Exclusive: USS Nimitz carrier group rerouted for possible help with Syria


The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and other ships in its strike group are heading west toward the Red Sea to help support a limited U.S. strike on Syria, if needed, defense officials said on Sunday.

The Nimitz carrier strike group, which includes four destroyers and a cruiser, has no specific orders to move to the eastern Mediterranean at this point, but is moving west in the Arabian Sea so it can do so if asked. It was not immediately clear when the ships would enter the Red Sea, but they had not arrived by Sunday evening, said one official.

“It’s about leveraging the assets to have them in place should the capabilities of the carrier strike group and the presence be needed,” said the official.

President Barack Obama on Saturday delayed imminent cruise missile strikes by five destroyers off the coast of Syria, and sought approval from Congress, a move that effectively put any strike on hold for at least nine days.

The delay gives military planners more time to reassess which ships and other weapons will be kept in the region – and which may be swapped out – before the U.S. military launches what defense officials say is still intended to be a limited and narrowly targeted attack on Syria.

The U.S. Navy doubled its presence in the eastern%

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  1. http://www.egyptindependent.com/node/1930936

    Egypt’s Tamarod movement has called on Egyptian authorities to close the Suez Canal, preventing military destroyers that could be used in an impending strike on Syria [as of 28 Aug 13].
    “We should shut the Suez Canal before destroyers, machinery or oil vessels pass to strike Syria,” Shahin also posted on Facebook. “Supporting the Arab Syrian military is a national duty.”
    “We’ll support the Arab Syrian army. No place for traitors. Arab people should revolt after schemes by the Free [Syrian] Army and its supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and extremists to strike the whole Arab world were disclosed,” he added.
    More . . .
    Albert, www


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