The REGIME CHANGE “Game” … What a Wicked Web We Weave

Beware of the sea of lies that is pouring forth over the earth.

The lies will snare you as the web snares the spiders prey.

Assad may not be a righteous man, but neither is he an idiot.

He would not bomb his own people with sarin gas since this would trigger a response from those who want this democratically-elected president removed, so that they can put in their own puppet … as was done in the Ukraine.

The US has no business in Syria to begin with.

The proxy armies that the US has placed there have caused tremendous death and suffering. The oil monsters want Syria. Mr. Assad told them NO for their oil pipeline. Hence, the US involvement in Syria … of course “to support democracy and humanity” as is the usual lie that is told.

The Regime change “game” has been the normal US procedure for decades now.

“Do what we say OR ELSE,” is routine. The American people are being fed lie after lie and those in power expect us to swallow them.

The strike and possible invasion of Syria have been planned for months.  The desert camo painted ground assault equipment is in place. This has been planned for months.

Tremendous amounts of military equipment has been moved near Syria through Lebanon near the highway that leads to Syria.

When I found this out I wondered, “What possible excuse could they come up with to invade Syria?”

Well, now we know the “Excuse” to invade and strike, … RIGHT ON CUE.

I heard a report from a woman in Syria. She said, “Mr. Assad protects the Christian community in Syria. If I fight against him I fight against the whole Christian community.”

Perhaps when the US topples Assad, they will put in another “Leader” of their choice that will allow the Christians to be butchered, just like in Iraq, Egypt, Libia, etc. All for freedom and democracy, of course.

If Russia becomes involved in this we will have some VERY LARGE problems! Russia has already stated that international law has been broken over and over.

Will they stand by as Mystery Babylon stomps its way across the earth, for “the cause of democracy and humanity?”  WE must wait and see. Red flags went up for me when I saw the well-known war mongers ( McCain and Lindsey Graham ) praising Mr. Trump. It was Disgusting!

I can suggest several reports on the Israeli News Live channel on YouTube that have videos showing the immediate aftermath of the so called “Sarin”(?) gas attack. Much information here from those close to the source.


Those who are engineering this have been pushing for war with Russia for months now. Let us pray against the lies and deception that is pouring out of the city of ba’al. Millions of lives are at stake if this spreads. This makes NO sense considering the dangerous implications.

This has the signature of the 10 Kings of Revelation 17.  They will have their way or will hurt all who get in their way.   Human life means NOTHING to these servants of satan.


May The LORD GOD help us all if this goes global.


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8 replies

  1. I don’t understand this report. I thought we were on the right coarse. Have I been completely wrong.? More information please. Please pray for me and my family.
    Thank you
    Rg maffeo


    • Rg Maffeo,

      The taking down of un-co-operative national leaders has been the policy of the U.S. for decades now. If another country’s leader is not willing to go along with what the desires of the U.S. are, then he is “Removed” after being painted as cruel and a danger to the world.

      Saddam Hussein of Iraq is a classic example. He was in the employ of the U.S. but then refused on some demands. He was then painted as a menace to the world with stockpiles of “Weapons of mass destruction.” He had none, which was later proven.

      The “Desert Storm” war was fought over this lie. The U.S. then put in their own puppet ” leader” and Christians were then fair game and were butchered. The same scenario has taken place in Libya, Egypt, etc. It appears that Syria is next.

      This has been done in South America also in the past. The Ukraine is another recent example of regime change with a democratically-elected president overthrown and a replacement puppet put in.

      All of these things that we see taking place are foretold in Scripture. Prophecy is unfolding very rapidly. We must be prepared in our heart and spirit for the days that are ahead.

      The only TRULY important thing is to be close to The LORD+ and to be led by HIS+ Spirit. Things can change overnight in the days we are living in. The LORD JESUS warned us that these days were coming on the earth. We are seeing it happen.

      You can search ” Regime change doctrine of the U.S.” and find out some further information if interested, but be sure to sift the information. These things worsened and intensified with the false 9/11 event that was planned long before it took place.

      WE will pray for you and your family. Bless you, and be safe in CHRIST our Life. HE+ alone is our Refuge, a very Present Help in time of trouble.

      Thank you for your comment.


      • Thanks so much for praying for my family and for the feedback on my comment. I know our gov. is corrupt.
        I had hoped that had changed.
        God bless you for caring.


  2. Agree with every word. Frustrating exercise trying to help others on Twitter understand what you’ve eloquently stated. Voices of discernment shouted down.


    • Brother Scott,
      Thank you for your comment. These things are VERY serious. It is frightening how fast so many people will swallow a total lie and actually think it is truth. Watching to determine where we are at on the Prophetic clock.


  3. Yes I agree totally. I think the only thing that was up for debate is when this would play out. It has been planned for at least a year, or longer. The alignments playing out are falling not only in the new world order declared by obama and the others, but is also playing out a prophetic timeline. I also spoke extensively with a Syrian Christian man. He said the exact same thing the woman you spoke with said. He warned about the sneaking snake of Islam and we are seeing it 2 years later play out in living color. May God protect His childten. And the innocent in Syria.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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