“We Must Teach Our Children Right From Wrong”

This week America’s First Lady laid out her plan to fight all forms of bullying.  She is fighting for children, so they can feel safe.  Not many MSM is covering this.  They would rather promote darkness.  She said we have to teach our children right from wrong, and she said we have to teach our children when they use their voices to do so with respect.  How can we teach them that when adults and our media dont understand or practice that?  In fact its just the opposite.

Immediately after our First Lady rolled out her plans and concerns the adult bullies took to the internet bullying her accent,  and her appearance.

Again I say how can we stop bullying with children when adults are bullying?   We are teaching our children to hate, and spread hatred to hurt others.

In some Middle Eastern Countries claiming or reporting a crime, turns the tables and instead of a victim your blamed or labeled as deserving.  This is a horrible travesty of justice.  But America has done the same.  

I have heard it over and over when bullied children complain they are treated as if they are the aggressor or deserving.  This attitude is what is driving so many of our youth to commit suicide.

And until we admit that we are teaching this attitude and hatred to our children it won’t stop!  I have grown so weary and sick of social media sites allowing cyberbullying of all ages, I almost deleted every account.  But then they would win.  Satan would win.  Because regardless of what you believe this new technology is a tool for satan.  Its time as one young boy recently in the news declares every time he hands a sandwich to the homeless, “Dont forget to share some love.”

Bitterness and hatred is choking the life out of our country.  From football players refusing to honor our National Anthem to the suffocating hatred even in the news media.

Children and even adults are afraid to speak against these bullies.  I recently reported a bully on facebook.  A person trying to hurt and ruin anothers life with twisted lies and hatred, took a photo of a person without their permission and posted it with demands that followers go this this persons business and demand they be fired, and you know what the response from facebook was?

Thats when I realized that we own this problem.  We own it lock, stock, and barrel.  We have allowed bitterness to spread like fire.  Pushing morals away and taking God out of our Country.  The 10 Commandments were given for a reason.  And we stopped teaching our children the importance of these, we stopped teaching right from wrong, and said there is no wrong, everyone is right.  We have taken respect and turned it upside down and inside out and it has died with a begginning of a generation that is concerned only with what makes them feel good or important.  Its all about me!  You don’t count.  

Personally, I fear we have gone too far, we have remained silent too long.  But we can start with our own, it begins with us.  As our First Lady says teach our children to “Be Best”  instill in them faith, respect, love for their peers and neighbors and a voice to share these values.  Teach them the 10 Commandments.  This really sets athiests and liberals on fire but our Country was founded on these basic Biblical values.  Why have we let the left, and the athiests push this away?  We deserve what we get.  After all remember We Reap What We Sow!

As bitter weeds suffocate the very life from other plants we have allowed hatred and bitterness to gain strong holds in our lives.

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