“Terror,Blood & Death of Christians” When Will It Stop?



My heart is breaking.  We have spent countless hours on video conference calls, and the phone with our brethren in Nigeria and Pakistan.  Two countries our Lord has laid on our hearts to intervene and bring hope. We have listened to heartbreaking story after story of the desperation, the untold death and suffering.  We comfort those who have fled, forced to leave loved ones behind. The sorrow and helplessness in their voices digs at our very soul.  But we do this with great love and joy as our Lord commanded us, but at times we shed uncontrollable tears. And today is one of those times.

As I look at videos and pictures of the achievements and growth of family that we are aiding, I hear sadness in the father’s voice. He is alone, without his family not by choice but a situation forced on him through extreme persecution.

A short while later I reviewed videos of another sort—the death and destruction carried out by evil men and my soul cries out like theirs does.  One on the frontlines was literally broken for a time.  The sights of brutal slayings, wails of brokenhearted and lives forever turned upside down, proving too much for his mind and soul to process—literally unable to speak of it.  He even began questioning his own faith.  After much prayer and comfort from God, he is healing with a renewed spirit and sense of commitment.

We could share all the details that would break your heart in two, but for fear for our brothers and sisters safety, the risk is too great.  But know this, their suffering is real, their tears are real, what they are witnessing is real.  Traumatized until they reach the Kingdom of Heaven and all sorrow is wiped from their eyes.

The shock and pain the children are enduring is impossible for us to recognize in the West.  Our precious brethren in Nigeria and Pakistan wonder, “Do our brethren in the West even know, do they care?” They wonder what would it be like to live in a country where you can walk the streets without fear. Never needing to look over your shoulder, or fearing what awaits around the next corner. To live in a nation not bombarded by targeted attacks month after month, week after week. No need to flee their home to find safe places, as they pass the dead careful to avoid bodies strewn along the path. Why can’t it be this way in their own country, their generational homeland, they don’t want to leave.  “We just want to live in Peace.”

I want to share their story, but must do so with discernment.

Recently, we learned of 2 men who were captured by the Boko Haram. They were given the option, convert or die.  In fear, one converted, but they killed him anyway stating, “We will send you to Allah without sin.”  The other refused to denounce Christ. As they butchered him, he began preaching the Gospel. He begged them not to kill him, not because he was afraid, but because in his words, “You will be judged for this, please don’t do it.”  He had that much forgiveness and love for his attackers.

One dear soul tells of a vision that keeps him going, a vision from God of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Those of you that share the gifts of prayer and hope, letters, and donations mean so much to those persecuted.  One day soon they will be able to tell their stories.  But as for now I can only ask that God would allow me to take their pain from them, if only for a moment to allow them comfort.

What if each one of us did this every day, or even once a week?  Asking God to give us for a time, the pain of one who suffers allowing them to heal and feel peace.  Could you handle it?  Could you handle the shock, the pain, the sorrow, the helplessness and hopelessness that they feel every day even for a moment?  What if we took 5 minutes even 10, every day to pray and intercede (to act or interpose in behalf of someone in difficulty or trouble, as by pleading or petition) in this manner?  I believe the healing that would go forth would amaze.

We don’t normally share video’s that portray horrific images but I turned to this video by accident which normally I will shut off rather than watch. I already hear firsthand these stories vividly in the lives of our brethren, but this time it was as if God said No, you will watch and then share it.  Right now, if God is speaking to your heart to intercede for them—watch this video from Nigeria. It’s 2 years old and at present it is much more volatile.  Please use discretion, the video is very graphic and not for the faint of heart. Afterwards, spend time with God asking “What can I do?” Let us know how God is using you for care for these dear ones.

C. Refsland, VOP Advocate/News Analyst


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  1. I want so much to help these dear, precious brothers and sisters in Christ. Apart from financial help and prayers, I don’t know what else to do. If anyone can think of something positive, please reply to my comment. Thankyou.


    • Alana, thank you so much. God has laid these precious soul’s on our hearts. Voice of the Persecuted is in contact with those there. Prayer is our biggest tool we have for the Persecuted. I know that is what they ask for the most. The need is so great for these people. Right now with the elections coming up in Nigeria, it’s a critical time for them. Also the Christians in Pakistan are in great danger. And VOP is involved there also speaking daily with those in danger, and supporting as best they can. Voice of the Persecuted has a prayer team the warriors have partnered with Persecution Watch and are being called to National and International prayer calls for them. I was on an international prayer call this week and it’s so powerful, and uplifting as we bathe our brothers and sisters in prayer, and take them before the Throne of God. You will get updates on prayer needed, and times for prayer calls. If you would like to be a part of that you can email at vopprayerteam@gmail.com. Much prayer and intercession is needed. Also if you would like to write to them, you can do so either by the email or here, and we will make sure that the refugee’s there see your letter. They feel lost and forgotten. It gives them much encouragement to hear from us. More details of how to help will be coming out this week. But I know VOP would love and welcome all for prayer and intercession on their Prayer team. Thank you so much for your words and heart for God’s people. Here is a link that explains the Prayer Warriors. https://voiceofthepersecuted.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/prayer-warriors-needed-join-the-team/ Thank you so much for your voice.


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