“He Knows You”

We are never alone when our creator is first and foremost in our lives. When we see all the animal’s and bird’s which are well taken care of and fed daily, how can we even question if God will take… Read More ›

“The Changeless One”

In a world of uncertainty many need a way that stays the same and is not wavering. We all can find this stability in Christ who never changes. “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things… Read More ›

“The Least”

 The saying less is more is very true with God for he let’s us know when we rely on him that we do not stand alone!  Even if we are few in number it pleases him more then his strength can shine… Read More ›

“The New World Order”

 When reading the twenty fourth chapter of Matthew we see Jesus answering the disciples question of what will be the sign of his return and when will it be?  Jesus leaves nothing out so all can be prepared. “And Jesus… Read More ›

“The Hidden”

It is written that we are to stay true to the word of God and his ways, or suffer consequences for wrong actions that are not hidden from the eyes of God. There are people who truly believe that God… Read More ›


Jesus gave a great EXAMPLE among the disciples and for us to read when he began to wash the disciples feet, he give the point to Peter when he says he would have no part with him if he denies being cleansed..His… Read More ›

“The Foolish”

It is so sad there are people who do not want the knowledge of God in their life and will totally reject his way. Scripture says such a person is considered to be a fool. “The fear of the Lord… Read More ›