god’s wrath

How Long Oh Lord?

There is much confusion in our world today. I took a step back and looked at the whole picture and it’s disturbing.One instance is bad enough, like the incidents at the WI spa lately, in California. Apparently they have a… Read More ›

Calling All Strong Women

In today’s bizarre world men are fading away. Real God fearing, conservative  men are fading fast. Many have taken to calling them “soy boys.”  “Soy boy is a pejorative term often used in online communities to describe men lacking masculine characteristics.” (Wikipedia)This is where we… Read More ›

Apples To Oranges?

We’ve all used the cliche “that’s like comparing apples to oranges.” But have you seen that the “woke cult” is no longer comparing they are now changing an Apple to an orange? The wrath of God is being revealed from… Read More ›

Epistemophobic Dems

Dems or demons as I have begun to call them, (It’s an umbrella term that includes not only the hatred of American values but those who blaspheme Christ and Jews) are “Epistemophobic. “ (Quora): “Epistemophobia or gnosiophobia is defined as… Read More ›