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HE Watching Over Israel…..

… slumbers not, nor sleeps ! COURTESY OF: Judgement Day Comes!   Will the USA Turn it’s Back on Israel  Prophecy from Due Diligence on Tuesday Apr 19 2016 The U.N. Security Council members are set to incur the Wrath of GOD against… Read More ›

Watchman’s Alert: Hamas Throws A Parade Complete With A Drone, While The PA (Fatah) Announces They Will Give Israel 2 Years To Withdraw

Hamas, is a Palestinian Islamic organization, with an associated military wing.  It is designated a terrorist organization by Australia, Canada,Egypt, the European Union, Israel, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and is banned in Jordan.  It is not considered a terrorist organization by Iran, or Russia, Turkey or China…. Read More ›