Flashback: Super Highway Completed And The Stench Of Death & Chaos Reigns From Iran To Africa


I am revisiting this post as it is still ongoing with a ferocious vengeance.  And still no condemnation especially from our newly elected representatives.  Ilhan Omar and the other 2 newbies demonize Israel with Omar calling for Muslims to raise hell in America,  with absolutely no condemnation for this.  New Zealand recently donned headscarves and broadcast the Muslim call to prayer nationally to stand with their Muslim population.  Will Muslims wear crosses or display them in solidarity with Christian genocide? Time to speak out, while we still can.

I have reported for over a year about the Super Highway of terror extending from Iran to the Coasts of Africa. (Read here) & (Here) And the criticism I received is beyond eerie.  I ignored the nay sayers and continued to spend countless hours analyzing reports and verifying them with those on the ground and as I reported the Arab Spring was the beginning of this super highway.  Yemen is on fire creating a scenario that will only end in disaster.  They are threatening to shut the straight of Hormuz, and Saudi Arabia is in the process of not only doing a bombing campaign but war ships are being sent to the area, and threats are made to Iran and vice versa.  Iran is backing the rebels of Yemen, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, Al-Shabob and even Boko Haram by proxie.  All these rebel groups have pledged allegiance to ISIS and a modern day Caliphate that threatens the very existence of not only Christians, but women, children, the elderly and other minorities that don’t follow Sharia law.  You can’t even say ‘their brand of sharia law’ anymore, because what they follow is plain and simple Islamic law.

Nigeria has all but fallen to Boko Haram.  Millions displaced, and hundreds of thousands killed and with the elections tomorrow, most Christians are willing to follow a despotic leader who has proven in the past what he stands for.  Unverified reports have connected him not only to Boko Haram but to the Janjaweed as well.  The best I can do to verify is to say that this is not only possible but very probable.  While Goodluck Jonathon has done very little to curb Boko Haram and save the innocent from this murderous, demonic group, he has been under immense pressure from Western Governments to negotiate with Boko Haram and other rebel groups as they call them misunderstood boys, and poor people who just need a say in the Government.  I think that has long since proved itself wrong as the stench of death in the North of Africa has grown to unimaginable proportions.

As I said, the MSM ignored the signs and the symptoms of this cancer that has spread darkness from Iran to the coasts of Africa, and now there is little to be done.

The Taliban is coming back to life and rearing it’s ugly head not only in Pakistan but Afghanistan as well.  Read here.

 Libya has been on a downward spiral since NATO aided in the assassination of Ghadaffi.  Christian genocide is taking place from Iraq to Syria, to North Africa, and the world leaders like Obama refuse to acknowledge it.  When Christians are paraded and beheaded in the numbers we have seen recently, I think it’s time for leaders to speak out.  At least Christian leaders anyway.  Al-Shabob has attacked a hotel in Modidishu, and in Somalia as they shot people fleeing into the ocean to what they thought was safety, they shot them again, and left their bodies on the beach, according to reports today.  One quarter of the world is on fire and in chaos.  And the world powers are willing to give Iran a nuclear weapon.  How crazy is that? The western leaders are still in a tug of war with Russia and China over Syria, and are even poking at Russia to the point of retaliation over the Ukraine.  Russia has deliberatley flown it’s bombers over restricted area’s, and is making deals with the devil.  And if that’s not enough, they are ready to throw Israel under the bus.   I have one question for the leaders of the free world, Why? Why did you help to unleash this beast?  Did you really think that you could control it? They will unite just as their prophecy say’s.  It’s not what we believe that matters it’s what they believe and they believe that they are creating the scenario for their messiah the Mahdi to return.  How much blood will be shed before the world say’s enough?   It’s time to wake up.

C. Refsland

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  1. Their Mahdi messiah comes day 794 of Daniel’s 70th week. His image is placed day 1230. He goes to the lake of fire day 2520. Forever. He is Abaddon.


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