How Is The Super Highway Of Terror Moving So Fast From Iran To Africa? Is it Prophesied In Daniel 8?

The ram butted everything out of his way to the west, to the north, and to the south, and no one could stand against him or help his victims. He did as he pleased and became very great.(Daniel 8:4)

The ram butted everything out of his way to the west, to the north, and to the south, and no one could stand against him or help his victims. He did as he pleased and became very great.(Daniel 8:4)

As events unfold more evidence comes into light in the building of the Super Highway of Terror I have reported on for the last year.  I have reported that the super highway grows from Iran to the coasts of Africa.  As the talks increase and are seemingly coming to close with a new deal for Iran, the Western media is beginning to put the pieces together.

Iran has been given almost free reign in Iraq with troops there, we know they are in Syria, and we have reported that they are tied and supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, and now just as we said their support in Yemen is growing. As Joseph Klein reported in his report, as he analyzes the threat report given to Congress. He points out that Yemen was downplayed.    It simply portrayed Iran as a beneficiary of the Huthis’ rise to power: “Huthi ascendency in Yemen has increased Iran’s influence as well.”  Through the Houthis they have wreaked havoc there also.  Never mind that Iran’s Shiite, ‘Twelver’ eschatology quotes that they will rule the world, the chaos caused by the Sunni Shiite divide for centuries is coming into play.  While ISIS has declared they are the ‘Ummah’ and the caliphate and there are multiple groups pledging allegiance to this, Iran is quickly moving into place as the Savior of the middle east.  While Arab countries are scrambling to form ‘Anti Iran’ allegiances, Iran is quickly attempting to guide Islamic prophecy.  Remember it doesn’t matter what the West believes, it matters what they believe.

By taking advantage of this divide and ancient Holy War, the West has proxied itself smack into the pages of Islamic prophecy.  The ‘Arab Spring’ was the beginning of the proxy war to beat all.

As I watch the news especially the last few days with the mention of Biblical names like Mesopotamia, it becomes clear.  While researching Mesopotamia, we find that it is not only the cradle of civilization, but it play’s a major role in Iran’s history and future.  Iran is Persia we all know that.  Some facts about Mesopotamia.

Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia c. 1450 BC (Wikimedia)

Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia c. 1450 BC (Wikimedia)

  • On the destruction of the Assyrian empire, Mesopotamia seems to have been divided between the Medes and the Babylonians. The conquests of Cyrus brought it wholly under the Persian yoke; and thus it continued to the time of Alexander. Since 1516 it has formed a part of the Turkish empire. It is full of ruins and mounds of ancient cities, some of which are now throwing much light on the Scripture.
  • This region is associated with the earliest history of the human race both before and after the flood. Eden was not far off; Ararat was near to it on the north, and the land of Shinar on the south.
  • This was the home of the patriarchs who proceeded Abraham-Terah, Heber, Peleg, etc.
  • Here Abraham and Sarah were born, and the wives of Isaac, and Jacob, and most of the sons of Jacob, the heads of the twelve tribes.
  • Mesopotamia is also mentioned in Scripture as the abode of the first oppressor of Israel in the time of the judges, Judges 3:8-10; in the history of the wars of David, 2 Samuel 10:16; and as furnishing a delegation of Jews, and perhaps proselytes, to attend the Passover at Jerusalem, Acts 2:9.

One thing that really speaks volumes is that this area was under Persian control at one time, and Iran has long been fighting to gain a foothold in Iraq.  With this region they will gain the control that will begin with the destruction of Israel and the control of the world.  Or at least that is what they believe.  And remember they still view the US as Satan.  They still call for the destruction of Israel (Jerusalem).  Hamas is still calling for control of the entire region ‘from the river to the sea.’  It goes on and on.  Libya has fallen to ISIS and it’s affiliates.  Yemen has fallen, Nigeria is embattled in a fight for it’s survival which Boko Haram has also claimed allegiance to the Ummah touted by ISIS, and Iran is gaining footholds in the middle east and nuclear proliferation.  There has been a call for Pakistan to use it’s nuclear weapons in the vie for control. Pakistan has recently said it won’t back a request from Saudi Arabia to form a coalition against Iran.  (Pakistan won’t help guard Saudi Arabia’s border with northern Yemen, which is controlled by Iranian-backed Houthi Shiite forces.)  (More)  Refusing to take sides for now.

How much more has to happen before the world wakes up?  And if you look from the headlines into the prophecies laid out in the Bible, you begin to see what is shaping up.  Take another look at Daniel 8.  Many scholars have struggled over this prophecy.  Some comparing it to Alexander the Great, and it does seem to apply to that also.  But read it and then look at the speed that these wars are taking place.  It’s time to understand what we are witnessing.

By C. Refsland

Credit to Bible Hub Topical Bible

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