America has summoned the Demons…..and they have come!




Proxy wars, carnage obliquely perpetrated on other nations and people groups, devastate those simply trying to live and raise their families.


These people groups happen to have lived ( for centuries ) where there is oil, gold, diamonds, or other mineral wealth that is needed to run empires. Sometimes they unfortunately live in a “strategic location” coveted by global super-powers. 


But this murder and displacement of massive numbers of humanity has been covertly worked out years in advance, for the benefit of the “New Secular Order of the Ages”. After all, as some have said, ” They are only useless eaters.”


The demonic hoards swarming the earth love this evil activity. The Evil attracts more demons which inspire those human slaves of satan to wreak even further destruction of the human race. 




America has summoned the demons, and the demons have responded,  flooding America with massive amounts of  uncleanness.


The High Court in America has defied The Living GOD, and declared SODOMY a National Right. No one is allowed to say that SODOMY is a SIN! If one says that it is, that one will be punished by the Law of the land, sued, and put into jail or prison!


The demons love this and swarm even more thickly, encouraging the humans to call right “wrong” and wrong “right,” to call evil good and good evil. Yes, they shriek, if anyone dares to call evil actions sin, punish them!!  “They are not fit to live,” they scream, out of the mouth of those who agree with satan ! 

America has summoned the demons, by doing the things the demons love.


America has demonic Cancer.


America is dying from willful, practiced SIN. Much of the “religious system” FALSELY using The Name of CHRIST, support and encourage this behavior.  The demons love the harlot “churches” and use them vigorously to promote Soul Murder.


Unborn humans, little Adamic men and women, are murdered in their mother’s wombs, with their mother’s permission, (and their father’s permission too, in most cases, as they could not care less). In America this is a RIGHT established by a filthy law of a land consumed by demons.


Then, having murdered the tiny ones, their little bodies are cut into pieces and the infants’ body parts are sold to the highest bidder! This is supposed to be against the LAW of the land.


What LAW?


We all know it is against the Law of a Righteous and Holy GOD to murder an unborn child and chop the baby into parts and sell those parts … but this land does not acknowledge HIS+ Law.


It is also against written and passed Congressional law …. but the law-makers in America do not even acknowledge their own laws … when they go against this land’s  TRUE “master.”


Thus, Congress knows their own Law is blatantly disregarded, and they ignore the law-breakers because they have the PROTECTION  of  America’s TRUE master … satan. 


There is no LAW to protect the defenseless infants ! It is expedient for the prostitute “lawmakers” in the demon-hole called Washington, D.C., to turn their heads and DO NOTHING. Meanwhile “Planned Parenthood” continues to receive over $500,000,000 a year to continue this atrocity. 


But then again, the demons love this shedding of human blood! Yes! They love it and will help the Washington prostitutes come up with even  more schemes to shed human blood as an offering for their satanic master… the one they truly serve. Whether on the abortion table or the Proxy battlefield, shedding Adamic blood is a good thing to the demon hoards and to those lying humans who serve the same master they do! 


Yes. The demons have filled America to the brim, invited and welcomed here by filthy, unrighteous words, actions, and thoughts, filthy movies, un-holy music, mammon worship, pleasure-crazed revelries in both high and low places, ALL that the U.S.A. has become known for — and exports —  all over the world.



But this all has an end!


As the world has watched America become a cesspool of iniquity, led and inspired by the “Baal worshipers” in Washington D.C., and the diseased so-called “church” system that supports it…  even so the world will watch America’s destruction. As Mystery Babylon has done unto others, even so The LORD GOD will do unto  IT!


America has declared WAR against The LORD GOD of HOSTS, YHVH ELOHIM of Armies.  




Read Revelation Chapter 18 for the answer and a full picture.


Here below is the HOPE for ALL of those who remain steadfast with The SON of  GOD, JESUS CHRIST our LORD.





 Heavenly FATHER, strengthen us in the power of your most Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT to stand firm for Your Beloved SON+ and to dwell with YOU forever through the endless Eternal Ages.

In HIS+ Holy and Precious Name

we ask this.


Amen + + + 



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3 replies

  1. Amen!


  2. What a stern TRUTHFUL post that America needs to hear,but will not heed! Amen to finally read the truth that the sugar coated messengers of the fake churches will not preach for fear of being put out of their social club group!!!!! God’s word is not always kind when it comes to sin, but for those who turn from it it is a promise of life eternal……..,, The tipping cup is almost full and there will be no turning back …..,,,NOW is the time of repentance before its too late God is not joking. God Bless You for this fire and brimstone message barely any will be bold enough to speak.


    • Bless you Sister Julia.

      I do not know what it will take to bring a “from the heart” and genuine REPENTANCE, but I have a feeling it is not going to be pleasant for those who persist in arrogant apostasy before The LORD+. The LORD GOD is LOVE, but HE+ is also a CONSUMING FIRE for those who choose to make HIM+ their enemy.

      May the LORD+ Strengthen you in your faithful work for HIM+. May HIS+ Peace be with you today.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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