TYING our Hands during SPIRITUAL WARFARE, Part 2



( This is Part 2 of the previous post concerning the women pastors who are promoting abortion as “Health Care.” )


 The real issue is NOT about male nor female pastors.




of the Word of GOD

ties our hands.


We cannot do, spiritually, the things we WOULD do.  We cannot WIN out over the torments flung at us by the devil. The battle is terribly fierce because…


we are fighting without the FULL armor …


that The LORD has ordained for us to use in spiritual warfare.  Our enemy uses DEADLY FORCE. He will find those chinks in the armor and attack us there. That attack will very effectively  take us OFF the battle field.


The REAL issue is about SPIRITUAL WARFARE. 


We are given detailed instructions regarding how to go about FIGHTING and WINNING in this battle between the Two Kingdoms here on earth: GOD’S Kingdom and the worldly kingdom run by satan.


When we DISREGARD those instructions, then we set ourselves up for defeat. In ignoring the “uncomfortable” parts of Scripture, we hurt our own selves and our own causes … in this case MINISTRY.


Even worse, in casting aside those instructions, we set up an entrance for demons to come into the church proper.  Lying spirits, division and strife, unbelief, right mingled with wrong, no conviction and a lack of repentance are ALL EVIDENCE of a church age which has cast aside Scriptural guidelines.


The lying, tormenting spirits of satan love to have it so !


The church proper has DONE IT TO ITSELF.


One of the FIRST SAFE-GUARDS against the enemy entering the church proper is the Authority line: GOD to CHRIST- CHRIST to Brothers – Brothers to Sisters — and all over all to the young people. The LORD established this authority line for two reasons:


  1. For the PROTECTION of all in the church

  2. That the Kingdom of GOD would be evidenced with signs, wonders, and miracles in their evangelisitc out-reach


  When we CIRCUMVENT or DISMISS this Divine Authority Line, the protection of those in the church breaks down.


When we go against the clear teaching of this AUTHORITY found in Scripture, the church is too weak to stand against the on-slaught of the enemy. People’s ears are closed to the TRUTH.  NO signs, wonders, and miracles, no conviction of sin and repentance, no healings take place. 


The people may think they are walking righteously, but satan is NOT FOOLED.  He knows where the chinks are in the armor.  He knows where the churchians have refused to DO what is written in the Scripture. 


Hasn’t he been whispering in their ears for years, You don’t have to do T-H-A-T . That was for another era… for the uneducated … for when societal norms were different. See, customs have changed and you have not been struck by GOD’S wrath … yet, have yo-u-u ?”  


Disobedience to ANY PART of the Word of GOD ties our hands.


So let’s look at Lady Pastors in the Light of GOD’S Word.


Eve was first deceived, causing the wreck of her husband and home.   The women of Genesis 6 were HORRIBLY deceived, wreaking great havoc across the face of the earth, allowing fallen watchers to use them to accomplish their attack on the Adamic race..


The Apostle Paul TOLD US plainly that women are the weaker vessel. They are the more easily deceived BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY ARE NOT the leaders in the

Authority Line established by The LORD.


There is no way around that Truth.


In times past, the church proper has recognized this. For women who WERE spiritually-minded, the church established “Orders” for them to function in. 


There were Orders of Deaconnesses and Orders for Widows and Virgins ( i.e., unmarried Christian women).  In some eras, deaconnesses were recognized by the habits/clothing they wore.

They helped with any work of the church dealing with other females, with children, with the poor, and with orphans, all the while bearing witness to their SAVIOR+.


UNDOUBTEDLY there was much Spiritual teaching going on as they ministered to the female unbelievers and the young sisters and other women needing help in the church. 


In Scripture, we see that the womenfolk helped alongside the brothers: Priscilla and Aquila and in Philippians 4, the Apostle Paul tells the brothers to “help the women who labored alongside of him”. 


 In Scripture we see that GODLY women were dressed a certain way, had their heads covered, were in submission to the elders and to their husbands or fathers, and WERE SILENT in church.


The BROTHERS were in the pulpits and positions of teaching in the church and in positions of all authority. 


WHY was this? Did The LORD “hate” women ?  NO. Were the Apostles trying to “keep women in their place” ? NO.

Did the Apostle Paul “hate women” ?  NO.  He was simply trying to protect BOTH the women and the church from the ASSAULTS OF THE ADVERSARY.


  1. The Apostles were doing these things to keep the demons OUT of the church and to protect the women themselves ! They were walking in these instructions because the enemy was out to DESTROY the church and would use ANY DISOBEDIENCE to the Word to do it.


Today’s church age is so very dysfunctional  that these Orders for Devout Women are basically non-existent. Thus, when a woman has a CALL from GOD upon her heart, she does not have any place open to her to respond nowadays in the church proper.


This  dysfunctional church age has nothing to offer a serious woman of GOD with a Spiritual calling to minister either by helps or His+ Word. The avenues have been closed up, long forgotten.


Yet… women have been


by GOD to minister. 


Some have recognized this and acknowledged that some women ARE more SPIRITUALLY-MINDED and have been CALLED by GOD to a ministry.  Not all women called to the ministry are women’s-libbers.  Many have a devout love for The LORD and a firm call to minister to others. Many are sincere.


Some sisters, out of desperation , have swallowed doctrines they KNEW were NOT of GOD, just  to have a place to function within the church proper. They have joined a group of sisters and dedicated their lives to serving The LORD.  They simply had NO PLACE to function in their dedication to GOD had they remained in their own dysfunctional church.


Lady Pastors are NOT in line with the Word of GOD, no matter how well-meaning those dear ladies are.  The churches they serve are NOT in line with the Word of GOD, no matter how well-intentioned they are towards the spiritually-minded females in their congregations.


YES, a place MUST be made

 in the church proper

for those Devout Women.


However, efforts to make a place for them to minister will not bear GODLY fruit if it contradicts The Word of GOD Indeed, the Word of GOD Itself will judge them in the last day !  ( John 12:48 )


The PROBLEM is not with the Devout Women.


The problem is with the organized church which has thrown away the Inspired Instructions.


May The LORD help us to re-align our churches with His+ Holy Word. The re-alignment must start  individually, with EACH ONE OF US.  


Unless we do, our judgment is certain. There is more to lose than signs, wonders, and miracles.


We will hear those awful words… ” Depart from ME+ ye workers of iniquity; I+ never knew you.” 


Come out of her,

My+ People,

and touch not

the unclean thing. 

+ + +





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2 replies

  1. Sampson…

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I intentionally “shun” the out of order women “ministers” of this day and age! I will not read or encourage their disobedience! One such person came out last year in favor of homosexual marriage! Women did not realize the absolute POWER in submission! In trying to set an example to my daughter, I will purposely default to Daddy and put him in a place of Honor! In so doing…my husband praises me and loves me as Christ commanded! I have had women for years tell me how “lucky” I am to have such a man. Luck has NOTHING to do with it. You nailed, Brother, that this is the fruit of Divine Order. It was not hard nor do I feel less than. I feel treasured and do not hesitate to step in and function when led by The Holy Spirit. There is safety and joy and power! These women ministers and their itching ear followers are deceived! Bless you for this razor sharp word! *High Five* – Jenny

    And don’t get me started on abortion…you know the “right” of females to demonstrate “superiority” by murdering their child! Yeah, let’s trust them. NOT! Grrr. Subhumans.

    Sorry. You can tell this subject hit a nerve with me.



    • Dear Sister,

      You have LANDED upon a TRUTH and put it into ACTION. May The LORD grant you many BLESSINGS for your obedience to His+ Word. Thank you for your response. We heartily agree with it.


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