Ideologies That Kill Innocent Americans Are Treasonous

The murderous attack yesterday in El Paso was born out of treasonous ideology. Not terrorism.

White supremacy, neo-nazism and Antifa are treasonous ideologies that are poison to our Country and God,and should be deemed as such.

Those who carry out violent acts touting this ideology should be stripped of American citizenship and at the least serve life without parole or receive the death penalty. And no that’s not harsh. Read some comments even here and many forums and blogs on line and you will agree. These groups are not American or Christian.

This ideology of white supremacy should have died with our Civil War, And WWll. All of these ideologies tie in with Socialism, communism and yes even other religions. Christianity does not promote the killing of innocents period.

There is absolutely no justification for killing of those who differ in race or religion! There are many treasonous groups with racial motives and even religious motives. These have no place in America or the Church.

Politicians are already at work blaming. Mental illness fueled by satanic beliefs are the blame. And hateful rhetoric by politicians that encourage attacks on those who disagree is fueling this hatred. These groups also exhibit extreme hatred for Jews and Israel. A dark satanic influence that has been present for centuries and lives in the minds of those that hate is to blame.

America has pushed Christian values so far underground that now we are paying the price. An evil beast has been resurrected here and now they scramble to control and blame instead of pulling up the roots they attack the plant and leave the roots to grow infecting every fiber of our culture. Again strip citizenship and call it what it is. Treason, and they are traitors to God and country.

If politicians wish to fix this instead of taking away freedoms like gun control would, how about amending the definition of treason to include the murderous ideologies of groups like these.

Call it what it is, treason. By blaming and comparing even Trump to these groups you are aiding and abetting an enemy and enabling and emboldening them to overthrow our society and Government. By blaming you only give them credit and praise.

Stop the violence from spreading. Act now. These violent acts against innocent Americans must stop. The more they scream white nationalist at Trump and others the higher the levels of violence will rise. MSM also fuels this hate. Cut the cancer growing out now. Call it what it is and that stands for the increased hate rising from Dems too. Stop it now.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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