America Replaces God Almighty With Science

We have to talk first about Babylon to recognize what’s happening here. Babylon was an idolatrous kingdom that refused to recognize the Kingship of God. God destroyed Babylon. But the new and improved Babylon is forming now. The world today has also put its government as an idol and refuses to recognize the Kingship of the Great I Am. They put themselves above God and condemn all who follow truth. Lord fauci declared on National News “I Represent science!” As he demanded we respect and follow him.

He declared “I will be saving lives.” Accusing his critics of lying about him. Even without all the adverse reactions and deaths from the vaccine, all the deaths from the virus he helped to create, doesn’t the lives of aborted babies whose Scalps his research implanted on mice, or the children in New York that lost their lives to his scientific experiments, or the puppies and rhesus monkeys that were tortured and killed, don’t they deserve life that he claims he creates? Did he save those lives? Oh I forgot he thinks those deaths were for the greater good. He’s an evil entity that deserves to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and animal abuse.

He’s An antichrist of today. Standing in the New Babylonian kingdom leading the world.

Are we watching the building of the new tower of Babel? One Christian Deacon, I spoke with thinks it’s possible. We’ve built the world wide web, we’ve installed satellites in the heavens, and it sure appears that we’re worshipping our devices, and using these devices we all speak the same language. I don’t have to tell you the demons in this tower of babel matrix.

Last night I heard a fox news host say “we used to worship almighty God, now we worship almighty government.” I almost applauded. For Fox to allow that, it speaks volumes about how even the secular see the new religion.
I’ve called it covidian, and that’s a denomination of the new world religion. Government is placing itself above God and demanding worship and loyalty. Everything we’ve seen for the last year and even the last five years, the attacks on Trump and labeling of deplorables, to cancel culture and CRT is the wrath of the government god, as punishment for those refusing to bow.
Here in America, 80 Republicans just voted for the mark of the beast. They voted to pass a bill authorizing government to set up a data base of information about your vaccine records to track and enforce the demonic mandates.

“Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), who was one of the 130 Republicans to vote “no,” told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday that the legislation would enable the federal government to “track” unvaccinated Americans who “will be targeted and forced to comply with Biden’s crazy ‘global vaccination’ vision.”  (more)

In Sweden where they already rolled out microchipping for a cashless transaction, this year more  lined up for a chip in the right hand for vaccine passports. (Revelation 13)

Yesterday, the dark Lord of death fauci partnered with Obama to visit schools in D.C. to push this deadly shot on children. (more) In symbolism this symbolizes this hints at an Obama comeback. Remember what Putin did to stay in power in 2008-2012, Medvedev was elected President  because Putin couldn’t serve 3 consecutive terms, and Putin slid into Prime Minster.  Enough said.
I remember Michelle Obama saying “Barack won’t let you go back to the way things were.” Again, enough said.
This entire build back better is a part of the plandemic and America’s turning to socialism godlessness. To join the world’s new babylonian government. They destroyed an entire system in just months. Make sense now?
Meanwhile another Catholic priest told his parish “No earthly king or president or public health official gets to dictate what we put into our body, into these temples of the Holy Spirit.” (watch)
Where are the Evangelical leaders? Silently cowering under pulpits for fear they will have tax status removed. Pastor Artur Powlawski is the only one speaking out and he is paying a price.
Australia, New Zealand and even Canada are completely governed by this new demonic entity calling for worship. Pay attention. America will be the last to fall. But it’s coming sooner than you think.
Watch what happens in South Africa in the coming months. All the talk by the Kings of the earth, especially here, with the lord of death fauci and demented Biden saying it’s for your safety! We’re protecting you! Careful what you believe.
1Thessalonians 5:3
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
It’s my opinion, and others, they’re not only making a genetic virus that has the ability to target specific peoples, they’re tweaking your DNA via injection to destroy all vestiges of God in our bodies. I took my stand, I’m serving the Lord, not government. Are you? Satan’s theocracy is overtaking the world.

More news, you decide:

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