The Days Of Elijah

Recently scripture jumped out at me again.  When Iran invaded Israels airspace testing the water with a drone.  When Israel retaliated by attacking Irans base in Syria, Iran shot down an Israeli fighter jet.  The jet was shot down inside… Read More ›

Send A Message To The Persecuted

​ There are so many sufferring persecution today. The world quickly forgets. In Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, and even those who flee persecution like the Pakistani Christians in Thailand, (names witheld due to security) the UNHCR doesn’t even recognize their plight…. Read More ›

President Trump puts Iran On Notice 

President Trump’s White House Security Advisor today put Iran “on notice.”  Here is the statement that President Trump shared on his facebook page. Statement by the National Security Advisor Recent Iranian actions, including a provocative ballistic missile launch and an… Read More ›