Human Rights Abuses

A Letter From Afghanistan

From VOCIR *This letter was sent to us so that we could share its message.  Please share.* A letter from Afghanistan Pashtun to the Secretary General of the United Nations Sir, I am writing this letter on behalf of millions of… Read More ›

The Fight Over Freedom Of Speech

Recently locally and nationally there has been much crying about Freedom of Speech violations. From what I understand,  freedom of speech means just  that, that we are free to speak our emotions our political views, and our religious views in… Read More ›

World Refugee Day-Remember

​ It’s world Refugee day, Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand and Malaysia have been forgotten by the church and denied by the UNHCR.  Remember them. And let’s not forget our Brethren in Prison in Iran.  Maryam Naghash Zargaran, Ibrahim Firouzi… Read More ›