For Better Or Worse, ‘Iranians National Interests’ Tied To Republicans Acts

Posted with permission. This is so significant. The world is watching and we are Very important to countries like Iran. The people of Iran are suffering under an evil regime. Please read this and remember this election is one of the most important not only for America but for the world. The truly oppressed are relying on us. The innocent people of Iran hunger for freedoms that we have. They don’t hate us, the regime does. Stand with the oppressed people in Iran with your vote in November.

By:Kaveh Taheri

…President Donald Trump has found the Holy Grail. President Trump has found the Holy Grail of today’s domestic policies with Economic Growth, Job Creation, American Income, American Business, Tax Cuts, Worker Development, Domestic Infrastructure, Health Care, Combating Opioids, Border Security, Defense, and Veteran Affairs — as of international foreign policies, and its most significant one is called the ‘Maximum Pressure Campaign’ towards the most malignant terrorism-sponsored the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)…

At the nick of time, the national interests of Americans (MAGA) and Iranians (MIGA) are intertwined. The American voters will decide as Joe Biden will do nothing more than what the former democrat President did as Obama has privately voiced doubts about the ability of Joe Biden.

Wiping the cancerous terrorist-sponsored regime off the map was widely demanded by the Iranian protesters during nationwide demonstrations three years ago and continues until now. The world will be a better and peaceful place if the warmonger, Shiite Islamic terrorist regime in occupied Iran is completely annihilated with all its layers. Read more

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