America’s Beacon Of Hope Is Going Dark

The once shining light of America as a beacon of hope for those oppressed is going dark.  And that’s a fact.  Not hyperbole.

Dear God I feel so helpless.  The wearing down of the Saints has begun.  It’s time for the true followers of Christ to circle the wagons, call a red alert, press in, however you want to say it.  Time is running out.

The world is dark, there is a war spreading across the globe, slaughter is happening at lightening speed, human rights are thrown away, and blind eyes are partying in the streets as if nothing is happening.  This is not 1940 this is today.  This is not WWll this is today.

Western leaders have destroyed the peace and are in quick sand that is pulling them and innocent people under with them.

My inbox is full of those in Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, Syria, and Thailand.  Their cries are deafening.  They have been made empty promises by leaders and those who claim to help and are giving up.  

Our President in his last days has brought America to its knees and brought Nato and America to a dangerous place with Russia and the Middle East.  He has thrust us into danger.   And thumbs his nose to the plight of those lost in genocide and persecution.

America used to be a voice and a light for those oppressed.  We are now ENABLERS.  We have given free reign to Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to pillage, plunder and commit heinous human rights abuses against the weak and minorities.  We have sanctioned evil and given it free reign.  Our voices have been silenced.  With chaos in our own streets the media has been silenced and the really sad part is there aren’t many that care.

Mind bending images from those who try to help in Syria are blotted out by the world.  

Pakistani Christians in Thailand have been abandoned by the UNHCR and the world, and feel like they have been used by Christian NGO’S to line their pockets, and I can’t disagree with them.   

The US is ignoring the plight of Christians just as the world ignored the plight of the Jews in Hitlers reign.

Christians, Muslim minorities, women, and political prisoners are languishing in Iranian prisons, and the world cares not.

Pakistan and it’s barbaric blasphemy law are oppressing innocent people.  The slave owners of the brick kilns there are committing crimes against humanity and the government of Pakistan is enabling them.  Following Sharia law instead of humane laws providing freedoms these countries oppress their people and the world turns their eyes away.

I don’t know what the answer is. But I do know it’s time to take heads out of the sand and pull together like never before.  

We are in the Middle of a spiritual war like never before.  Many are falling away.  

I know it’s literally time for us to pray like our lives depend on it, because the lives of many do!!  With earthquake warnings on the west coast and a hurricane barreling toward the East coast it’s time to pray.  I ask for forgiveness for the blindness of our nation, I ask for forgiveness for allowing idols to other gods in our nation.  I ask for forgiveness in the slaughter of millions of innocent babies in our land.  I ask for forgiveness for the hardening of hearts of our pastors andthe cold hearts of some.  I ask for mercy, and I call out with the Saints “how long Oh Lord? “

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2 replies

  1. Sister CJ,
    It is hard to watch this taking place so fast! Tyrants from satan are in places of authority and are wreaking havoc. They can do NOTHING but LIE continually, just like their “father”.

    America has with a stiff neck REFUSED Repentance. Now see what is coming down!

    The “City of BA’AL” has lost its mind and is in a Rage because it can not steal Syria from the Syrians. It is willing to get Millions of innocent people killed in nuclear war because of that! What Murderers and Liars inhabit that Evil Demon Infested place!

    May our LORD GOD, The HOLY ONE of Israel, help HIS People, the Followers and Disciples of HIS Beloved MESSIAH+, HIS Eternal SON, to draw very NEAR to HIM+ and to Overcome in this Hour.


    • Thank you brother. Yes it’s happening so fast you can barely keep up. Barely process all that is transpiring. The world seemingly overnight has morphed into something sinister. Our redemption draws near.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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