How Long Before?







I have read this morning, in a very short time, of extremely anti-Christian behavior coming from those of high position in the U.S.

The government in Washington D.C. ( the city of baal ), is punishing a Christian business in Kentucky for refusing to make a homosexual T-shirt for a customer. Discrimination charges have been filed, and all employees must attend “reeducation” classes to have their thinking “adjusted”. Indoctrination is necessary you know!! It helps the agenda to flow better!

I have read that the governor of California has made it mandatory to have students take classes in “homosexual history”!  No way out, unless you can afford private school for your children, or quickly become a home-school family, if that is still allowed.

I have read that Mr. president is gearing up for “sanctions against Israel”, to punish Israel for not dancing to the tune of U.S. demands fast enough. Shame, shame!! Israel must hurry to obey ” the mother of harlots and of many abominations” on the earth.

If you don’t quickly obey, “mother” will make you pay, and will send even more “aid” to those who have sworn to destroy you!!

I have also read of a Christian woman in Pakistan who was stripped naked and beaten  so badly with  metal rods and canes, that she miscarried ( she was three months pregnant). Oh yes, it was two “brave” muslim men who did the beating, with muslim women encouraging and supporting it.

No. Nothing has been done by the police, as this kind of treatment of Christians, and any minority, is OK in Pakistan. No problem I guess!

My question;

How long will it be before it becomes “OK” to inflict this kind of treatment on Christians in the U.S. ?  It seems to be the “in thing” in the “city of baal” to have this same kind of persons appointed to high positions.

It is no secret that the government ” movers and shakers” are anti- CHRIST and anti-Christian.

How long will it be before the thin veneer is ripped off so that everyone can see what is really beneath the shiny materialistic outer layer? It is already happening to our Brothers and Sisters across the earth.

Only the LORD GOD can balance Judgement, Wrath, and the Protection of HIS Faithful Children at the same time, and HE+ will do it!

 The LORD+ knows all of those who are HIS+.

Hide yourselves in HIM+. HE+ is your whole Life.

If you belong to HIM+ there is Light and Safety for you in the Land of Goshen, even as HE+ destroys the arrogant and anti-Christ powers that are working their evil.

Battle lines are being drawn.

The battle is The LORD’S+

For those evil doers who seek to hurt the Israel of GOD, both natural and grafted in, GOD will strike them. Israel is The LORD’S posession. It belongs to HIM.

The Command goes out again to the arrogant , “Let MY+ people go”, so that they may come away from you, and serve me in that place where I+ will lead them.

How long will it be?


Heavenly FATHER, help us all to stand for you in the Strength of your HOLY SPIRIT,

and to OVERCOME, through your Beloved SON+ in the power of HIS+ Name.



BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD of Hosts, YHWH of Armies                                                                                       AMEN + + +

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  1. Amen and Amen and please Lord hurry! ~Blessings


  2. The veneer will never be taken away so all will see their deception. These are the ones Christ will be as a thief in the night to at His return. God Bless You.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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