Is There an Earthy Explanation to These Loud, Whining Noises Supposedly Coming From the Sky? — Or Are They Part of a Larger, Worldwide Phenomenon?

The Blaze

A video uploaded on Thursday, which has already garnered nearly half-a-million views on YouTube and generated multiple conspiracy theories, appears to depict strange noises being emitted from the Canadian sky — however, a city spokesperson says there is a perfectly logical, earthly explanation for what some are calling the “sky trumpets.”

According to CBC News, multiple residents in Terrace, British Columbia were awoken by a loud whining noise which seemed to be falling down from the sky or rising from deep below the earth’s surface.

“It seemed to be coming from the sky or underground, something so loud though. And I believe it was heard in Hazelton, which is close to here, and as far as the Nass,” said Mandi Campbell, who heard the noises Thursday morning.

Some reportedly speculated the odd noise was related to an earthquake. Others thought it may be electromagnetic activity.

But, on Friday afternon, city spokeswoman Alisa Thompson offered a simpler explanation. According to her, it was a city worker grinding down a blade on a grader.

“The grader blade needed to be straightened. Kind of gets ground down, and it makes a very strange noise. It’s as simple as that,” said Thompson.

“The video, the YouTube video, is actually right around the corner from the arena, and that’s where our employee was doing the straightening,” she continued.

Thompson added that the city will try to replicate the sound later to set conspiracy theories to rest.

However, as The Huffington Post notes, similar noises have been reported in other locations from around the world in the past few years.

In January of 2012, for instance, a radio station recieved dozens of calls from local residents of North Battleford, Saskatchewan perplexed by a strange noise in the sky. That town was 1,000 miles east of Terrace.

In another video from Conklin, Alberta — again, hundreds of miles from Terrace — similar sounds can be heard with a commenter saying “it sounds like the planet is in pain.”



Even in the U.S., similar videos have been uploaded showing odd noises purportedly coming from the sky.

In Chicago, an uploader described “loud” and “even violent” noises in a video. In Texas, a user described “strange sounds coming from the sky” in a similar incident.

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  1. I thought the 5th seal opened over a year ago. Nothing happened. It appears the sleeping saints are continuing crying out from their graves. When they cease their whimpering, perhaps they will be comforted and will usher in the broken 6th seal. Will the rogue regime detonate the Bayou Corne sinkhole?
    Albert, www


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