Go and sin no more

Through the years I have heard more than one person say “Oh,I’m a sinner saved by grace”as they continue to live in their sin.WHAT! Is this really all Christ did at the cross to suffer so that we may remain… Read More ›

The erasing of sin

How many carry guilt over something God has long ago forgiven them of,or maybe it is a more recent event.There is not one who is so far from the grace of God if they truly are sorry and repent!  … Read More ›

What sin does

Even if we think sin is harmless,scripture tells us it puts us in jeopardy of losing eternal life that is promised to us if we are obedient to following after righteousness (Romans 6:10-16). 10 For in that he died, he died… Read More ›

“The What If World”

  Gone are the days of innocence! The time of purity that once was a gauge to show the world the Love of God was still present in the world where women wore clothes that left everything to the imagination… Read More ›

A Man’s Message To Christians

This video is by Joseph Herrin.  I follow him at his Parablesblog.  He is very insightful.  I urge you to visit his websites, he is right on with this.  Here are links to both his sites: Heart4God Website: Parables Blog: