Democratic agenda

So Many Red Flags

“For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work….” So many red flags from the history they are trying to erase should stop everyone in their tracks and cause an awakening like never before. Yet sadly as the media… Read More ›

Nothing New Here

The green new deal pushed by the quartet is pure socialist propaganda. Look at the rhetoric, your eyes will open and you will see where America is headed. And it’s not pretty. That worked well for Venezuela… And take a… Read More ›

Epistemophobic Dems

Dems or demons as I have begun to call them, (It’s an umbrella term that includes not only the hatred of American values but those who blaspheme Christ and Jews) are “Epistemophobic. “ (Quora): “Epistemophobia or gnosiophobia is defined as… Read More ›