“Choose Godly Defiance Over Satanic Compliance”

Steve Quayle coined the phrase “choose Godly Defiance over Satanic compliance” and I agree, hence the title. You should also agree.

Never in my lifetime have I seen such a world wide push to exterminate those of faith, most specifically Christians. This is now a world wide push, not regional genocides as we’ve seen in the past. Europe, Canada and all Western governments have been transformed into a beast that crushes everything under its feet.
Merriam Webster defines mandate as” an official order to do something, Royal mandates must be obeyed.”

Mandate after mandate to force the entire world to bow at man’s feet are declared today.
Those who hold the purse strings of the world have declared that those who refuse to comply will be isolated and starved into submission. Even Pelosi’s government has declared they will provide counseling and rehabilitation to those refusing. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

God gave His mandate for the world through Moses and then Christ.  Yet Christians today justify following man instead of Christ. Clay Clark brought out that Christian groups are taking money from George Soros! Watch this from CBN. Is it any wonder that Evangelicals and even the Pope are throwing Christians under the bus??
We are witnessing Christ’s prophecies today.
Matthew 10
34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn a man against his father,
    a daughter against her mother,
a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
36     a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’

The House hold of Christ is being twisted and turned into a den of thieves, robbing truth from us and throwing us under the feet of the beast. They have denied Christ.
We have reached a point of no return. We have crossed the “rubicon” as humans and there’s no turning back.  We need to understand this. We here are awake but most are locked in a trance. A trance made possible through fear and propaganda. There is no man coming to save us, there is no election going to save us. Only God can do that.  I keep hearing, I think it was Lindsey Graham say “if the democrats ever gain power again, God help us.”
They know the demonic, evils that have entered into our Government at the highest levels and they know there’s nothing they can do to stop it. The gloves came off, the curtain was pulled back to expose the deep roots of Satanists throughout the world. From human trafficking involving high profile supposed leaders to transhumanists, to using a pandemic to reduce population and command obedience. Obedience to change and destroy God’s creation. And now they’re coming after our children.

During the last 4 decades while the boomers were working hard to leave their children and grandchildren a better life, the demons have attacked our most valued treasure one wall at a time until it completely crumbles as it is today. God forgive us. The satanic has Risen right under our noses, America through the Clinton’s, the bush’s, the obama”s and now the biden’s have partnered with the UN and those who hold the purse strings to bring America the last holdout into complete submission.
Pray night and day for those who are standing up in our military, our Police, our Firefighters, our healthcare system, and the hard working class. For thousands are facing persecution by this beast. Pray for them. I have made my stand with them, without fear I stand firm. I received a email stating in preparation for OSHA’S (MANDATE) Emergency Temporary Standard, we have until November 19th to “voluntarily” submit our vaccination status. Of course those vaccinated will be entered into a lottery to win $10,000.
Pray because this is a large corporation that will affect millions across the globe. Again we have crossed the rubicon. Remember we live in this world but our Kingdom is not here. Take your stand and do not, do not take your eyes off the prize guaranteed us when we finish this journey. Remember Christ said the world would hate us and persecute us. The church grows in persecution. Time to petition Heaven for I can hear the Saints under the alter proclaiming How Long Oh Lord. Love one another, pray for one another and resist with all you have. Wake up as many lions as you can, many of the sheep are lost.

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  1. Famine, the mark, then 4th seal war, then great Christian persecution, then Planet X then fire from the altar of God then the 1st trumpet sounding Daniels 70th week. Da 9:24.


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