Islam and Women’s Rights ….. Are Women Really Cattle?

 prisoner-of-islamMutilation of women is common under islam.

It is well known

   . . . . that islam is a form of satanism.

It is easy to see this by what is commanded in the quran by its false prophet mohammad, with commands to slaughter innocent people and rape all non-muslim women and behead all who disagree with him.

Supposedly allah thinks that all of this is JUST FINE!

Only satan

.  .  . the father of lies , would think this was acceptable. 

Looking at the facts,

allah is the enemy of the human race

and delights in the shedding

of innocent blood.


It is good to know what mohammad REALLY taught and what he did and commanded his followers to do. J.K. Sheindlin wrote a book called,  “The People vs. Mohammad”,  available at online book sellers which examines the demonic background of mohammad from a psychological perspective.   

It is eye-opening, and at at times disgusting, considering the hideous, demonic things mohammad taught and practiced.  Having this information, one can readily see why muslims act as they do. They are only following mohammad’s example.


One horrific example of this is the treatment of women in islam.  The false prophet mohammad taught that women were no better than cattle, only a possession for men to treat as they will, even beating them if they are not pleasing enough to their husbands.


The following two videos describe only a small part  of this demonic entity called islam.


We know that our LORD+ JESUS CHRIST was kind and merciful toward women and afforded them dignity and respect.

We know that we are taught by The HOLY SPIRIT in the Apostle’s writing that husbands are to love their wives as CHRIST loves the Church, the Ecclessia.

Christianity is a Totally different and blessed life for both women AND men under the ways of our LORD MESSIAH+.

The next video is just one more example of life for females under islam.  This will make you cry.



Can we see the beauty of the SAVIOR’S+  teaching and attitude toward the Adamic race, calling for kindness and mercy toward each other and holiness and fidelity in the marriage bond, as a protection and a blessing for both men and women?


The Scriptures of The HOLY ONE+ of Israel state that BOTH men and women are created in the Image of GOD. 

Women are NOT cattle or a possession to be treated as though they are less than an animal, as mohammad taught.  There is an accountability to be given to The Eternal Creator for mis-treating  those made in HIS Image and likeness . . . especially the weak and powerless ones.


The Peace and Joy available

through our LORD JESUS CHRIST,

our Risen SAVIOR+ is Priceless! 

May those trapped in the death and darkness of islam be empowered by The LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF+ to flee from islam’s tentacles and to come to find Joy and Peace in HIM+

…. HIM+ Who+ is Life itself.

+  +  +

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  1. Thank you for sharing the truth!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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