Mozilla Clams Up As It Reaps a Whirlwind Of Disapproval


My Comment:  This article includes links to voice disapproval.  I did that.  While I enjoyed Firefox, I can’t be a part of a company that strips it’s employees of freedom of speech.  The CEO was forced to resign because he excercised this freedom by donating to a group that held his beliefs on marriage.  Our freedoms of speech and freedom to act on our belief system is being stripped right before our eyes.

Unfortunately, the conversations have gotten a little too tough for Mozilla in recent days and now, as they are being hit with a firestorm of disapproval – they’ve clammed up. All requests for interviews are met with: “While we appreciate you reaching out, at this time, Mozilla is not doing any more interviews on the topic. For more information, you can reference Mozilla’s blog post from Mitchell on the topic.” And they link back to Mitchell Baker’s bizarre, Orwellian statement – which only fanned the flames.

Mozilla experienced an extremely high level of negative customer feedback on Friday the day after they forced Brendan Eich to hit the bricks.  On Friday, the feedback showed 94% of respondents were “sad” verses 6% “happy.” As of this writing, it’s 91% “sad” verses 9% happy.

The comments on the Mozilla webpage are blistering: “Now that you have had time to think this over, do you continue to believe that a company committed to tolerance and diversity should fire people who make private political contributions you disagree with?” one sad face asked.

People are uninstalling Firefox in droves. You can register your approval or disapproval here, and comment here.

The results, thus far, indicate that even people who support gay marriage, are appalled by Mozilla’s fascist impulses. As the Chick-Fil-A dust-up proved a couple of years ago – when the gay mafia starts pushing too hard, the silent majority pushes back harder.

Read the full Article via Mozilla Clams Up As It Reaps a Whirlwind Of Disapproval.

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