Oregon Massacre: Singling Out Christians for Murder Is Standard Practice among Islamic Jihadis


(Raymond Ibrahim) [Thursday], an Oregon gunman curiously singled out Christians during rampage:

A woman who claimed to have a grandmother inside a writing class in Snyder Hall, where a portion the massacre unfolded, described the scene in a tweet.

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs. My grandma just got to my house, and she was in the room. She wasn’t shot, but she is very upset.

For the record, there is a precedent here:  Whenever Islamic terrorists raid large centers where Muslims and Christians are intermingled — especially universities — they routinely separate Muslims from Christians, before massacring the latter.

For example, last April in Kenya, gunmen from the Somali Islamic group, Al Shabaab—“the youth”—stormed Garissa University, singled out Christian students, and murdered them, some beheaded.  Read here for more examples.

VOP Note: It was found that the shooter in Oregon belonged to an online group who shared common interests in “magick and the occult.” Under the category of “Religious Views,” he wrote that he was not religious but“spiritual” and was interested in “pagan” and “wicca.”

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  1. I am concerned that since the government has knowingly allowed thousands of unscreened immigrants into the U.S. that there will be more of this sort of incident.

    As the author has stated, Christians are singled out for beheading, raping, mutilation, and any atrocity the jihadists care to commit to honor the DEMON that they serve.

    The government will most likely do NOTHING except a few lying and empty words, and continue to give TACIT APPROVAL to the murdering of Christians, just like they have in other parts of the world by the butchers they have created, hired and equipped.

    May The LORD GOD take VENGEANCE for HIS+ Children. May Mystery Babylon be punished for it’s wickedness against The Body of CHRIST.

    All Christians, be led by The HOLY SPIRIT, Do NOTHING without asking GOD’S Counsel. We live in perilous times.


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