Clean Up On Aisle 9 Begins

With the media focused on demanding war and assassination, cleanup on isle 9 begins.  The oligarchy of the drug cartels are frantically trying to cover up their criminal activity.
Reports are surfacing every day about how dangerous the “cure” is for the pandemic of bioweapons unleashed on the world.
Not only have we discovered the killing fields hospitals have turned into, of which they’re doubling down on.  Isolating patients from their support system, drug cocktails to confuse, ventilators that destroy a respiratory system, kidney killing Remdesivir and death, actually denying life saving measures by declaring “do not resucitate” orders against family wishes and coercion. When I hear witness after witness on conservative talk shows, even those close to me, confirm this I pay attention.
Now we are getting first hand views of how this so called vaccine actually does change DNA not only promoting HIV but cancer too.
And buried under war and a push for peace and safety from the WHO and CDC is reports that prove Biden is doubling down on funding bio research using aborted fetal parts.  In some instances actually allowing a live birth to harvest organs.  The humanized mice programs are thriving.  Then of course there are the heinous experiments on dogs and other animals.  The very animals God gave Adam to name & care for. 
What have we done to God’s creation?  Changing DNA, creating chimeric human animal hybrids, transforming men into women and women into men and even pushing this onto our innocent children. And even changing the definition of marriage created by God’s first union.  He created a woman partner for Adam and we have either been complacent or participated in transforming God’s creation.  What have we done???

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the drug cartels is now ordered to pay billions for its last lie of the opioid crises unleashed on innocent people. I know I watched as they said don’t use any pain medicine but our new drug it’s unaadictive and soooo much better. That worked well didn’t it!? And now we’re suppose to believe them?
Following Christ’s teachings of love your neighbor is the crux of His gospel but what so many forget is His teachings that we are in the world but not of the world.  He warns of this mixing so many times.  One of the last prayers Christ did was to ask the Father to separate us from the world and the evil one.
John 17:6-26
My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.

What we are seeing today is the wrath of Satan. That’s why Noone knows what will happen next.  Christ gave us knowledge and the Holy Spirit to guide us, and Revelation to warn.
No one on this earth can promise peace, safety and longevity!  Noone!
Run to Jesus! While there’s still time. Christ said He saw Satan fall from the sky, Revelation says woe to the people of the earth for Satan has been thrown down knowing his time is short.  Don’t fall for lies or exchange the truth for lies.  Read the Bible.
Pray for our brothers and sisters in war, detach from the world.
Stand firm and be bold.


Shocking study finds covid vaccines REWRITE your DNA… criminal CDC proven to have repeatedly LIED about this very issue to deceive and harm the public

Leaked top-secret Pfizer document shows COVID-19 vaccine is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than the world knows

Excess death-rate claims spike 37.7% in third quarter of 2021, according to survey of 20 insurance companies

Joe Biden Will Spend $88 Million This Year Funding Research With Aborted Baby Parts

4 U.S. companies will pay $26 billion to settle claims they fueled the opioid crisis

The pandemic is a hoax What I mean when I say this to my liberal friends

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  1. You could not of written more truth here. I have sadly most recently viewed the truth of this article with a family member with a nightmare hospital stay!!!!! So many drugs pumped through, that I believe only the constant prayers lifted allowed them to return home. May people lift up prayers and praise to THE ONLY ONE who is our life The Lord Jesus Christ! Great article. GOD BLESS YOU for standing on the truth.

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  2. Never trust any pharmaceutical products but only our Father’s promises given freely in His Word:

    Pure From The Blood Of All Men

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