History IS Repeating Itself & The Western Nations & The Church’s Are Silent & Complicit


“Democratic socialism” is sometimes erroneously used as a synonym for social democracy, where “social democracy” refers to support for political democracy, regulation of the capitalist economy, and a welfare state.”
In the 1930’s socialism was spreading, socialistic views abounded. The Nazi’s stretched this to the limit. Germany was destroyed economically, it took a wheelbarrow full of money just to buy a loaf of bread. The people were begging for change and any improvement. Any leader would do as long as they were for change. Much like America in 2008. This is how the Nazi party came to power in Germany and this is how the socialists of America came in power in 2008. Promises of change and hope, and the people swallowed it whole. There is no need in going on and on about the hope and change the Obama administration brought to America it’s obvious to the world and most people. At least those who are awake. One man was able to charm the public and the world much as a snake charmer and was afforded freedom to reign and freedom to cause such chaos and death and persecution of minorities and those who refused to ride the horror ride. One man has divided the world and America much like the 1930’s. While the Nazi party flew through town after town, village after village, arresting, and killing all those different from them and their world view, (the Nazi’s had a view that the Aryan race was superior).  Muslims also went with this ideology at the time. The cross in the churches was replaced by a picture of the Furer. The state sponsored religion, the press, and all who spoke in public were made to conform. Severe persecution came to those who dared to speak out and not conform to the ruling party and their new constitution. Then they persecuted the religious groups. The Jews, Christians who wouldn’t conform and the press, even attacking labor groups who wouldn’t comply.
Refugee’s streamed out of Europe by the boatloads while the world watched on. One such boat filled with Jews was denied entry into every western country, forcing it to return to Europe where the occupants met death by concentration camps, torture, and the ovens. Some Christians by hanging like Deitrich Bonheffer. He was safe in America and chose to return to warn and save the people of Germany. He was arrested, imprisoned and hanged because he would not conform to the religious views of the state. A Dr. in attendance of his hanging said never has he seen such love for a God as Bonhoeffer exhibited, he went naked to the gallows, knelt and prayed and died a martyr for daring to follow Christ’s doctrine not man’s.
If you are choosing to ignore what is happening in the world this will surprise you. This will be our fate also in America and the rest of the Western Nation’s.  They are already taking over large portions of France and the UK, areas where there are literal “No Go zones” for the locals.

This is not hyperbole or conspiracy theory any more. One such person sits in jail now awaiting her fate, for simply refusing to comply with the state run religious beliefs. This is very serious, very dark, and very prophetic. It’s time to prepare, it’s time to wake up, it’s time to press into the word of God. Christ never promised us that we would escape persecution, in fact He promised the opposite, that we would face persecution and hatred for His name sake. He said a servant is not better than his master. So where does this prosperity gospel that teaches only blessings, and escape from persecution originate from? That’s another post.

Prepare, ready yourself, with the Armor of God as it is growing near. It means persecution, the time of the end, whatever you call it, it’s here. Read Romans chapter 1 if you want a clear snapshot of what the Apostle Paul saw for us. We have been given over to our own wicked desires, and God’s wrath is upon us. Not abundant blessings as the prosperity preachers would have us believe. Wrath, judgement, and fire. Are you ready? Christ did promise us protection, strength, and endurance which many of our brothers and sisters are already experiencing. But is your Church ready? Are you ready?

Europe has trains eerily similar to the Nazi’s in WWll, with thousands of refugee’s refusing to stay in camps. Refugee’s dying by the boat loads to reach safety. Christians, Yazidi’s and other muslim minorities as well. China has warships and submarines off our coasts, Russia has the same. Iran is granted nuclear power and the power to destroy Israel and the U.S. Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram, Al-Queda, Al-Shabob, and all the rest have pledged allegiance to Islam under one banner and that’s the Daesh. As long as the goal is to destroy Israel, Jerusalem, and take over the Western world also they will unite under one banner. They have moved across the whole of the middle east and Africa in almost a single bound just as the Bible fortold. With the help of Western leaders they have become strong as Iron, crushing everything under their feet. They are an unusual lot made of clay and Iron but they have united for this last stand against the people of the Cross and the people of the Book.

America is sacrificing unborn babies as offerings to those who worship man and created things rather than the creator of all things! Slicing those bodies to harvest organs to create life that only God can create, and you expect God to bless us?? Much less protect us???

By C. Refsland

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  2. No other words to add to this except and our sister has said – Amen and Come Lord Jesus Come!


  3. This is so true, so frighteningly true. The sins of this land have reached unto heaven and the consequences of this sin are coming down on top of us.

    We have all heard the stories of the prison train cars, three decks with shackles inside. Some have seen pictures. This past week a video and photo was taken of one of these passing through St. Louis, Missouri. As you stated, it is no longer theory. The “conspiracy” is becoming plain before our eyes.

    It is time to fall on our faces and weep before our LORD+ in Repentance for the sorrow we have caused HIM+ with our fleshed out carnal attitudes toward HIS+ Words to us.

    An asteroid strike or the Caldera erupting would be pure and sweet compared to what the “servants of baal/satan in Washington, D.C. have planned for us.

    HOLY FATHER, please protect your Israel, your “little flock”, both the natural and the “grafted-in ones. We have NO help but YOU. We ask this in The Name of your Beloved Eternal SON+. Amen.

    Thank you Sister for posting these serious words.



  1. History IS Repeating Itself & The Western Nations & The Church’s Are Silent & Complicit | State of Globe

Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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