Why Pray?

By Julia and CJ Christ taught us so much about prayer take the Centurion for example who came to Christ for his dying servant he said he wasn’t worthy and Christ marveled at his faith said  go home to him,… Read More ›

Gods Awesome Power

Mom’s prayers restarted her dead sons heart. Two doctors who treated a 14-year-old boy thought to be dead after he spent 15 minutes under water believe they witnessed a “miracle” when he revived within a minute of his mother’s plea… Read More ›

“On Praying”

  “On Praying” Sometimes with a well meaning heart we lift up prayers for other’s only to not have them answered and we become discouraged. Many think Jesus prayed for everybody and we are to do the same, but did… Read More ›


“ONE DOES NOT MEAN ALONE” Jesus often times went to the mountains to pray and be alone with his Father………”And when he had sent the multitudes away,he went up into a mountain apart to pray:and when the evening was come,he… Read More ›

Christ, Teach Me

My Comment:  This is a beautiful prayer, sent to me by a sister, and friend in Christ.  It was written in 1967, but it’s something that we all need desperately today!  God bless you and thank you my friend. By… Read More ›