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“The Sceptre”

SCEPTRE: Royal Authority, Freedom From Outward  Control, Sovereignty, Supreme Excellence, An Acknowledged Leader, Independent,  The Most Exalted.     When we read the above  definition of the word sceptre which is a word we seldom use,really describes  Our Lord Jesus Christ… Read More ›


Reblogged from God’s Enduring Love My Comment:  This is a great post, you can tell it comes from the truth, guidance, wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  Time and time again, we are warned in the scriptures ‘Do not be deceived.’ … Read More ›

“The Holy Spirit”

A Mystery Of Revelation,ONLY revealed by Christ. It is written: the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey God as seen when Peter and other apostles knew the importance of obeying God rather than men.(Acts 5:29-32)………………… “Now to him… Read More ›