HealthCare For All

IRS: Cheapest Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family… “What’s wrong with that picture?  Number 1- that the IRS should have anything to do with healthcare for us.  And number 2- $20,000 dollars, really? Don’t you remember when all this mess… Read More ›

Quote Of The Day

“I ran across a great quote, that makes a wonderful point.  It’s a point that you have to think about.  A point that has literally divided people, but it’s very appropriate now given that this president thinks we are a… Read More ›


“Our world is a mess!  There’s wars all over with rumors of wars coming  in Japan, China, North Korea, Iran.  The Middle East is a keg of dynamite, burning and the wick is getting shorter.  In our nation, we’ve elected… Read More ›


Today, as the world is torn by wars and chaos, there has never been a painting more timely than this new masterpiece from artist Jon McNaughton. Set against the darkened skies of a smoky battlefield, the glorified Jesus Christ moves… Read More ›

The Rapture

  I delayed writing on this for some time, telling God, ‘Oh I don’t know enough to put anything on paper.’  But I write not to spark a debate or start angry correspondence over this issue.  I am merely pointing… Read More ›