Friendship Evangalism? Where Is It Found In Scripture?

We are called to warn all to come to repentance.

This is a rebuke sent to a well meaning conservative Christian magizine that was urging Christians to visit their local mosque and find out what sweet and friendly people muslims are.  The magazine article said that anyone who spoke truthfully about islam wa s ” Right wing agitator”

Someone had to say something.

Here is the rebuttal and rebuke to the magazine article.


Please accept this as a call to live what you profess to believe and a willingness to stand for Truth+.


This article and advice given in it are both totally erroneous and show an abysmal ignorance of what Islam is really about and what the Quran actually teaches.

History for 1,400 years has shown what Islam is and what its demon-possessed founder taught and commanded his followers to do.

To visit a local mosque to see what sweet and kind people Muslims are is silly advice.  Do we Christians join with others in their worship of demons to show our “friendship” ?


One may as well visit the local Hindu temple or Buddhist shrine or  local Masonic lodge to find out what “nice and friendly” people they all are. What does nice and friendly have to do with ANYTHING?

All will be friendly… until the Word+ of GOD is shared.

Let us go into the local mosque and in a friendly, compassionate way repeat the words of The LORD: JESUS CHRIST said,  “I+ am the Way, The Truth, and The Life. No man comes to The Father in Heaven except through ME+ .”

Then, we will quickly find out what nice and friendly people Muslims are.

Perhaps the article is in agreement with the Pope’s public statement to the Muslims that “We all worship the same God.”  Do born-anew, born from Above, Christians believe that ?

The Freemasons also teach that there are many roads to God and not “one way.”

The “ Friendship Evangelism” thing is becoming ridiculous; we are taking it too far.  Are we becoming a bunch of lukewarm, insipid, smile-y-faced Christians that will be vomited out of The Body of CHRIST?  Are we ashamed of our LORD+ and of HIS+ Words or are we too afraid of “offending” those who hate and disregard HIS+ Words of Life? 

JESUS is The ONLY HOPE for anyone in this dying world.

And NO, I am NOT Right-wing anything or Left-wing anything.   Let us refrain from accusing those Christians who speak the truth about Islam of being Right-wing “agitators.” 

Ask those who live under Islam’s dominance overseas what Islam is like. Ask the grief-striken Muslim Pakistani mother whose 9-year-old little girl was auctioned off by her own father to be married to an older man, as the mother wept and screamed, trying to prevent this fate of her daughter.

The stories of the butchering and raping of Christians by these nice , peaceful, and friendly Muslims are WELL-KNOWN and have been well-reported, with video documentation.

 NO! Islam is NOT a peaceful, tolerant religion. Mohammad commanded his followers in the Quran to kill all Jews and Christians and any who would not submit to him and his murderous followers. 

Do read the Quran, look at the history of this Death Cult, and CEASE misleading Christians.  Seeking to be “Politically-Correct” or “Religiously-Correct” will destroy a Christian and wipe out ANY witness.

 Read the history and stand for CHRIST.  We are accountable to GOD for playing the “friendly- religious-people” game and REFUSING to give the fierce Muslims a warning to repent before it is too late.

To put out false information is simply a form of lying and that is sin. 

It would be preferable to encourage fellow Christians to stand up for JESUS in the face of the Muslim lies flooding the earth.

If we are ashamed of HIM+ and HIS+ Words, HE+ will be ashamed of us. If we DENY HIM+ before men, HE+ will deny us before HIS+ FATHER and before the Holy Angels. 

To see reality about this issue here at home, let us look at what is happening to the Christians in “Muslim” territories of Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan. And, let us not forget the Twin Falls, Idaho little girl who was violated by three “under age” Muslim boys learning how to “do it.” [ Which were, by the way, protected by the agencies involved because the boys were, after all,  “under age”. ] Their Muslim father gave them the “high five” when the attack was reported to him.

Yes, we need not to start a fight… but we do NEED to speak the truth to the Muslims. And, we need to speak the truth ABOUT the Muslims.  

We need to be as kind to them as we would be to any stranger we meet, but we DO NOT NEED to equate their darkness with our LIGHT+.  Only if they come to The LIGHT of CHRIST will they be saved from an eternity of woe.

How then shall they call on HIM+ in Whom+ they have not believed? And how shall they believe in HIM+ of Whom+ they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:4

Do we want the blood of Muslims to be upon our hands at the Judgment Seat of CHRIST?

In conclusion, it seems we would do well to procure some Gospel tracts in Arabic and English. It would behoove us to acquaint ourselves with some of  the Quran’s demon-inspired statements , readily available from Christian out-reaches to the Muslims, complete with references.

In this way, we have shod our feet with the preparation to share the Gospel of PEACE with any Muslim whom The LORD sends across our path … the peace with GOD that can only come through CHRIST JESUS. 

They too are hungry for inner peace.

Friends they have;

peace they do not. 

Here is real love for our fellow man from the Muslim culture: Sharing the Way+, giving them an open invitation, to come to The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

It may cost us something.





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4 replies

  1. great article and an important subject in these day’s, I would hope that all Christians would research or find out what inter-faithism is about and just how spread wide and far it’s become these day’s.
    Like you brought out, speak the Truth and that Jesus Christ is the only way truth and life and find out if their friendly…
    Which brings up ‘bridge building’, another popular phrase the inter-faithers will use to dupe the unwary into their false way’s.

    As example, If I’ve already told someone that Jesus is the only way etc etc, and they’ve rejected me, closed their ears to that truth and will not hear me say the truth anymore, the only way to build a bridge over to them is to toss off the truth I previously held and told them and come over to them bearing…not truths….bearing something else, something other then the truth that Jesus Christ is the only way…
    And that’s just what inter-faithisms are all about, casting off Jesus Christ and the whole council of God and instead picking up lie’s that sound friendly and other horrible falsehoods.
    And yeah Love…how is it loving to stand side by side with a muslim hindu buddist voodoo priest and tell them that their doing fine and are ok with God and are reaching God with their prayers when they as yet have rejected Jesus Christ and thus are still in darkness…?
    That’s not love..inter-faithers do not love when they tell lie’s to the one next to them whose rejected Christ that somehow he’s doing fine with God.

    odd too isn’t it..if a person who walks in darkness heard the gospel truths and rejected it, all without a bridge..why would a bridge be needed to begin with? Another indicator that ‘bridge building’ is a ploy and lie of the devil meant to throw off the truth and gospel and pick up something other then truth and carry those lie’s instead.
    Anyway great article and important subject today.


  2. Pastor Mark:
    Nothing resembling the kind of anti- Semitic attitude that you sent will be published on this website.

    No Israeli Jews have been beheading or raping Christians that I know of.
    Perhaps your attitude needs to change.

    I am familiar with the hatred and vitriol that you espouse.

    Read Romans 11 for the correct understanding of the Christians relation to the Jews. Repentance is the Key.


  3. Very well written!

    I would simply add this verse from 1 John 4:2 By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) having come in the flesh is of God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not of God, and this is that of the antichrist, which you heard that is coming, and now is already in the world.

    What else do you need to know? Islam, amongst all it’s lies, brutality and generally demonic behavior also claims that God has no Son. They are in agreement with the Father of Lies.

    That magazine seems much closer to hell than heaven.


    • Scott Miller, Thank you for your comment. Someone had to send a rebuke for that rediculous article. I do hope that the arrow went straight to its target. ( The rebuke was sent to the magazine also. )


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