I See Demons Part 2

By Julia & CJ We have spent the last days speaking about the darkness in the spiritual world that has enveloped America.  Some of us have actually seen this demonic realm.   The news this week seems to come straight from… Read More ›

Evil Unleashed

By Julia and CJ Scripture teaches there are many lords and gods, yet many think they are serving the one true God of heaven and earth.  The perfect example is what we are seeing with Isis as they glamorize evil,… Read More ›

“Casting Spells and Witchcraft”

  WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT THIS? God Loves when we choose to do his will and not our own,but if we do not know how he feels about casting spells,witchcraft,divination,mediums (consulting with familiar spirits),enchanters,charmers,wizards, or necromancers (sorcery)and that it is… Read More ›