President Trump : “Iran Is A State Sponsor Of Terror”

I had begun to think that no Western leader would call the regime in Iran what it truly is, until today.  President Trump pulled America out of the odious deal made with Iran, thrusting a terroristic regime into a position of power at the worlds table.

Today President Trump stood up to them and called them the largest State Sponsor of terror in the world.  They sponsor groups of terrorists such as the Houtis of Yemen, Hamas and Hezbollah and others.  They have even recently said Israel would be destroyed, and called for death to the US.

They persecute their own people, they persecute Christians, and other muslim minorities.  They persecute human rights activists and women.  They have been in power for 40 years, and for 40 uears have oppressed their own people executing thousands who don’t believe the way they do.

Until today no Western leader would call them out.  I know many Iranians, some who’ve fled and some who stayed and face oppression and persecution.  Pray for the innocent people of Iran.  Pray for Israel and pray other leaders will find the courage to step up with President Trump.

Our embassy is opening this weekend in Jerusalem according to reports.  Pray for them also.  Israel’s enemies are threatening war for this.

President Trump signed new stronger sanctions against Iran and any country aiding them.  

I know this, that prophecy is unfolding.  I know the season we’re in.  Its time to pray.

Commentary by C. Refsland

Categories: Iran, Middle East Crises, news

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