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I am married and am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.My soul effort is to Shine A Light on the TRUTH of the word for many to see!

  • A repeat of Noah’s day!

    There is nothing new under the sun(Ecclesiastes 1:9)and as it was in Noah’s day so shall it be in the days before the time of our saviours return. We as Christians are not left in the dark not knowing when… Read More ›

  • Are we to accept the wicked?Does God?

    We have at one time or another met those who seem to be set on doing that which is wrong. We may ask ourselves why does God allow wickedness and evil to dwell in the earth? Jesus taught a very… Read More ›

  • There is no one like the Lord our God

    God cannot be compared to anyone or anything, and His knowledge is infinite! He neither slumbers nor sleeps, and gives power to the faint and increases their strength (Isaiah 40:25-31). 25 To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I… Read More ›

  • The renewed mind

    We become a true Christian when our mind is set on the will of God, more than on our own needs. God knows exactly what we need therefore we should not be of a doubtful mind(Luke 12:22-31). 22 And he said… Read More ›

  • That Which Is Pure

    To take a look around today among so much chaos we may think there is nothing sacred and pure in this life, but for those who put their trust in God know His word is pure and undefiled. (Proverbs 30:5)…. Read More ›

  • Watch and wait

    Jesus knew the frailty of man, but also knew the importance to watch and pray. When in the garden of Gethsemane He was very sorrowful and asked His Father to let the cup pass from Him. Afterwards He came to… Read More ›

  • The clock of life

    Life is precious and may we not forget our life is as a flower which blooms for a short time! The following words come from a bookmark with author unknown from many years ago……                               LIFE’S CLOCK The clock… Read More ›

  • Hidden Treasures

    There are many ways to gain knowledge in this life and we must remember that it is only the knowledge of God we retain in this life and for all eternity. The only way we are able to find this… Read More ›

  • Comfort for the widow and the fatherless

    God has a special place in His heart for the widow and the fatherless. The following passages show us the love and concern God has for those who suffer loss.(Deuteronomy 10:17-18) 17 For the Lord your God is God of gods,… Read More ›

  • The power of God’s word

    John the Baptist indeed baptized the people with water unto repentance, and foretold of Jesus who would baptize with the holy spirit and with fire.(Matthew 3:11-12).   The word of God is sharper than a two edged sword,and it burns… Read More ›

  • Go and sin no more

    Through the years I have heard more than one person say “Oh,I’m a sinner saved by grace”as they continue to live in their sin.WHAT! Is this really all Christ did at the cross to suffer so that we may remain… Read More ›

  • Have faith and trust in Him

    We are instructed to “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes:fear the Lord,… Read More ›

  • The Planting Of God

    The earth is the Lords and the fulness thereof. God plants his people right where they need to be, even though some uproot and move to a different location they flourish and grow if the living word dwells within them…. Read More ›

  • The heart and soul of God and man

    We may not consider God to have a heart and soul like man yet He does,but the difference is man has a free will and at times chooses unrighteousness while God is always righteous and holy!(Genesis 2:7) 7 And the Lord… Read More ›

  • The haughty spirit and pride of man

    When one does not have a fear of God their spirit becomes haughty and their heart full of pride.Scripture teaches of a time when people will become lovers of self,and will love pleasures more than God(2 Timothy 3:1-5).  This know… Read More ›

  • Finding rest in Him

    Life is not easy by any means,and sooner or later we become overwhelmed in a situation we may not see a solution or a way out.When the tough times come we are instructed to rest in the Lord!(Matthew 11:28-30). 28 Come… Read More ›

  • When our soul is sorrowful

    At times when in deep sorrow we may feel so alone and even think God is so far away,after all He’s God and probably has other things He needs to be tending to than to hear the cry of my… Read More ›

  • The walk

    When we walk through this life do we reflect a life being lived for Christ, or walk according to the ways of the world? You may ask does it really matter? It is a matter of life and death, also… Read More ›

  • His Throne

    The throne of God is a place of judgment and righteousness. The oppressed take refuge in the Lord and for His sake He maintains my right and cause (Psalm 9:1-10).  I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart;… Read More ›

  • Religion or faith and relationship?

    Ask anyone what faith they are and chances are you will hear baptist,catholic etc,but is faith an organized religion?When God calls His people does He call them to a religion or unto Himself to have a personal relationship with Him?What… Read More ›

  • Our shepherd

    Jesus was the perfect example of what it is to suffer even if we do what is right.He is the shepherd of our soul and whatever He went through He did not threaten,but surrendered all to His Father who would… Read More ›

  • A prayer for all time

    Jesus not only taught us how to pray but also what a wrong way would be.There are those who want to be seen of others or how we are not suppose to use vain repetitions when praying.Praying is an alone… Read More ›

  • Witchcraft and magic…..Don’t get taken by it

    The Lord has a controversy with anyone who chooses to serve other gods or standing images(statues),also to follow witchcraft,soothsayers and the like! The time will come when the Lord will execute His vengeance upon all who looked for other avenues… Read More ›

  • $52.80 A Life Worth More

    We cannot put a price on any life, yet Judas Iscariot made the grave mistake of setting the price of our Lord of thirty pieces of silver a mere $52.80 in its time! From the moment the price was made… Read More ›

  • The Lamb of God

    Jesus was sent to a world that was in dire need of a saviour,He was to be the sacrificial lamb who God has sent to take away the sin of the world by the shedding of His precious blood!(John 1:29-34),… Read More ›

  • An undying faith

    To have a faith so strong that it is kept even unto death sounds unbearable,yet as a Christian we know it is by the power of the holy spirit that allows us to endure suffering,persecution and being hated sometimes even… Read More ›

  • The Wisdom of All Things

    Guest Post by The Traveller The Wisdom of All Things The wisdom of all things is what I am seeking my heart cried out to the Lord. He then placed me before the city gates. The city shone and glistened… Read More ›

  • A Dream of Darkness

      Guest Post by The Traveller   As I lay on my bed a dream I did have. Laid out before me was this darkness but within it I heard the voices of men.   I looked and then looked… Read More ›

  • A heart for God

    Our heart is very important to God and within it is who we truly are. Jesus taught a parable when the Pharissees were offended by His words, and how it is not what goes into ones mouth that defiles them,… Read More ›

  • Finding grace in His sight

    From the very beginning the grace of God has been in the earth,it was in the garden of Eden for Adam and Eve,but out of free will they chose to eat from the tree of good and evil.The next time… Read More ›