Rise of The Fourth Reich – Daniel 7

The High – Tech Fourth Reich

The Fourth Beast of Daniel 7

Dollar Lie

Can anyone see the Connection?

The occult-marked currency above,

financed the regime marked below.

forth reich lie

We are witnessing the rise of the Fourth Beast

in Daniel chapter 7.


It is being financed and promoted by the same financiers that backed and supported Hitler’s Third Reich.


This is the Beast that subdues the whole earth and targets the “saints of the Most High”. This has NOT happened yet on a GLOBAL scale, but it is in the process of taking place before our eyes. The technology is in place to support the “Fourth Beast”.

The Ultimate GOAL of this Fourth Beast is the long sought-after “FINAL SOLUTION” ,  to annihilate the Whole House of Israel, both the natural Jewish branch of Israel and the ” Grafted-In” Israelites, the followers of Y’shua+ ha Moshiach, Jesus the Christ.

In Daniel chapter 7 we see a Beast with Iron Teeth and Brass claws, which  subdues The Whole Earth and

” Stamps the residue

under its feet .”


It treads the WHOLE EARTH down and breaks it in pieces.  This has NOT happened before in history, but we see it building NOW. This will continue until The Ancient of Days comes and Judgment is  given to the Saints of The Most High, and the Saints shall possess the Kingdom.

Frighteningly, prior to this,  we see that the “saints” are given into the power of the Horn speaking blasphemy,  and it “makes war with the Saints”.  Remember, the same 10 horns are seen in Revelation making war with The LAMB+, but the LAMB+ DEFEATS them, for HE+ is KING+ of kings and LORD+ of lords, and NONE can stand against HIM+.

Please check Revelation (17 : 12-14 )   to see this same Beast with 10 Horns making war with The Body of MESSIAH+ and with their LORD+ The LAMB+.  The MESSIAH is going to Cleanse “The Temple” once again, separating the Wheat from the Tares and “gathering out of HIS+ Kingdom ALL things that offend”.

Considering the state of the “church” in these last days, it is a MERCY from The LORD+ that the Crucible of testing is coming. Many may come to Repentance in the Fire of Tribulation who would NEVER Repent in times of ease and comfort.

This is REAL; Eternity is at stake for millions of the Adamic Race. The LORD+ is not willing that ANY should perish, but rather that ALL should come to Repentance and the acknowledging of the Truth. The Fire of Persecution is the only thing that will help a Stubborn and Rebellious church system to separate from its lies and error. It will come “as a snare” to TEST ALL who are dwelling on the face of the whole earth.”

For those who are Truly HIS+, the choice has already been made. They belong to HIM+ whether they Live or whether they Die!  They are already Crucified with HIM+ and have accepted being treated as HE+ their LORD+ was Treated.

As it was with The SON+ of GOD, so it will be with HIS+ Disciples. Both the Secular and Religious authorities will join together to pronounce The Body of CHRIST/MESSIAH Guilty and deserving of Death, and not fit to be allowed to live on the earth. SO, THEY WILL DO SO TO HIS+ Disciples who refuse to deny HIM+.

Prepare yourselves. Seek that Power that comes from on high, supernatural Strength that will enable one to overcome all things and to stand before the SON of MAN+.


 In The Name of GOD the FATHER ALMIGHTY,

And of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+


And of HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT our Sanctifier


              AMEN + + +




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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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