Can A Homosexual Go To Heaven Ask Dr. Stanley (Video)

This video is from you tube, Dr. Stanley is renowned as a man of God.  I highly respect him.  So for everyone this should put all questions to rest.

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  1. Charles Stanley is dead wrong. Those that practice a sinful lifestyle, including homosexuality, are NOT SAVED, and will not inherit the kingdom. Stanley holds to a false view of salvation. When God saves a person, He saves them from sin. A person that persistently and unrepentantly practices sin demonstrates they have not been born again. The New Birth (regeneration) is a miracle of God, not merely saying a prayer or a momentary ‘faith’.
    -(pastor) Stephen Anderson


    • The only sin that will send us to hell will be not accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. We sin all day every day all of us. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to hell. The only way we won’t go to heaven is if we don’t accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior.


  2. Sorry, there’s a whole line missing in my comment. It said, . . .”Though there are those who will never GOD’S WORD which tells us that He will reject and punish unrepentant sinners.”

    It’s supposed to read:
    “There are those who will never approve of, meaning will not ever AGREE that homosexuality should be recognized as a socially acceptable human behavior. According to God’s Word it states that He will reject and punish unrepentant sinners.”

    And may I add that ‘unrepentant sinners’ include homosexuals according to the NASB Dr. Stanley quotes from. They are included among the ‘abominable’ in Rev 21:8; 1Cor 6:9-10. But all those who practice any forbidden and deviant sex are included in the group of ‘abominable’. See the list.


  3. Hawaii is on the brink of legalizing same sex marriage to provide homosexuals with equal rights as those in heterosexual marriage. I have heard it said that the gay agenda biggest thrust is to not only change the definition of marriage and redefine what constitutes a family, but to have the practice of homosexuality to be socially approved. Though there are those who will never GOD’S WORD which tells us that He will reject and punish unrepentant sinners. God loves the sinners who repent. This is a good video to watch. Thank you for posting this.


    • Thank you Shofar, I will keep Hawaii in my prayers. Yes, I have heard this too, it’s not about acceptance it’s about their agenda to destroy the values of America. It has nothing to do with acceptance. God will not keep silent on this. His Words are true and faithful. Those who affirm from the church and teach forgiveness without repentance and turning from sin will not go unnoticed by God. God Bless you!


  4. He said homosexuals and fornicators go to
    Heaven if they are saved, they just Don’t
    Get the rewards. Hmmmm. I don’t think
    That would sell them to the other side.
    If they still get to go to heaven – why change?
    So they can continue on but they lose
    Rewards…. That just went against the scripture he read. Am I missing something here? I love Charles Stanley , so no disrespect – but I’d like scripture backup on that . maybe I’m hearing it wrong? I just watched it twice.
    It’s between minute 4-5. Great scripture though , God bless , lisa


    • Very interesting, I heard him say ‘Can they be saved by god’s grace, yes, but if you don’t live in God’s laws then you are not redeemed and reap the rewards of joy and heaven. So I heard it different. I’ll research that. I too believe that you can be saved by God’s grace, but redemption comes through repentance. True repentance and change. I will research that. Because he did tell the Mother who asked that question that she should tell her son he was not living according to God’s word. So that’s the way I heard it. I’m sure it can be twisted the way you describe, because they are. They are taking it one step farther and saying that Paul was a bigot and he doesn’t count. But anyway that’s the way I took it. But I will research it.


      • If you take Charles Stanley’s message in it’s entirety, you do see that he is speaking that homosexuals can go to heaven if they are saved. In other words, those with a homosexual tendency can be saved but they cannot continue in their sin. If they do, they are either not saved or they are deceived. In either case, they will not be with in heaven. A thief and a liar and an adulterer can be saved but if they continue in their sin, are they saved? As Stanley reminds us, when we are saved, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a godly life. If you choose to make your sin the power in your life, are you truly saved? Let us know what your research shows.


      • I will, I’m still working on getting the scriptures together, but your right, and I believe what he says it right. That’s why many twist the scriptures to say ‘Once saved always saved’ and this is wrong. Even the demons believe in Jesus, doesn’t mean they are redeemed. The Bible is clear I think the number one thing for me is Jesus’s words ‘Take up your cross and follow me.’ But I will do more later. Thank you!


      • Afterthought. Without causing too much of a firestorm, even the Catholic church believes in confession, and repentance. The early Catholic church turned this into a money making event with penitence, but still there is no redemption without repentance. Jesus said to the woman about to be stoned ‘Go AND SIN NO MORE.’ Jesus actually gives more examples of this also, look in Luke chapter 7. The key is GO AND SIN NO MORE.


      • Salvation is more than saying a prayer saying that you believe in Christ. You are right in that even the demons believe that Jesus is God, that he is the Son of God and that he is the Savior so what makes you different? If you are truly saved, you are surrendered to Christ. The devil and his demons believe that Christ is who he says he is but they are not surrendered to him! You cannot have Christ as your Savior unless he is your Lord also!


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    Dr. Stanley answers this question from the Bible.


  6. Dr. Stanley is biblically right on in this matter of homosexuality. Those who practice homosexuality will not be in heaven according to the bible. In the same way, liars and adulterers and thieves who continue in their sin will not be in heaven either. Your lifestyle shows who you belong to! The bible says that anyone who goes on sinning ( as he did before he was saved) is deceived if he thinks he is saved. All of us sin but it should not be as we did before we came to Christ. There is a radical heart change when Christ lives in us. For that reason we are told to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith.



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