The Day A Nation Collectively Called Out To God in Agony Over The Slaughter Of Her Heroes

“Welcome home thou good and faithful servant” Mathew 25:21

I have been trying to write this for 2 days. I have cried literally and spiritually so hard for our young men and women it hurts. As I look at their pictures I grieve with the families.

I thought 9/11 was the last time we would have the hearts of Americans as a nation broken. We cried out then too in agony and sought comfort from God.
But yesterday for me and millions of Americans it was in some ways as bad if not worse than it was then.  What could be worse? The last 2 years have been unbelievabl, unbearable and surreal.  Yesterday was a culmination of that. The same group that conspired and hid those claiming responsibility for 9/11 is now, according to the old man occupier a great trustworthy ally of the U.S. I can’t wrap that around my head and never will. It’s the taliban! Taliban islamists that once pledged allegiance to Alqueda. And Alqueda pledged allegiance to ISIS. Even AlShabob in Africa joined with these groups.
But the media has taken up where George Bush left off by saying the taliban is different. They are not different. I have written many times about these groups and researched hundreds of hours, when I wrote for Voice of the Persecuted.  My post on the Super Highway of Terror And The Stench of Death lays out how morosely evil they are. Unconfirmed reports say they are already lining up men, women and even children and executing them in outlying provinces out of the media’s eyes. Why do you think hundreds of thousands of Afghanis ran to certain death to get away from them this week?
They are demonic savages period. And now according to Politico the current administration has given the names of those that helped us over 20 years. Signing a death warrant for our allies.
So now that we know who they are the question is why are they controlling our exit from Afghanistan. They are in control of the check points. They knew Isis was there and they let them through. While beating so many others.
China, China, China. Biden is indeed compromised but he also sold America out to the New world order. And until Christians stop pledging allegiance to this beast government and stand up, more death and destruction will make Libya and the Arab spring look like a picnic.
Nancy Pelosi spoke at a women’s equality event yesterday while her administration sentenced thousands of women in Afghanistan to rape, torture and murder under talibans sharia law.
More American blood and the blood of innocents were poured on the altar of this satanic religion yesterday.
Americans collectively wept. God will give the 13 Warriors family comfort. How many more times must America endure the pain caused by these satanic animals.  Have we learned nothing?
Pearl clutchers may not want to read this.  But every time God punished the Israelites, he sent barbaric armies to control them. I think unless we repent as a nation we will see more bloodshed, more pain, more suffering. We are under judgement. This regime that moved into our Government through a coup has set ties with these groups and China. They believe America must be destroyed to set off the great reset.  HRC told us what they would do. She announced that to move forward old, deep seated biases would have to go. Obama built on that with his fundamental transformation, and his wife assured us that Barack  would never let us go back.
We’re not going back to normal or what we knew as normal. The elite oligarchy has seen to that.

I guarantee you China and the Islamic terrorists have only one thing in common and that is their mutual hatred for Americans and Christians. If China thinks they can control these demons like they did with the uighars they are in for a real surprise. I think one can draw a parallel with the mention of the emergence of the Kings from the East in Revelation.

One father who lost his son said Biden turned his back on him. Biden turned his back on Americans, he turned his back on America, he turned his back on God.  I will not bow to that demon. Thank you and God Bless the vets, and Glen Beck that went to Afghanistan to rescue! It’s a sad, sad day when Americans have to do the job of the government. The military has been degraded,, decimated and compromised by the top, woke, not awake, Generals and Biden. Our government is gone. Its broke, its collapsed, America’s spirit is alive and lives in US not the demons in government.  We have no representation.  I have only one thing to say to Biden, the dems, China and the demons in Afghanistan the Taliban, Alqueda and ISIS, you will not break our spirit! You may think you’ve won. You may think you’ve degraded us but you have not and you won’t. We will rise victorious with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We do have representation in Heaven through Jesus Christ. Christians unite under Him, we like Paul carry the marks of Christ on us! Press into Him as the world falls apart and reels like a drunkard. Put on the armor of God and take a stand behind our brave patriots, shout the Glory of our God, our salvation lies in Him. The King is coming!

In case the propagandists have made you forget what the Taliban is read here.


Prophecy Alert: Pakistani Taliban declare allegiance to Islamic State and global jihad 

Pentagon admits ‘thousands’ of Isis-K militants released from US prisons by Taliban

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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