HE+ Opened Their Eyes …

Resurrection Season

Day 13

 of the 40 Days


spent with His+ Disciples,

in His+ Glorified Body,


 +  +  +

 Knowing that CHRIST

being raised from the dead dieth no more;

Death hath no more dominion over HIM+.

Romans 6: 9

+  +  +


HOW  Did HE+ Open Their Eyes ?

  And it came to pass,

as HE+ sat at meat with them

[ the men HE+ had walked with going to Emmaus ] ,

 HE+ took bread,  and blessed it,

and brake,  and gave to them.


And their eyes were opened,

and they knew HIM+ !

 and HE+ vanished

out of their sight.

Luke 24: 30-31, 

The men of the Company of JESUS, walking to Emmaus

 Let us notice what JESUS did to open their spiritual eyes.

  • HE+ sat with them.

  • HE+ took Bread.

  • HE+ blessed it.

  • HE+ brake it.

  • HE+ gave it to them.

HE+ instituted the Bread and Wine as His+ Body and Blood during the Last Passover meal HE+ kept with His+ Disciples.

That unleavened Bread was His+ Body, broken for us.

And when HE+ had given thanks,

HE+ brake it, and said,


Take, eat: this is My+ Body,

Which is broken for you:

this do in remembrance of ME+.

I Corinthians 11:24

How do WE

open the spiritual eyes

of those around us ?

We must do the same thing for others

which Our LORD did for us. 


  • We must be with them … in some way, making some kind of contact with them.

  • We take BREAD with us… that is , the Body of our LORD JESUS. This is not BREAD from wheat, but HE+ that lives within us, goes along with us in our contact.


HE+ is THE  Bread+ of Life

and HIM+ we take with us to share.

  • We ask HIM+ to bless — to sanctify and multiply — this, His+ Bread of Life, that accompanies us wherever we go… and with whomever we are around.

  • We break this Bread+ that lives within us.

    How ? 

  • We go the second mile, we take the lowest seat, we turn the other cheek, we render good for evil. We share the Truth in love. ( Love is not “love” without Truth .) In short, we pick up our Cross also, and die daily.

  • And in so doing, we GIVE others the Bread+ of Life, the broken Body of our CHRIST.

+  +  +

In any situation, people will give Followers of JESUS their attention WHEN they see them turn the other cheek, WHEN they see them go the second mile, WHEN they actually witness someone returning good for evil. The witness of the Broken Bread+, the Broken Body of CHRIST , goes forth.

That kind of witness speaks


For some, it will draw them to HIM+. For others, it will cause them to ponder why someone turned the other cheek when he did not have to.

That may chase some people away, but it will bother them in one way or another the rest of their life; they will not forget it because it is incomprehensible to them.

But the natural man receiveth not the things

of the SPIRIT of GOD:


for they are foolishness unto him:

neither can he know them,

because they are spiritually discerned.

I Corinthians 2:14

+  +  +

We “open” the spiritual eyes of others when we WALK like JESUS walked, laying down His+ rights, His+ Life , for the unrighteous … such as we were and sometimes still are.

He that saith he abideth in HIM+

ought himself also so to walk,

even as HE+ walked.

1 John 2:6,

Courtesy of Bible Gateway.com

When we lay down our “rights”, when we refuse to retaliate in order to obey JESUS, and follow His+ example, the Witness for HIM+ goes forth.

It is the LOUDEST witness we can give. It is also the SUREST witness we can give; there is no doctrine that can refute it.

There is no confusion about Whom+ we follow… when we do that. Others know immediately that we are NOT of the world.

Immediately, their eyes are opened to this one Truth:  There is something DIFFERENT about us. 

WHAT is it that makes us different ?

It is Who+ we follow.



Then JESUS said unto them,

Verily, verily, I+  say unto you,

Moses gave you not that bread from Heaven;

but My+  FATHER giveth you

the true Bread from Heaven.

For the BREAD+ of GOD is HE+

which cometh down from Heaven,

and giveth life unto the world.

Then said they unto HIM+, LORD,

evermore give us this bread.

And JESUS said unto them,

I+  am

the BREAD+ of Life:

HE+ that cometh to ME+

shall never hunger;

and HE+ that believeth on ME+

shall never thirst.

John 6: 32-35

Scriptures courtesy of Bible Gateway.com

+  +  +


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