Rumor’s Of War: Warning From China

(NBC News) BEIJING/SEOUL — China on Sunday warned against “troublemaking” on its doorstep, in an apparent rebuke to North Korea.The North, led by 30-year-old Kim Jong-un, has been issuing vitriolic threats of war against the United States and U.S.-backed South Korea since the United Nations imposed sanctions in response to its third nuclear weapon test in February.North Korean officials told diplomats late last week to consider leaving Pyongyang because of the tension, but embassies appeared to view the appeal as more rhetoric and staff have stayed put.

China, North Korea’s sole financial and diplomatic backer, has shown growing irritation with Pyongyang’s warnings of nuclear war.Chinese President Xi Jinping, addressing a forum on the southern island of Hainan, did not name North Korea but said no country “should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gain”.

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  1. While the Black Omamba is striking his venom in far lands, America’s unconstitutional mercenary ‘civilian force’ will engage ‘domestic’ terrorists than the Chinese. When 10 April’s brouhaha settles down, the chameleon and thief will be return and be crowned as Sheik of the Kaliphate of Amerika.

    No less than 100,000 Chinese regulars are hiding below El Paso, another 100,000 or more in Alberta, an unknown number of Chinese troopers have entered through California ports, and 50 square miles of a Free Trade Zone below Boise, ID with a private airport and very close to Mountain Home AFB. The Chinese FTZ is legally a sovereign entity as if it were in China. Don’t forget the scandal of the thousands of micro chips installed in US sophisticated war machines. Also the treasonous DoD remains blind to the submarines wallowing along on our coasts.

    Ergo: Over 60 years of PC whining and pentagram divining are yet to understand ‘The Art of War’. Wasn’t the author a Chinese man with the name of Sun Tzu?

    Albert, www


    • Thanks for the links and the comment. I had forgotten that he shut down that surveilance at the border. I know maybe 4 years ago it seemed that Russia and China was buying up land here like crazy. And there are all sorts of reports about Russian troops here under the auspice of training. Thanks again.


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