Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Don’t Believe Everything You read, Even From Sites Labeled Christian

We have all heard the warnings not to believe everything you read in the news or on line.  But I have never seen the sensational push for readers, leaving out or twisting facts like I have seen the last year.  And it grows worse by the day.  

Christian magazines have turned full speed into this mode.  Take the article last week from a Christian magazine that presented their evidence (twisting scripture) that said Jesus predicted Mohammad coming.  Outright false doctrine but it made them money.  You see these sites get paid  by their advertisers for every click on their site.  Thousands of visitors bring thousands of dollars, hence the sensational, even fictional headlines, to snag a reader.

Recently, Saeed Abedini’s divorce was final.  So he took to his facebook page to defend himself.  Something he did not do until now.  Even with all the attacks from all sorts of Christian Web sites, the demonic hate filled attackers on all of his facebook posts and allegations of abuse from his wife, only recently did he defend himself.  They have ruined his ministry, no one will speak to or out for him, no one will write about what he has been through.  His only outlet is his facebook page.  

The Christian rag magazines troll his page and write about him as if he’s a criminal.  Without input from him.  The latest accusations came as the church that raised money to buy him a house on his return, is suing him because they want his ex- wife to receive the money or they are trying to decide.  Now Saeed had said on one of his posts that when he found out the church was raising money, he was shocked as he had money, stocks and a house, and his ministry was doing well.  Now he has nothing.

He has lost his home, his children, his ministry and friends.  He has some supporters on facebook who support him spiritually and emotionally but the wolves are ravenous and attack frequently.  When they come to his page they come in groups of 10  or more with hatred that Satan would be proud of, all claiming the name of Christ.  

He has been accused of abusing his ex-wife’s parents, adultery you name it he has been accused of it.  His ex-wife has even said he had an affair with another persecuted sister in Iran, who is in prison for her faith in Christ and helping Saeed with the underground church and orphanages.  How convenient for her to accuse this sister as she is in prison in Iran and can’t defend herself.  This is beyond disgraceful it’s dispicable.  

I have spoken via messaging, with Saeed, his sister, and the woman in prison in Iran and her sister. These allegations are false period.  All excuse my bluntness lies.  The authorities in Iran have said they will ruin his life and ministry.  Saeed on his page has said that his ex-wife’s family has ties to authorities in Iran.  Saeed said on his page that the last thing his ex-wife said to him before he was released from prison, right before she sent emails to 500 people accusing him, was “I killed your ministry, your dead.”  

And sure enough she did.  But not only did she do harm to Saeed she hurt thousands of innocent people, thousands in the persecuted church, and thousands of those watching trying to decide if they want Christ.  The division and damage to the body of Christ appears irreprepable.  She is so good at playing a victim and quoting scripture to demean his supporters it’s shocking.  Meanwhile his children who begged President Obama to bring their daddy home are denied this reunion.  

Saeed recently called out prosperity Gospel evangelists and these evangelists who sport million dollar mansions and private jets.  Including Franklin Graham.  I didn’t ask Saeed directly about why he called out Franklin, because he was hurting enough.  But what he wrote and what he’s wrote in the past; while Franklin helped him, as soon as the accusations came out and divorce was imminent, Saeed felt abandoned.  No one came to his defense, not one.  All dropped him like he had a disease.  

Here is a man that risked his life to bring Muslims to jesus, tortured in prison and in a hospital in front of his mother now treated so badly by the body of Christ a weak faith would have run from God.  But Saeed stays strong in his faith.  He’s writing a book, I hope it comes out soon.  

I am not going to give details here about allegations or his defense of himself, just know that we have a broken brother who is in pain.  Pray for him.  And pray that his children’s minds will not be poisoned against him in his absence.  Pray for the persecuted church in Iran, they are hurting.

Pray for the many souls Saeed led to Christ in prison.  Pray they remain strong.  Pray God’s work he started in Saeed will not be destroyed by satan.

And above all, stop reading those sites claiming Christianity but promote the world.  If you do read them, pray and  use discernment.

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  1. I am disgusted by the putrid excuse for the church in America. Where is discernment? Where is truth? Where is the Agape’ Love that we are commanded to show toward our brothers and sisters.

    The LIES that are pouring out against this man are serious, because NO LIAR will enter the Kingdom of GOD.

    His ex-wife has a LOT to give account of. Multiple Scriptures have been broken. But in the American “church” who cares about Scriptures? It’s the money and success that count.

    I pray the LORD+ will help this poor brother, strengthen him, and vindicate him from the accusations thrown at him by a traitor-wife and a traitorous religious system.

    A pretty face and tearful eyes can mesmerize while speaking lies. This is entertainment for the wretched American religious system.

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