Mikey Weinstein Still At It! Air Force removes ‘repugnant’ inspirational painting over religious complaint

My Comment:  If this man has his way, every vestige of Christ and Christianity will be wiped clean from the Military also.  Remember the quote:  ‘There are no atheists in fox holes?’  And what about the song, ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’, or Onward ‘Christian Soldiers’  soon all traces of Christianity will be forbidden.

An inspirational painting making reference to, but without quoting, a Bible verse, has been removed from an Idaho Air Force dining hall after a complaint was lodged by an anti-religious group.


The painting, titled “Integrity,” depicts an Air Force officer in the foreground, the faded image of a crusader in the background and the words “Matthew 5:9.” According to the King James version of the Bible, that verse reads, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

After the Military Religious Freedom Foundation complained, calling it “repugnant,” and an “overt display of Christian nationalism,” the painting was removed from the Mountain View Air Force Base’s mess, according to Fox News.

The foundation received word of the painting from an email sent by an airman stationed at the base.

“I have been extremely disturbed and shocked by a clearly Christian picture of religious supremacy very prominently hanging in the dining facility of our Air Force Base,” the apparently oversensitive airman wrote.  “I and countless other Airmen were forced to look at this ‘Crusader/USAF’ painting while we ate.”

Mickey Weinstein, who founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, was recently appointed as a Pentagon consultant to develop new policies on religious tolerance.

Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes reported that upon receipt of the email, Weinstein:

called the Pentagon Friday morning to complain about the painting and gave them one hour to comply with his demands to remove the painting. Less than an hour later the picture was removed.

Col. Christopher Short, the commander of the 366th Fighter Wing told Fox News the art work was removed as soon as he was made aware.

“We make reasonable accommodations for all religions and celebrate the religious diversity of our Airmen,” Short said.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.), said that the Air Force’s knee-jerk reaction raises serious questions about the relationship between Weinstein and the military.

“This is clearly more evidence of anti-Christian activity in the military,” Boykin told Fox News. Boykin is currently vice president of the Family Research Council.

A month ago and upon Weinstein’s recommendation, military personnel who share their religious beliefs with others are now subject to punishment, including court martial.

Weinstein’s activities since his appointment as Pentagon consultant would lead one to believe that he knows little about religion, freedom or tolerance.

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  1. there we go again ,God is so offensive even though they say they don’t believe in Him. Does that make any sense to a rational person? I don’t believe in zombies,you can talk about them all you want to,l’m not offended because i trully don’t believe in them.What does that tell us about atheists? They believe in God but they HATE HIM!! Get over yourself atheists.


  2. i don’t know what to say. And have you heard the talk about rewriting our constitution? Doesn’t the Bbible say something like, doomed is the nation that forgets God?


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