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Joel 2:28 'And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.  your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.'

Joel 2:28 ‘And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.’

“I’m adding this page, because I’ve talked to so many and heard of so many lately that are having or have had dreams and visions concerning the end-times and what is coming.  I’ll start this page with 2 dreams that I have had over the years that have not been fulfilled as of yet.  However, I’m beginning to wonder if one of these dreams is about to be fulfilled.  Well, I could actually say both are about to be fulfilled.  I’ll start with the most recent.

In the summer of 2010 I dreamed I was looking at a man, that I knew in my spirit was Jesus.  This man had his hands folded in prayer, was kneeling and looking up.  He was clearly distraught, crying and his mouth was formed as if shouting.  I couldn’t hear his prayer, but I knew he was hurting.  I immediately thought, ‘I’m going to witness the crucifixion and I just can’t, I just can’t’.  No more than I thought that, he turned and looked me in the eye, and said, ‘I am coming soon.’  And then I woke up.

In the second dream, it was about 10 years or so ago, I didn’t record the date.  But I knew that I was in Florida.  I don’t know what part of Florida, I just know it was Florida.  I was standing on the edge of a large bridge that had collapsed.  I was looking down at a massive hole, and there was water everywhere.  Everywhere I looked there was destruction and massive land slides.  People were running around crying and screaming and asking me what to do.  I didn’t know what to do, and I was screaming that back at them, and then I woke up.  That dream has stayed very vivid in my mind to this day.  I can’t find a fulfillment, at least not until now, with all the sink holes and land shifting.  I feel like this dream is being fulfilled or about to be fulfilled.  In relation to this, 3 days ago, on 2/27/13, I closed my eyes and was drifting off to sleep, and I saw dirt and mud sliding.  My vision was restricted to just that, dirt and mud on the move.  I don’t know if this is significant, but we’re beginning to see more and more of the earth shifting.

I’ve had other dreams, not fulfilled they deal with helping people deal with destruction and disaster.  But I would like to hear from you.  I think it would help others also to know that they are not crazy, and might help to squash the fear that comes with having these dreams.  Please feel free to put your dreams in the comments section.  This page is for your dreams and visions.  Maranatha.”

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  1. Wandered across your page while keeping vigilant for events as they come and go. I, too, had dream visits (plural) over several years’ time, between 2008-2011. I will just post them:

    I walked up to a small country-side church, a strange pendulum swinging above a window, a mercurial sphere with two other, smaller, spheres at its bottom spinning around it, as the pendulum swung back and forth. I stood under it, feeling immense pressure in my head. Inside, a pastor walked to a fro, cleaning, prepping. I walked to a screen door, watching the pastor go out another across the way, where I saw Jesus slumped at the base of a post, looking pretty bad. (In life, I was never a “church goer”, always relying on my own inner moral compass and “something other” that always seemed to push & pull me the right direction. I learned not to question it). Still, I felt that this wasn’t right – that a being so noble and profound should be in such a state was unquestionably wrong. The pastor came back out, oblivious to my presence, and Jesus smiled and winked at me. I pulled him up into a soldier’s carry, assuring him I’d get him where he needed to go and help him as long as he needed me. He said to me – in a voice that was EVERYWHERE … IN me, AROUND me, it was ALL of existence when He spoke … he said : “Will you now, so close to the end, set me aside?” I saw myself as a child, petulantly kicking the ground and pouting, saying “doesn’t mean I HAVE to”. His voice said, simply, “I understand”, in a manner that wasn’t judging, angry, or anything, but actually understanding and sympathetic. I awoke to a tear-streaked face and wet pillow, upset at having to separate from Him, wondering if he just asked me to NOT help him out (I was a Marine at the time – fighting for the right thing was what I thought I was all about). This was the first of MANY dreams indicating to me, I believe, that becoming an active part of this fight was, in fact, something I was being asked NOT to do, as it would distract and mislead me from the more important pursuit further visions would outline for me.

    I had a dream later, where I was in a diner, sitting across from a blurred figure. At some point, another man comes in and, during the conversation, quickly grabs a fork, holding it above my hand as if to stab me, exclaiming angrily “You think you’re better than I am!?”. I calmly looked him in his semi-crazed eyes and said “No, Satan – I know who you are.” thinking to myself “and I know what and why you are, too”. His visage calmed immediately, as if it had been an act in the first place. Then he smirked with a sort of glee in his eyes, nodding out the window to white fog billowing up, saying “that’s mine”. Everyone it touched became almost vacant of the eyes, zombie-like – “alive, but not alive” – their skin glistening and looking sickly, half-plodding around and empty-seeming, “going through the motions”. A hailstorm began and the ceiling caved in, chrome-like beetles falling in upon people who were screaming and panicking. I got up and walked calmly between them all, the beetles bouncing off of me harmlessly, unworried. As I moved quickly to my house, the sickly ones followed. I got to my house and climbed upon the roof, noticing myself dressed in white robes. Below, Satan was encouraging the sick ones to set my house afire. Another came through a trap door to the roof I’d left open. I pushed him back down through it and locked it shut, looking up in supplication as the house began to burn. Needless to say, this continued attention from the Adversary didn’t let up for some time.

    In another, I and many others ascended a mountain, atop which, in a shaft of light like those that peer through the clouds, stood Jesus. All were happy, yet I had reserve – some degree of upset – since we were all that were there, among all of my siblings upon the Earth. This upset me, though I was uncertain why. Maybe I thought there were still other things that would’ve been nice to do, or I was upset that the rest were going to be left here. I’m not entirely sure. A voice called out “Yeshua yoshia his people”. I had no idea, then, what yoshia meant. I researched it – it means “saves” or “is salvation for”.

    I have had MANY other visions of crucial lessons of my own life, and others of real events, places, people that later I encountered. I believe I even saw that my country (USA) would follow the course it has. I do NOT consider myself a prophet or anything of the sort, and I believe this one was entirely for me, relevant to my own life, even if public patterns of discord were used. I witnessed myself “giving gold” to many, from a mine that I had mined myself (I had, in fact, engaged in much introspection and research, as a result of the sudden onset of all of these visions and gained wisdom and insight, sharing it with those I came across). Then I saw a man and woman, inviting the man to come with me. But his wife was pregnant, and he could not come. I left, watching – before Obama was U.S. president – Obama as a leader “leaving” as the child was born, crows or ravens cawing overhead immediately after, an omen of things connected to the time. (In real life, Obama became president less than half a year later, and I watched carefully the time pass, his re-election, and onward. I became friends with a family in college, and as Obama was leaving office, they were with child. I could not have known any of this beforehand, which made it all the more surreal to me.) Thereafter, I saw in a city “2 sides” conflicting with one another – 1 standing its ground and accosting the other, which was across the way, moving in and out of view, using the buildings as cover, ever shifting. At some point, an enormous diesel engine plows through the moving one, then veers and plows through the other. It gives chase, destroying any who get in its way, though it cannot follow those who go into the wilderness for some time. At some point, however, it receives help from strange figures in saucer-like ships, which go around a proclaim that they “know the insides” of those who avoid the destructive diesel, endeavoring to eliminate them one after another. (The first part seems, to me, to be the obvious discord America has been facing since Obama’s departure. The diesel and after, I have no idea.)

    In another, I was shown a room with a table covered with baskets of multi-colored grains and valuable gem-studded metal trinkets and religious symbols from around the world. On this table were bird-like creatures with colorful plumage. Initially, they squawked and scrabbled about the table, gobbling up grains and wearing the valuables, clearly for looks most of the time, but at other times holding them aloft like priests and the like of those symbols’ traditions and mocking them. They grew as they did this, eating and carrying on. As they grew, there was both less room at the table, and fewer grain to consume. They began jostling and cackling in a maniacally, their visages growing more and more menacing and “crazed”. They started fighting, destroying everything – all the while getting worse and worse. An angel said from over my shoulder “These are the abomination”, before ushering us out into the shadows away from them to go to “another place” distant from this one.

    In another, people are fighting one another. In fear, I retreat to a store-room, wherein are shelves of books and items, crates, and so on. A small, dusty warehouse. I crouch behind some barrels and tarp-covered boxes, peeking just over the top to see if any of that chaos followed me. I notice the cliche tined-tail of the bull over my left shoulder. Looking up and over, I see Satan in the oft-depicted bull-like form looking down at me. Without a word, I flick his tail off of me and walk around the storehouse, looking at things. At one point, I find a book – like a bible, but older. I open it and there is a hollow … it’s not a “hollow”, really, but the distillation of everything within the book contained in that “hollow”. There is a medallion of sorts there, which I take out and put on. All the while, Satan just watches impassively, unmoving, saying nothing. I know, without doubt, that I will be okay, no matter what. Satan does not even bother trying to impede or distract me, as if he knows there’s no point in trying, now. I walk out, the people still fighting and destroying things. I walk consistently, right between them, their weapons and explosions and attacks missing me, sometimes by mere inches, yet never flinching, changing pace, or worrying at all. I walk through it all, unscathed, off into the distance unknown, knowing without any doubt that this is not for me.

    These are the most prevalent to this thread. I’ve had many others more or less indicating to me that I must maintain awareness and connectivity to The Great I Am by attending to all that is “greater” than that which would have me be “less” than that I am – to maintain the heading I have always known to be right and true, regardless of what the world may tempt or endeavor to force of/from me in response to its downward course.

    All of these, I had within 3 years’ time. All after were entirely relevant to me and as continued reassurance that He is with me, no matter how angry I become at the immorality I witness, no matter how much I want to act out in a manner less noble than I desire to be, no matter how scary it might be or become.


    • Thank you so much for sharing these. These are relevant. God is speaking to His Children preparing us for what is to come. God Bless and keep you!


    • Greetings Steven,

      I was quite interested in your dreams. I spent time with the Marines on Camp Pendleton and been associated with the military most of my life. I believe God is calling spiritual warriors who understand that there is more to church than being entertained. It is a battleground; as Frank Peretti wrote about in his novels.

      There is a difference between the civilian and military world. In the military context, there seems to be more of an understanding that there is an evil at work behind the scenes.

      Churches are often veiled from truth. Lucifer is a master of disguise. He may wear the “uniform” of a beloved pastor. So, we need those who are willing to tear the curtain, robe, or uniform to reveal the Wizard.

      When Jesus died, the heavy curtain in the temple was ripped from TOP to bottom. (It would have revealed that there was NO ARK of the covenant in the Holy of Holies unless only a replica.) The ark disappeared just before the Babylonians came and destroyed the temple.

      I read that Jeremiah hid the holiest of objects before the Babylonians.

      In the meantime, all the rituals performed in the temple since the return of the exiles would have been minus the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat, lampstands, etc. In other words, empty of what symbolized the presence of God.

      I wonder how we can expose what Satan has been doing in the churches before it is too late?

      Where are the soldiers who can see through disguises and are willing to fight because they have a passionate loyalty for the Commander of Hosts who already went to hell and back for them?

      I have met warriors who will die for others and they have the type of sacrificial agape love like Jesus. May God raise up more of them!

      Juanita (Buhr) Loney
      JBL – JuBaL – JuBiLee!


  2. My name is Zandi. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and the Lord blessed me with a cave which I am being led to prep for the tribulation now. It seems very clear to me that the black horse of the apocalypse is upon us now, famine and pestilence. I am praying for help and guidance to create a Christian community for a handful of true Bible, Christ worshipping, God obeying believers of Christ. I rescinded my social security number, cleared my credit card debt, got rid of all the RFID chips, and the Holy Spirit has revealed to me that the computer is the image of the beast, the social security number is the number of the name, and the mark will likely be the implantation of the Veri-chip, most likely enforced in the UN FEMA camps. I have recorded my dreams and written them down since 1996, realizing that the Bible clearly tells us that God would pour out His Spirit in the Las days upon His servants and reveal things to us through dreams. I have had waking visions also of devastation that left me catatonic for a few days. I saw the epicenter of a 9.0 earthquake in Puget Sound on 1st and Pike in Seattle Washington, the Holy Spirit also took me up and showed me the extending aftermath of it. People were fleeing up to the mountains outside of town, I saw housewives, waitresses, office workers, truck drivers, postal workers etc, all gathered at the top of the mountain looking for clean water and anything to eat, it seemed like days had gone by and finally there were helicopters that arrived. The Lord took me up to the sky to read the helicopters and they said “U.S. Army” on their sides, all the people cheered and thought they were going to get rescued, but the side doors of the helicopters opened, and soldiers began sniper shooting at and killing all the people gathered in the clearing. Some people ran of into the wilderness and escaped. I had that vision in 1985. Before the earthquake happened in the city, the hands on a man’s wristwatch sped up and I looked around, the population was about 20 x what was presently there, also, every other car was a police car, definitely a police state. It was about 11:00 in the day. The streets rolled back and forth like a roller coaster, and the asphalt turned liquid. I could see 20, or 30 stories down underground. Behind me the huge piers that held up the docks for Pike Place Market, they snapped like tooth picks. The bay rolled back,sucked dry and you could see what was left of a 100 years of litter and debris embedded in the beach ground, then I looked and an incredible tall black wall of water was headed back towards the city.The Holy Spirit then took me up and shows me the outskirts of the city, the highways ip on piers had crashed, skyscrapers had fallen, there was nothing that survived, it was total mayhem and destruction. This was not a dream. I was wide awake and transported into the near future by the Holy Spirit. Now the scientists talk about the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Juan de Fuca plates causing that to happen. I have not shared my dreams or visions because I have been called a crazy delusional doomsday person. I have been surrounded by scoffers and unbelievers and people who don’t believe in Christ. I don’t want to be around those people. I want to help other Christians like me. I went to a Seventh Day Adventist church, but Romans 14 wipes out all of Ellen G. Whites teaching, also, going to church on Sunday isn’t the mark of the beast spoken of in Revelation 13:17. I don’t want confusion or false doctrine around me. These are the end times. This is the Tribulation. I have lived in communes and spiritual retreats, I want real hard core Christians and prayer warriors, and those who hear the voice of the Shepard guiding them clearly. Satan is the father of lies, and the author of confusion, and a master of distraction and deception.We all need holy clarity to help one another save as many souls from the enemy Lucifer as possible. My number is (808) 345-9281. Call me if you truly want to come out of Mystery Babylon, have fellowship in Christ, and want to help create a community of believers in the wilderness. No pets, no dogs, this isn’t time for “Fluffy””, or “Fido”. I am off grid, I try to fly under the radar, it is rough living. I don’t even like to touch money, and my phone is wall a push as far as the computer and the image of the beast goes. I have 100’s of visions, alot have already come to pass. Call if you are serious.


    • Greetings Zandi,

      Thank you for sharing your dream, although it is not “good news.” We just moved from the Pacific NW. I avoided Seattle WA as much as possible because it felt unclean and dangerous; especially the Pike Market area for some reason.

      Unfortunately, my husband (Navy Chaplain) chose to return to active duty in New Orleans, LA; which is even more spiritual unclean and dangerous! We live an hour north and I avoid going to New Orleans.

      God wouldn’t let me have a smart phone or any cell phone. I had to return the one I bought years ago, even though Verizon charged me $100 to return it. But the Lord impressed on me that it was an “umbilical cord to the devil.”

      I don’t even have a landline or a vehicle. I ride my bike and use the computer for communication; although it slows down so much I don’t like to get on it much anymore.

      My daughter-in-law was raised 7th Day Adventist so I researched it and came to the same conclusion you did. Although the Adventists have been watchmen for the End Times, there is too much focus on things that are not in Scripture and too much orientation toward Ellen White. Too bad!

      We don’t want to be steered astray when we are so close to the End. It’s hard to find a church that doesn’t have some elements that are wrong.

      May the Lord provide the fellowship of believers that He intended for His disciples.

      Waiting for the Heavenly Bridegroom,



      • Hi Juanita! Thank you for replying, I feel as you also about the phone being the last umbilical cord to Satan, Apple phone actually is proud to use their logo of an apple with a bite out of it to represent eating of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge and the fall of mankind. They even sold their first computer image of the beast for 666.66, pretty blasphemous. Maurice Sklar did a video of a vision that the Lord revealed to him in 1985 about the Tree of Knowledge and the computer and the web and internet, and the end fruit there of which is basically man in his quest for knowledge, ( ever seeking knowledge but never coming to the wisdom of the truth) ends up destroying the planet and God just lets it play out to demonstrate the consequences of disobedience. A STORM IS COMING, have peace in Christ and God Bless you


      • Zandi, Thank you for sharing. I had not realized that the Apple company deliberately chose the logo of a bite out of the apple to represent the temptation of Eve! The Bible doesn’t specify which kind of tree was the forbidden one; however, to deliberately choose forbidden fruit and temptation as a logo shows the rebellious heart of a company’s founders. 😦


  3. I had a dream it was thunderstorms and lightning strikes and it was raining I had a green truck I told my mother lets go we got to go and run… Something was chasing us and we couldn’t see it
    After that something was tryna get us I drove to a dead end road the truck broke down we ran but a tall man a Hebrew man wore a white robe long wooly hair landed on the ground loudly and he stood in front me while I had my back turnt protecting my mother he faced what was tryna get us and he was really angry at whatever was tryna get us. I didn’t see his face only his robe and his black wooly hair. I been having dreams since


  4. Hello Everyone, I pray you are well and that the Lord blesses you. I received a final warning from the Lord. So here it is:
    In prayer on June 3, 2018: I prayed, please be with me Lord. Let me know what is on Your heart.

    Susan, I Am here. Speak only to Me, do not go where they go. They will lead you astray, they want you to be with them on the broad road to satisfy themselves and their life. They are not Mine that travel that road. I will save them, those that are Mine. Them that are awaking to pray, awake to My words. They must turn to be Mine. They cannot fake it. It must be true, pure of heart. You know the way in which I Am going. Stay on the path, I will lead you.

    I AM the Alpha and Omega, First and Last, knower of all things. I shake the earth and break it. All will be subject to Me. You may speak these words. I Am coming, and at My coming all must be ready. Do not let your lamp go out. Keep it filled with oil and lit, a flame. You will need water. That is why I tell you – urge you to refill empty bottles. You will need it.

    Behold, it is coming soon, very soon. Tell them to prepare their hearts. There will come a time when no one can prepare/work. The door will be shut, and when it closes it is too late. I will not know them because they did not know Me, would not stop what they are doing to know Me, or sacrifice their time for Me. I AM the Alpha & Omega. I say it again, so all will know I AM Lord. When they see Me coming on the clouds they will know and mourn because they waited too long, and the door is shut. Tell them. They are perishing.

    I asked for scripture and He said: You know it; Ephesians 6. They must have their armor on and be strong in Me. I am shaking the earth, it is time. Last Warning before I come to the multitudes on the broad road. Time is up, almost over for you. Make your choice. Will you be on the Father’s side? You must live it and not be afraid, for I Am with you always. My spirit dwells in you if you are Mine.

    Tell them Susan, that is my command for you. Tell them I will protect them if they turn to Me with their whole heart. It won’t be long now. I Am coming and they will know I AM the Lord. The one they pierced. Tell them it is written in My Word. Tell them I will protect them. It is my promise. Just tell them.


    • Thank you so much for sharing! Time is short


    • Greetings, Susan. Thank you for sharing. Indeed, we are to speak “without fear.”

      And there will be a time when no one can prepare any more. When I plant over and over (and the seeds don’t germinate or something eats the plants), I can plant only as long as there is a “harvest time” remaining for the newest seeds. The seed is the Word of God and God has seed bombed infertile soil (as I have done here.) And “wasted” the seed (as I have done.)

      How much better to plant in prepared heart soil!

      I have been putting out buckets (and garbage cans) to collect rainwater from the garage roof to water the gardens that I was inspired to plant.

      I read: “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse” and pondered the meaning since I don’t have a job. I did have, however, two huge boxes of seeds from years of gardening in WA state.

      We recently moved to Louisiana to a “Shrek’s swamp.” In order to plant productive gardens, we had to go UP in raised beds and UP in sand/dirt. We bought dump truck loads of sand and dirt and found a place with free horse manure.

      I have been hauling wheelbarrow loads in the humid heat, digging and planting. I now have four garden areas. It either rains in deluge or a drought. Hence the buckets. 🙂

      So I can relate to the message… especially when the toilets didn’t work. (Having water around is useful.)

      Indeed, we can live for awhile without food but water and clean air are the immediate needs. The Lord promises if we seek Him first, He will provide all we need. I believe listening and confirming in His Word any message is part of seeking Him first.

      So, I prayed and opened the Bible, unsure of how He may choose to respond.

      I opened to 2 Timothy 1 and saw this:

      4 Recalling your tears, I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy. 5 I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.

      6 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

      8 So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God.

      9 He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace…


      Not sure if this is meaningful to you. Only you would know!

      May the Lord speak to us as He did to little Samuel and call us by name.

      Seeking shalom,

      Juanita (Buhr) Loney
      JBL – JuBaL – JuBiLee!

      “When the Lord sends out the trumpet call, may I not be sleeping!”

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      • Thank you Juanita. I do understand what you are saying. The scripture from 2Tim 1 touched my heart. Because we all know we are living in 2Tim 3!! I was shaken when I first heard this word, and I was a little scared at sharing such a mighty word. But Yeshua made a way for me. I even made a video and posted it on line. Never did that before!! I have been met with some mocking but nothing much. I know the Lord is with me. This word has been a burden and I sob when I pray, but it has been a blessing also from people like you who have received it with joy. You and all the others are the good soil and will produce much fruit. I pray for a banner crop this year Juanita. I pray the Father blesses all your hard work and protects you and your fields. In Yeshua’s name I pray.


      • Thank you, Susan, for blessing with your words! Our tongues can be fountains of life-giving spiritual water! 🙂


  5. I haven’t had been 1 lately but in the last 7-8 months, at least once or twice a week I would dream of water, massive amounts of water. Sometimes it was a tsunami, others just a flood with no idea who the rain got there, and once was like Niagra or Victoria Falls and you could walk in it and ski down the water fall. People were not afraid at all and, in fact, couldn’t get enough of the water. We were calling people to join us. It was what I can only describe as joyous. I also prayed to see a glimpse of His return. I lived in a community of believers and it was so safe there was zero fear. People would just come and go and we shared everything. If someone needs flour, for example, we’d go into someone’s house and get what we needed. You couldn’t bring anything with you or offer $$$. Unwritten LAW.

    One day a bunch of people came into my home which was very small but quite large enough for hubby and I and room if someone needed a place to stay. No one knew where the food came from as we never went shopping outside the community or bought things from any businesses. If I couldn’t cook but my neighbor could,she’d cook my meals and I’d baby-sit for her, type if needed or help their kids with math (I really couldn’t, lol). God took 100% care of our needs. I had no thoughts ever of anyone living with us that was not a believer. If I’d known before the end of my dream, it would have changed everything.

    More and more people kept coming to my house and soon there was like 100 plus people in house built for 2 and as they came, the house started growingandfood just appeared. I heard a huge blast, it sounded like a nuclear bomb went off. The earth started shaking andthe strongest structures were like a leaf in a tornado. In fact, I just knew the whole world was trembling and literally shaking in fear. From my POV the saved people ended up on the left and unsaved on the right but when He appeared, He would have seen it the opposite. I had a wooden spoon in my hand. There was so much blood and sufffering and everyone was screaming at me saying, “Brenda, save me!” I was not hurt, the only one and in my dream, I was a doctor. I knew it was way too late and said accept Christ Jesus NOW. You have NO MORETIME.He is on His way and this is it, no more chances. Suddenly, half the screams stopped but the others were sounded more and more desperate. I could not do anything for them. I stopped and looked and only adults were there but half the people I recognized and were adults but looked around 6 to 8 years old. They were smiling and had this unearthly but pure gold glow, not water but like pixels. I thought I’d missed going to Heaven cos I didn’t see myself glowing (but I didn’t look either) but told Him I was sorry I wasn’t found worthy but was so grateful that at least He used me to save over half the people in my home. If being told you didn’t make it is even 1/2 of 1 percent as horrible as I felt about being separated from Him for eternity, you don’t need fire or any torture machine. I cannot imagine a worse feelings. There’s nothing on this plane that could possibly be worse. I hung my head in shame but a small part just was thrilled that I’d led so many to the Cross of Jesus and wouldn’t have to suffer. The ones who got saved looked like themselves but in a child’s body with their purity and innocence. They were sitting on the floor, at total peace, with this amazing smile just patiently waiting. When I looked down at them, I saw my bottom half and found I too was glowing. I just stood there, crying and waited so patiently for Him and patience is NOT something I have much of. I was going to see my Savior. I saw a large amount of the gold water particles or pixels and right before I got a chance to see His feet, I woke up. Was it a blessing from God as I’d been praying for not a prophetic dream,but just a regular dream of no significance unless He chose to (NO expectations on my part) or am I to give a warning? Oh, I forgot the most important thing. Everything went pitch black but again, total peace w/o fear. That’s when I heard God’s voice and these aren’t the words he used as He had no need to add useless ones like and,at, etc. His words were alive. He said my name and told me but the words are different but I knew the verses. I was told to tell everyone I see that time is about out. Stop worrying about “are we in the end times.” We cannot and will not know until we see Him It is hurting more than helping but for many, today IS their last chance. Get our houses in order, make sure we are saved and keep watching. Without saying another word I knew that this generation is our last. Prophetic? We’ll see but time is running out cos no one is guaranteed 1 more minute. Today is the ONLY day for us for salvation as we don’t know whose time is up. Oh, I also knew that if Jesus weren’t going to intervene, we WILL blow ourselves into extinction within 50 years. AND it may be nukes going off when He does come back. We don’t know but get ready. Don’t even consider if the rapture is true (it is, we just argue over the timing) and we are to be fully ready for what is to come. Be ye not deceived or think you have the answer, you don’t and this star gazing and numerology some pastors are using ARE borderline occult and som unknowing and deceived people on the internet are falling for the devil’s trap. WE CANNOT KNOW.God bless and love the new page.


  6. I was reading about recent current events yesterday morning. I’ve been following the the supreme court issues and the recent decisions. My heart has been yearning for those unborn babies and abused children. I understand why Jay Sekulow is one of Trumps attorneys and was f/u on this issue too. I believe Roe vs
    Wade will be over turned. While I was studying the current events, a sweet aroma started to come up into my nose. The scent stayed around me for a short while. I tried to figure out where it was coming from. Then I knew. The Holy Spirit was letting me know the sweet fragrance is his love for those children and unborn babies. I called Jesus’ name, and told Him you were listening to my heart. Those little unborn babies and abused children are His. God is making changes to advance His Kingdom. He knew us in our mother’s womb, before we were born.


  7. Hello everyone, while in prayer I received a word from the Lord. It is difficult sometimes for me to walk in this broken world, my heart has been so heavy lately and I was praying about the dark atmosphere at work and how I can be a light. I will capitalize what The Lord stressed when He said:

    Tell them greater things are coming than just a new marketing director. More peace than Tony (our boss) leaving. Trust in ME. Look for ME. I Am here, even at the door. Waste no time. I AM the truth the
    LIFE and the WAY. The source of all peace. Through ME you can have peace in any situation/trial where ever you are. Focus on ME. I AM the Way to the Father, to the Kingdom. TELL THEM,

    God Bless you all, I love you all, fast and pray, repent….it won’t long now. Praise God!!!

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  8. I have been a follower of JESUS CHRIST all my life.One of the last things my grandmother told me the year before she died or I knew that year she would die was that she was glad I believed in GOD/JESUS.Well in 2015 I looked up bad things that I should not have Satan stuff and started to feel so lost.Eventually I ended up believing in JESUS/GOD again and went through a really bad time but now I feel like my life may be better again.I would listen to Gospel music and Christian music like Fred Hammond and it would help me feel better.Sometimes I see that some people want to be Satan worshippers and I don’t know why.Why would they worship someone who doesn’t care or die for them like JESUS CHRIST did.Well I believe in JESUS CHRIST ,speak in tongues sometimes and I had a dream last night.In the dream people were going around killing others and I hid and was told to hide in a closet.The people said you believe in JESUS CHRIST and so you are and will be saved.I was wondering what the dream meant because I know the Holy Bible says we will be saved but I also wonder why I dreamed a dream of people going around killing others but they said to me when I was hidden in the closet and seemed to not kill me that because you believe in JESUS CHRIST you are safe or will be saved.I love JESUS,I love speaking in tongues and I pray that those who don’t believe in JESUS CHRIST especially if he is real get saved.I believe GOD can do miracles and I pray if JESUS/GOS is really real because I know some people doubt ,I pray if he is really real that we do believe and love and are saved and healed by his stripes.Anyways what do you all think of my dream?May GOD/JESUS bless us all.

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    • Shalom… Your dream is in reference to the below verses.
      Read your Bible more consecrate yourselve in the word of God.

      Rev 13:10 “If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed.” This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.

      Isaiah 26:20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.


    • Nisey, when you wrote about people being killed and hiding in a closet, I was reminded of something I recorded about my grandson. Here is an excerpt from the story I wrote afterwards:

      “Burning Houses Before Sunset” by Juanita Loney – Sept. 10, 2016

      … I walked Caelen over to a nearby Elementary school playground and watched as he played in tiny rocks (like sand) beneath the equipment. He said he was making a “house.”

      To be honest, I was rather restless and wanted to get some exercise but God reminded me to pay attention. To be still. To ask and listen. So I did.

      As Caelen piled the rocks, he started to talk. He mentioned there was an airplane and “oncopter” (helicopter) inside the house. The house was burning, he said. He flung the rocks around. The house was destroyed.

      Then, he made another house by piling rocks. This time there were children inside, he said. He made clicking noises and mentioned he was locking all the doors and window. He added that the house was burning.

      I asked, “Why are the children inside the house and why won’t you let them out?

      He kept saying, “Please… please… please! Children INSIDE house!”

      I argued with him. “The house is burning. How will they get out?”

      He made destructive noises and then demolished the “house” of rocks with his hands. Things started to make sense as he exclaimed: “Kids SHOOTING mommy, daddy, and Dadat!”

      Ah… I asked, “Where is Etta?”

      (I am “Nanita” …or “Etta” as Caelen used to call me. Now he calls me “Ita.”)

      Caelen responded, “Etta gone… Don’t know where.” He me mentioned hide and seek and trying to find me.

      … Earlier, he had mentioned “Whitening (Lightning) hitting Caewen’s car… Caewen’s house!”

      He asked what he should do. I told him to pray and ask Jesus to save him. I talked about how lightning can hit trees and telephone poles. I suggested he should stay away from tall things and hide in a ditch; so long as there wasn’t water inside. (Water conducts electricity.) I reiterated the need to call upon Jesus to be saved.

      Lightning and burning houses… Wow. Sounds like End Times dreams.

      On another visit, he talked about exploding mountains and needing to run…

      Lord, please protect my grandson! He carries my heart with him where he goes. Please protect all YOUR children. Let them call upon Your Name when they are afraid of darkness, “whitening,” exploding mountains, shooting done by children, burning houses…

      We need You, Lord. Please don’t forget we are but dust in the wind.

      Could you take us home “before Sunset”?


    • Hi,
      I just had a thought,I might mean people attacking others through words.Like you murder your brother if you hate him.I for myself am also facing such situation I cant help.I was seperated from husband 8 months because I baptised as a christian and I was persecuted by my family because they thought I alone am the cause of my agony & that I should leave it.I actually filed a missing complaint on husband only to find him living with parents at a hidden place.It was truly Jesus who led us to find him that day.But only a moments relief.there was a barrage of complaints and insults against me.I too ended up accusing them of hiding like a criminal & my husband being a coward and woman like.Only that if we could be more patient in anger because our words can’t never be taken back.
      I always have wondered when people asked me how I could be so silent and calm,like when there was so much to worry about.But know,we are only here to show that rest in Jesus.But Satan let’s us to doubt it accusing we are lazy,weak minded,unoccupied etc.For ex: i am unemployed and 35 y.o.f but waiting on God’s promises of blessings in a job.Only we have to know how eager others are to have that peace in them.Its been the case with me with all my family,close & distant.


  9. Was feeling maybe dreams so many are having,myself also thro real was off in future.needed to not stay ingaged in them and get on with my life.prayed God to confirm.few weeks later was awaken by hearing a bold voice calling out.awake.woke up and realized had been asleep.noone there but me.felt was from God important to stay ready for what God is and Will do.not to doubt but stay ready,committed and prayed up.prayer isconnecting with our father.we connected with family and friends.he is family.stay close and desire time with greater friend could we have.never put him behind.he is able to take care of family and everything.he will show us what to do.stay connected often with him ,he will lead us.felt soon and very important.god bless


  10. I had a dream last night about end times. My husband and son and I were running for our lives trying to find a safe place to hide because the demon possessed people were killing all the Christians. We were running, trying to find a church to hide. We came upon a Wesleyan Church (I have no idea what their doctrine is) and ran in. They were trying to convert us to their ways before they would help us. We needed to find an escape, but there was no where to go.


  11. Recent vision that moved my heart and soul beyond any words. I saw a light brighter than anything in the natural. This light was in the center of my chest. In this light was life,, love, peace, calm, truth, forgiveness and so much more. The light expanded in my chest and pushed the darkness away. It was like nothing I can ever begin to explain, because Jesus has all authority over the darkness. Prayer is the door, even in the deepest darkest place, where His light will and does shine brighter. Freedom is with and in Jesus!


  12. i drempt of jesus”s crucifiction, although in my dream i did not witness it>>>>>i was running from crushing buildng as if I WAS REALLY THERE.. horses and wagaons where running the street because the ground shuck when Jesus died> i was running with a women….we are in old time robes like jesus time. we were running through the city and i told this women running with me that i needed to get a wagon the jesus made for me… i went to my cabin. we ran outside…caos outside we were running through the streets trying to get out of town. i fell by horses running close to me. i fell and a horse crushed the toy wooden wagon jesus had made for me personally.i fell on the road to pick up the pieces of wagon… i was picking them up…this woman holds my hand…..i told her this is all i have that jesus made for me….she cups my hands kneeling as we are on the street as she says to me….”the treasures are not in your hands, but in your heart”………i woke up already crying…….i didnt know what that dream meant…. until 10 years later in my real life i started to read the bible and i was stunned…..i read matthew as the same time this woman said to me in my dream 10 years earlier was right in frontof me IN SCRIPTURE!!!!!!!! right then and there JESUS BECAME REAL…..and i suddenly remembered the woman running with me… her name is RUTH….which i didnt even know there was a woman named RUTH in the bible. As i learned NOW IS that RUTH is no where in the bible close to JESUS”s cruzifition. BUT IT WAS a wman named RUTH. scipture is real!!!!MATTHEW 6:21………………for where your heart is ….so is your treasure.

    If anyone reading this please give me feedback on what you think.


  13. Look to Jesus, our Lord and Savior.


  14. My husband dreamt of a tsunami and he said we(him,myself and the kids)were running towards this wooden building with wooden steps and we ran up to the roof top where their was a bar,all of a sudden someone from across the bar says to him this is what’s coming,(in other words us running from the tsunami was just a premonition)my husband said that the voice was Gods voice,he asked God in his dream,could you please tell me when this is going to happen and he said God said as clear as day April the 17th.we are practicing Catholics,we believe in our faith whole heartedly.this is the first time he has had a dream like this.whats really got us is the fact that he was given that specific date.he had this dream two weeks ago.the 17th of April is Easter Monday,we searched up the date April 17th and it belongs to a Syrian Saint( America just launched missiles at Syria……we have been praying about it….

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  15. I had a dream i looked up and thousands of planes where suicide bombing us all around. The planes where tankers and they had chemicals on board. I look in cock pit its asian solders. I look at my neighbors and their skin was melting away. I was at my sisters house my nephew was in front of me and a little girl i didn’t know i made them cover their face with rags. This dream was about 8 years ago 4 years later my niece was born it was that little girl in my dream she was around 5 in my dream she will be 5 soon. I also had a dream a Russian fighter jet was trying to shoot me and my sister it was dark he was right in front of us but he could not hit us and not long after this dream thousands of solders parachuting all around us one came into our house but all the solders where their to protect us. He didn’t speak english i think he may of been Russian cant remember. The dreams where about 8 years ago. And many dreams of tornado and hail storms one i can remember was 7 tornados on top of a mountain and pulling all the ice off. Also had a dream of the police officers where like robots being programmed and swore in by our government and they where hunting certain people down me and my family where some of those people. People running every where through the streets. This dream was before our officers where attacked by our media and the Obama administration. All of the dreams came after a Devine event that took place in my life. In 2008 2009 i feel God poored his spirit out upon the world i was changed at the time living in sin. I got into the bible and read ask knock seek. Mathew 7 vs 7 8 9. Not long after i seen a silver sphere in thy sky my brother was with me i said look what is that then like a hand it retracted back up into the sky. We both where in awe. The next day after the dream of the asian pilots i was wiring my mothers house i remembered the dream and prayed that God would give me a sign that it would be ok 2 mins later i walk out in back deck of the house not a cloud in sight most beautiful day ever. It began to thunder and a storm of thunder and rain appeared coming out of know where growing bigger and loader. I fell to my knees i couldn’t look upon the storm anymore i felt it was the voice of God and i prayed. The storm stopped and i stood up most beautiful rainbow hovered out of the valley below biggest rainbow i had ever seen. It was his sign to me and the sign he gave to man after the flood in Noah’s day. I had a dream of Jesus to their was a bunch of us in like a cave and Jesus was the light of that cave. So many more dreams after that i cant list. The storm is coming. I truly believe we are in end days and this year and 2018 will be the worst tribulations mankind will endure. The lord is coming soon but trust in him to the end . What can seperate us from the love of God nothing can. The alpha and the omega the beginning and the end Jesus Christ.


    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel you were given visions of what’s coming. I and many here have had similar. God is with us. I had a similar vision of the cave you speak of. I was desperately searching for where to go in a destroyed work and what directed by a woman, she said go to the cave. I found it and inside were followers of Christ. May God hold us in His hands.


    • Praise God, I live in Kenya and I have been reading all your dreams and visions. I would like to share my dreams too that i have recorded since year 2014 september to date.
      1st dream; I was in a large dam in Germany area where water for domestic use and drinking was being recycled and it was done very well. The next large dam I came to was Kenya which I was crossing using a big cable. I noted the dam was dirty with human feaces. The purifying was not done very well up to standard. I then woke up.
      2nd Dream I was at home when I looked at the Tv I then saw a forest like area in which a young boy who had a black suit and was evil. When he saw other people approaching to where he was located he pretended to be handicapped and got on a wheelchair. He later ran home abandoned the wheel chair and picked a big boy doll that looked exactly like him. He pretend to play with it however as he talked to it I was watching fram a distance. I observed the doll come to life and it begun moving its its eyes. I then woke up.
      On 12/12/2014 the 3rd deam, there was this presentable well dressed man talking to me about his experience abroad about work. Then my husband came and said let me take you to a place that has waters and is interesting. We went and the place had a tower with a stair case, we climb. At the top was a green jungle with a stream of river at the back. The view was beautiful with varoius types of fish and other creatures. While fishing I noted that the waters were due to a flood as I could see foot pavement beneath and the waters were shallow. Fish also died due to jumping high and hiting the surface. I went back to the open tower where my husband was lying relaxing as he sun bathed. Across at the front was an ocean which was white and shallow. I then saw a boat appear with a Queen dressed in a blue gown with her a body guard on her side. The boat had a poster stating equivalent USD 202,000, 000 on board. She said come and take, I refused and said I am content with Jesus Christ. Then I woke up at 3am and started praying.
      16/12/2014 I had this dream within setting of home compound a male friend was expressing interest at me. But I told him I was committed and did not want my husband to find me with him. At the same time in my heart as I was talking with him I was waiting for instructions. Then came from the sky above clear bags like water containing food and other items like by cycle among others. I was very aware that I had to take that which contain food eg flour to survive on. Then i ran and locked myself with family and sister family in the house and was not get out.
      1.1.15 at 9.19am. I am washing pans in the kitchen. I then saw 2 birds perched on a tree outside out side talking to each other, saying do u know referring to me that Jesus is among us. Then I saw am figure image of Jesus Christ on that tree. I then woke up
      02/01/2015 . I had a dream. I was in Nairobi my sister’s house in her bedroom then I felt mysteriously as thou time had stopped, nothing was moving or measurable it was as thou the sun was setting. Then I had a voice say this is a mysterious day 18. Later every thing went back to normal then I said to myself for sure that was a unique day. Later I realised it was 17th I went abt work. No month or year was mentioned .
      21/01/2015 My dream for the prevoius day involved I witnessing to people in a steel factory. I had the spirit of Elijah and performed mighty wonders and miracles. Many people were saved. I woke up.
      14/2/15 I had a dream.
      I was at work with one of my male colleagues. It was dark/night. I was very happy cause I knew its first done. I flew to great heights without opening the door and later returned back to the office.
      I was so happy I opted this time to open the door and walk to the centre of the open field proclaiming victory. Right at the centre of the field, an evil man approched me while my aunt who was this man started running at the outer circle. the evil man came to me and took my hand with the intention to destroy. He took my right hand and we started elevating high in the sky and started to rebuked him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I then had the verse Lament 4:11 (The LORD has given full vent to his wrath; he has poured out his fierce anger. He kindled a fire in Zion that consumed her foundations). Then I woke up.

      20/2/15 5am I dreamt I was in the market buying veges a white man appeared with fiery eyes chasing another man. Then the chase happenned again though in an open area. The man who was being chased reached a spot which had a post with writing and threw a glass bottle full of oil. When this white fiery eyed man reached the spot, the place blew up forming black smoke then the man changed to a black creature half man and four legged animal with horns and long dragon tail elongated upward to his face. He was dissappointed. He then turn into white small sheep and scattered. I woke up
      I have had other dreams on chemical release by an Angel killing people found outside and one of bombs being thrown as thou in war and neighbouring countries attacking our nation and also spying. All this I put to prayers but for sure we are at the end times.

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  16. I had a dream in July 2017. I did not see his face or physically hear his voice but I knew with all of my being that it was Jesus. I dont remember any of the conversation except the last words, clear as a bell: The end is coming soon.

    On the last Sunday of August 2017- I could not sleep. I tossed and turned. My mind was awake at approx. 2:00am- I would see the clock after the event and I gained control of my body. I could feel myself rising from my bed about 12 inches. I dont know if it was my physical body or my spirit but I could feel weightless without a surface beneath me. I felt the sensation of rising up. I could not move my body. Three times I said Save me Jesus. Then I said-Take my fear. Like an anvil off my chest, a heavy weight that I didnt know existed was lifted off of my chest. I felt light as a feather. I said- Give me peace. Like a non-splashy torrential flood of smooth, warm water from the crown of my head, through my entire being and out of my feet- the water rushed faster than any river. I didnt have a sense of time but it felt like a really lengthy 30 seconds that the warm water coursed through me and made me feel peace. Warm. Happy. Loved. Without any worries or even concern for my sleeping 6 year old in the bedroom next door. I knew everything was ok. The water stopped. I felt the sensation of being lowered. I felt my bed underneath me. I couldnt move my body for maybe another two minutes. The thought- living water came into my mind. I googled it. If you are thirsty- He will give you living water of peace! Literally! I didnt believe before like I believe now. He is all around us- alive, listening, powerful. Hes not a fairytale. I texted a “christian” friend maybe 30 min later. He replied maybe 9 hrs later politely but in fake belief. For the next month- I felt almost numb with peace. 7 months later- I feel like I still have that peace but it is not as overwhelming like it initially was. It is still there. I feel light inside of me still.

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  17. I had this dream that seemed so real. I was running through what seemed to be a stage then a school looking for a gym. Then I met this light complected African-American lady at the front of a class room. She asked my why I wasn’t with my family. I broke down and told her I don’t fit in. I never have fit in. She said I guess much like myself. She told me to stop holding on to the pain and anger and let God be in control. I ran out looking for my wife and my dog Liby. I was running and saw this big cloud of sand and dust. People running and screaming. This guy suddenly slams this lady to the ground and tells her you are going to Hell with me. At that moment I began to repent and was picked up just out of reach. I look down at what seems to be lava, fire falling from the sky. Shouting and screaming help me from every corner.

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  18. I had a dream where few of my family members and very close friend and few children in the family were looking out the window. Far in the distance there was the ocean and the sun was setting. After few minutes instead of gradually disappearing the sun became an orange ball, and started flashing few times. May be 7-8 times. It was like a camera flash, but a huge flash unlike a camera. Then the sun dropped into the ocean. All of a sudden everything became dark. We tried to get out thinking something really bad is happening. I looked back and saw a huge angel in the sky. The angel was blowing a trumpet. Then we knew it was the end. we quickly hurried down. The buildings were broken, trees were fallen, atmosphere was like a heavy rain storm. It was very gloomy and everything was in chaos. My mother needed to go to a wash room in this chaos. I asked everyone else to go towards the police station and tried to find a washroom. Then I came towards the main road. There were hardly any people. Occasional vehicle went fast. I looked and thought everything was over. While I was thinking and looking sadly I was taken into a most unimaginably beautiful place surrounded by distant snow covered mountains, lakes, flowers etc. The morning sun was shining beautifully. It was a glorious sight and I was there. and that dream ended.

    Few days later I saw another dream. It was a family function in my home. Many visitors were there. Our family car was parked out side. All of a sudden Jesus came through the door. I was surprised and followed him. He went out towards the car. My husband was seated at the driving seat. Jesus went towards the driver’s side. My husband had to give the driver’s seat to Him. I got into the passenger seat, and we went on a very long journey. I was extremely happy.. and the dream ended.

    I don’t know what the exact meaning of this.. but both dreams are very real. Since that time I spent a lot of time understanding gospels, seeking God’s will and direction. I realized it is necessary to obey God’s word and I went for water baptism. I seek Holy Spirit baptism and the knowledge and direction for my life on earth. I see things happening differently and I am growing to be a different person slowly. Just want to share these dreams. You can take anything you want to make of it.. I also heard some others seeing similar dreams.

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  19. was extremely worried about.close family not takeing warnings from god serious.felt sick.heard a. voice during sleep say. where lord lead his sheep will follow..if family members saved but not close to god.pray for them to be drawn close to him.then rest in strength to do it.will take pstience and be strong .you may be one he ll work thru.


  20. dreamed. was on stage to sing with to ladies. man i n charge was doing a beautiful magit show.magit spelled wrong.big crowd .everyone loveing it.our turn to sing.all of a changed from nice to evil.waveing hands toward sky and pulling fire out of sky de manding all bow to him.there was such fear from him.we knew he coud burn us up.people bowed.two girls on stage bowed. i was so afraid started to bow.couldn t. do.straigth up .dream ended.believd was antichrist.dream ended.he was med to dark skin.slim.didn t see close up.have had several dreams showing power in jesus name.was what kept me from bowing even tho in my flesh very scared.something wouldnt letme bow .wasmy believe in jesus.once had a dream so bad couldn t move or speack.couldn t awake.someone spoke jesus..i think was an angle.emediletly could speek and move .was so amAsed was lauhting out loud.husband awaked hearing me laught. coments if. have faults about .


  21. Just minutes ago, I was listening to the news and they showed Nancy Pelosi speaking and singing, opposing the immigration order. Once again I heard music like sound breaking through into the air. I am not caught off guard like I use to be. I pray only in Jesus’ name are you welcome here. Anyways, Jesus has his army of angels watching all of us. Don’t let what you see going on in this world worry God’s people. I am beginning to see God’s hand moving in America like we have not seen. Now more than ever Jesus is knocking on doors, just keep watching and be ready when he knocks on you hearts door, because he will.


  22. Heard my name called out again last night. I felt a very strong and mighty presence like an army, a large surrounding force. The presence was like nothing else, strong and commanding. I’ve been walking around with this encounter for several hours now. Be encouraged for though we suffer trials and tribulations, we are not alone. He knows the number of hairs on our heads, and how much more he knows our deepest cries for his help.


  23. Have had endtime dreams that showed gods protection forhis children .during times so bad white women on stage to be sold to rich men.i was to bbe sold.before i went up to be bidded on. My son who has backslide. Came. Running toward me with knife.thougbt was going to kill me.jerked me off bench by myy hairto ground.took knlfe and cut my hairshort.said run .ran with him.realized he came with knife to keep men from stopping him.cut hair to make melook bad.took me to cave where was a newborn other family members.told me had to steal for food.mark of beast inplace.


  24. Goodevening readers. First, sorry Im not good in english but pls understand me. 🙂 My religion since i was born is roman catholic and grew up doing rc activities. Praying using rosary in front of the images, going to church every sunday, etc. But i was not that close to God and im not a religious type of person. However, i know that only jesus can save me and God is always with me. Please help me to understand things. During my catholic faith, I had a dreams related to end times. First, when i was at my college times, in my dream i was standing in the balcony with someone (im not sure but seems for me shes my mom) at the night sky, there was full of light. Its very colorful. Different colors which we could find from the rainbow. It was floating at the sky, its seems like theres someone is painting it. I was so scared while watching it. Next dream during my christian faith. Yes i want to convert myself but im not baptized yet. Second dream, just recently 2 months ago i guess, I dreamt about raining of very thin needle like fire coming from the sky. It drop once unto my skin, i felt it. I was so scared and stood up saying “end time is coming, lets pray to God and ask for forgiveness”. Not in english but tagalog.


    • Yes you are right! Only Jesus can save us! Ask Jesus in your heart and ask for forgiveness of sins and for wisdom. That is what I did! Then read the Bible! You are on the right track.


    • Ms. Jane, I too am a recovering Catholic!! You are not alone. I am Messianic now and follow all the biblical appointed times the Father commands. I love Yeshua and He loves me. He fills my heart with so much joy and peace. I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Praise God I have a relationship with Him now. Keep seeking Him and you will find Him.


      • But u know what is bothering me? Mr. Rene and Ms. Susan e., i dreamt about the RUPTURE before tribulation(I just forgot to mention) .. some people around me was ruptured but i remained searching for my family. I wonder if i will be ruptured too. I hope so, In God’s grace.


    • I am still Catholic and very happily so.

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      • We cannot really serve God by using religion to save us. Jesus said “It is finished”. The crucifixion of Christ was a full payment for all our sins. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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