Who Is Fanning The Flames Of Hate And Racial Divide?


So who is it that’s fanning the flames of hate and racial divide? Who is it that is awakening a sleeping beast like the White Supremist’s and even Antifa? It’s not who they portray. Hate is one of Satan’s most precious tools. And it operates in many forms.
The left wishes to spark the flames of civil unrest and even civil war. They use tactics that are known well to the psychiatric community yet their rhetoric grows more incendiary by the day and they are fanning the flames to consume every American. Actions like manipulation, gaslighting, and lies and blaming others for your actions are typical psychiatric disorders displayed by the left. They bring hatred and flames that leave only scorched earth. No one will win with the current politically motivated people that are destroying America from within.
Now look at the rhetoric that truly incites violence, and no matter how the quartet or the dems scream foul, it is they who are inciting violence, hatred and racial divide. The quartet uses language like “women of color”, or “old white men”, or white people must pay reparation. They have totally and irrevocably demeaned the term racist. They are the racists. It is this language that incites a movement like white supremacy that lay sleeping and defeated for so long in this Country. And that is their intention to anger completely, evil ideologies and then when they raise up they are quick to scream “see I told you so.” They pick and pick until ugliness raises it’s head and then scream foul. And no one remembers who started it. By the way this is typical also for the uprisings in Gaza and Israel.
From the ideologies that inspired the shootings in El Paso to the Ohio shooter, these are sparked by the left’s rhetoric period. The Ohio shooter worshiped Satan, among other ideologies. They have been nurturing this evil for decades. They have truly destroyed our schools and churches and then wonder why? I read an article that teachers were to begin training for identifying human trafficking. Really? This shocked me, as teachers are in the first line of reporting for abuse and child trafficking and yet they now have to learn this? Even hotel workers are required to train to recognize this. The school system has failed an entire generation of our youth. By rewarding bad behaviors like bullying and ignoring those sufferring abuse. They are in the first line of defense for those who are now committing these heinous crimes. How many teachers ignored behavior that should have been reported about the El Paso shooter? Or the Ohio shooter? How many people stood down in the face of warning signs?
What happened to school counselor’s? What happened to youth leaders in the church? When you push God and morals from our Country and our pulpits this is what happens. We have created a generation of entitled brats. No responsibility, no accountability no moral conscious what so ever. And by the youth leaders of the church ignoring the questions our youth have because it’s just too scary and insulting to teach them morals and sin, they have sought answers from the world and they found that it’s an everything goes society and the more you rebel and hate the more successful you are. Just look at the amount of followers the hate filled left has and then look at their ages, they are our youth. Our youth who has been raised to think that the world and the government owes them everything. What happened to “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your Country?” It is dying with a generation. Free college, free healthcare, no need to work, we will distribute money from the rich and you can have it all. What in the world have we done? We have remained silent in the face of this evil and we are paying the price.
Our colleges are promoting nothing but resistance and hatred for those who don’t agree with their new found beliefs. This all inclusive politically correct crowd has damaged our very core of America. And by that I mean that they have promoted so many values and beliefs from other world countries that we can not even recognize the values or morals we were founded on. And that’s not racist. You can not worship other values that go against what America was founded on. You can not tell our children they can not pray or carry a Bible and share it, and then say that other religions can pray and we will even build you a room to do it, you can not force children to recite other Holy Books and leave the Bible hidden. You can’t take away our holiday’s and replace them with worldly titles like Winter fest instead of Christmas, or Spring recess instead of Easter Break. The America the left is pushing is so far from what we are that it’s a Country inside of a Country.
You cannot do this. A house divided will fall. This is biblical. You can not worship Belial and God at the same time. The left is using language not used here for 50 years. Language that many died for in the riots of the Civil Rights Movement. Instead of honoring them, they denounce them by their hateful, incendiary language. And are resurrecting ideology long squashed. They and they alone are wishing to turn America inside out. And they even stated this during Obama’s campaign and yet people applauded them. Yes they did they stated “inside out, top down, bottom up” as they cited change we needed. Change who needed? Satan? Sure looks that way. Making those who say God Bless America, or fight for the phrase In God we trust, or those that recite our Pledge of Allegiance, racists is a typical tactic used in countless wars. Stir the pot enough so that the people are so confused they will follow evil blindly right off the cliff.

We have confused our youth to the point that many don’t even know what gender they are. They don’t know God created only 2 genders. It’s not taught anymore and it’s homophobic to teach it. There is no color in the Bible either. There is no color in the Gospel of Christ. True Christians know this, yet many remain silent and even agree with the divisions created by the left. This ideology does not come from Christians or Conservatives. It comes from the left. One person I heard on Fox News equated Christians with the KKK because they burned Crosses. This curled my hair. The KKK was and is not any more Christian than the Westboro Baptist church. This was and is satanic ideology meant to destroy the Gospel of Christ. Hatred belongs to satan not Christians or even Jews. Hatred belongs to those who worship a different god than Almighty God. Speak out, call them out, and above all vote you values and morals.
Put the commandments back where they belong, in the courthouses and public places, put God back in America. And as for those self labeled “women of Color” many Americans loved you enough to give you a chance to show that we are not racists and what did you do? You spat in their collective faces. Labeling all racist who disagree with your wish for socialism, and values beyond ours like the marriage laws here. You flip your nose at those and marry in your faith and laws totally ignoring our own laws. Who is to blame here? Who is fanning the flames of hatred? The new leaders of the Democratic party is. Again, this is not American values, it’s far from it. The destruction and evil is not done by guns but by people. People who hate, people who have very dark spirits. Spirit’s of which are brought to life by denouncing God, by indoctrinating our youth. Promoting slothfullness and an attitude that you don’t have to work for anything. Or you can do anything you like without consequence. This is not Biblical either. Socialism, communism, and even islamism is not Biblical. When will recognize the dark spirits at work here?

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  1. The Walmart shooter was deranged. He claimed to want to kill Mexicans, but also shoot his sister. He was probably paranoid, and after all the News, felt he needed to do something, although crazy rarely needs a reason. We need to do better background checks. perhaps have several people who know us verify we’re not a nut, to get a license for a firearm. Also Richard C.J. is a Lady. Jesus Bless


  2. The El Paso shooting and the Dayton shooting were STAGED events. The Dayton shooting never happened and the El Paso shooting has been reported as having multiple shooters by eye witnesses on El Pasos local news.


  3. Who is fanning the racial divide? The usual suspects. The ones who own and run the media (Fake News MSM) and Hollywood. Who is behind all of this? Jews.


  4. Dear Mr Refsland, you did it. Now that you wrote a great article that opened the box, er nrrf yo ginf ouy eho id gsnninh yhr glsmrd. There is no doubt that the twin twwers were emploded by experts, there is no doubt that these shooters are programmed by someone. And who are these people? From every shooting there is always an eye witess that says they saw multiple shooters. But the information never gets anywhere. It has to be the people at the top, because no one else could pull it off.


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