Finding rest in Him

Life is not easy by any means,and sooner or later we become overwhelmed in a situation we may not see a solution or a way out.When the tough times come we are instructed to rest in the Lord!(Matthew 11:28-30). 28 Come… Read More ›

The walk

When we walk through this life do we reflect a life being lived for Christ, or walk according to the ways of the world? You may ask does it really matter? It is a matter of life and death, also… Read More ›

His Throne

The throne of God is a place of judgment and righteousness. The oppressed take refuge in the Lord and for His sake He maintains my right and cause (Psalm 9:1-10).  I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart;… Read More ›

Our shepherd

Jesus was the perfect example of what it is to suffer even if we do what is right.He is the shepherd of our soul and whatever He went through He did not threaten,but surrendered all to His Father who would… Read More ›

The Lamb of God

Jesus was sent to a world that was in dire need of a saviour,He was to be the sacrificial lamb who God has sent to take away the sin of the world by the shedding of His precious blood!(John 1:29-34),… Read More ›

An undying faith

To have a faith so strong that it is kept even unto death sounds unbearable,yet as a Christian we know it is by the power of the holy spirit that allows us to endure suffering,persecution and being hated sometimes even… Read More ›

A heart for God

Our heart is very important to God and within it is who we truly are. Jesus taught a parable when the Pharissees were offended by His words, and how it is not what goes into ones mouth that defiles them,… Read More ›

An eternal family

Throughout our childhood our parents guide and discipline us for our own good.They give us sage advice so we grow up to be a responsible adult.Now some may say well I had an absent father or mother,or I was abused… Read More ›

A shadow of things to come

In this life there are so many things that can take our minds off of Christ,but as a christian this temporary life does not hold our attention like learning of the eternal life that awaits the believer!Many commandments and doctrines… Read More ›

We Cannot Blame God

  Many throughout all generations have asked why does God allow suffering? Yet with technology today man has even more ways of helping his fellow man but does he? Jesus said we will always have the poor among us, and… Read More ›

Avoid vain babblings

There are days that pass without any occurrence of contention,but on those days when we are faced with a gossip before us or one who loves to argue its important you keep your peace as Timothy was instructed to avoid… Read More ›

The search

It is written if we search for God with our whole heart He will be found of us,but did you ever consider that God also is in search of those who are seeking Him and understand His ways?(Psalm 53:2), 2 God… Read More ›

God And God Alone

To the Christian there is only one God, and many of us learn from going to different buildings (churches) that after searching for God he is found as he enters our life when we have no more a part of… Read More ›