible gives us so many promises,and God is truly faithful to all of them! 1.)When we do His will,we are heirs to His promises(Hebrews 6:10-20),(Romans 8:11-18). 2.)We are given the Holy Spirit who is our comforter,and is the one… Read More ›

The Great I AM

When Moses was instructed to bring the Israelites out of Egypt he asked God when the people would ask what is the name of the God of their fathers is who should he say? God said say “I AM THAT… Read More ›


Adversity is anything that is contrary to our well being. At one time or another each of us suffer ,but it is the difference of living a christian life we know the Lord will give His people peace through any… Read More ›

The Christian mission

Paul testified of the saving power of Christ,and how after he persecuted Jesus and the church he was given a mission.He was to return unto the Gentiles of whom he was delivered from to open their eyes and to turn… Read More ›

Language of the heart

The language of the heart of God is spoken by the believer throughout the world,it is the pure wisdom of truth found only in Christ and are words of life eternal!(2 Peter 1:1-11). Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle… Read More ›